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Thread: Recurring themes with your OCs

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    Talking Re: Recurring themes with your OCs

    I would have to say...flying paragons.
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    Re: Recurring themes with your OCs

    I tend to have a lot of female NPCs who are Catwoman style "villain one day, helpful ally the next" sort of thing.

    Don't know why there are predominantly female, other than to counterbalance my mostly male hero group. But I probably should mix that up a bit.

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    Re: Recurring themes with your OCs

    Couple of other recurring themes I forgot to mention:

    * MASS-EMPOWERING EVENTS: Instead of a million different "weird science" backgrounds, in my universe, there have been about 3 or 4 different events that have granted metahuman abilities to the population.

    * MISMATCHED COSTUMES: Let's face it: Several power types tend to attract certain styles of costumes (speedsters, for instance, tend to wear tight Fantastic Four-style jumpsuits; a costume category, by the way, that I enjoy). But there are many characters I've worked on whose outfit seems a little out of place. Not in the "designed by a blind clown" way, but a little out of place. For instance, a Powerhouse/Brick who, rather than wear an outfit that screams "Look at my muscles!", is wearing loose-fitting Assassin's Creed-style robes. Or an Energy Controller whose outfit colors/patterns don't tell the world their energy ability (red/flames, blue/ice, etc.)
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