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Thread: 2018 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH

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    2018 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH

    I've been wanting to learn M&M for a long time. I tried to GM a one-shot session with my daughter, and son, and their friends with pretty good success. but, I don't feel completely comfortable with the system.

    I also am getting the opportunity to go to Origins this year. I did not see very many sessions for M&M, the only one that's not sold out is an 8:00 AM on Thursday, which I might be able to make, but I'll have to leave my home at 4:00 AM to get there in time (I'm only staying for Thursday-Saturday).

    If, for some reason, I'm not able to get there in time for the 8:00 AM session, would someone who is running a session (especially one of the introduction sessions) be able to accomadate an extra person? Or, mind if I audit the session, just to get a feel for how things work? I promise I'll be silent I'll just watch.

    I also would like to learn how to play M&M on Fantasy Grounds... but that's a topic for another post.

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    Re: 2018 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH

    Sorry I didn't see this until after the convention. Hopefully you had an opportunity to play some Mutants and Masterminds at Origins.

    The Green Ronin team was back at the con for this first time in a while. I saw Steve, Nicole and Hal at the booth at various times.

    Something to keep in mind is the DC Adventures is also M&M 3e; it's my experience that most of the M&M at Origins of late is specifically DCA.

    A club called Matinee Adventures runs a lot of DCA, and a GM named Alex Thomas runs it as well, and both run it WELL.

    Again, sorry I didn't check the forums before heading out to give more timely advice.
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