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Thread: Triples on rolls

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    Question Triples on rolls

    Hi all,

    First-time poster here in the forums! I picked up the core rulebook in late 2016, but have only recently (within the last month) had a chance to start up a game of DARPG with my regular gaming group.

    In combing over the rules, I came to the realization that there is nothing in the book that I could find, that talks about how to handle situations where players roll triples on tests.

    I did a quick bit of statistical analysis and came to the conclusion that triples should come up fairly rarely, but should have significance within the game. I did a bit of thinking and proposed a few solutions to my players, involving things like extra stunt points, but what we agreed to in the end was that triples would result in me granting or narrating something suitably epic for the given situation.

    For instance, the first time triples came up, it was three ones during an initiative roll; I granted that character top spot on the initiative order for that combat encounter. In another case, a ranged attack with a crossbow got three threes on the attack roll; the shot would've killed either of the two genlocks the character had the choice of targeting, so I narrated that the bolt sliced clean through the vital organs of one, ricocheted off of a rock, and took down the other one.

    This seems to make my players happy and has added a bit of extra spice to our games so far.

    What does everyone else do for triples? Do you have your own house rule, or do you just count as doubles for stunt points and ignore the third die?

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    Re: Triples on rolls

    For triples I only recognize triple 1's and triple 6's. I believe it was a system that Wil Wheaton used where triple sixes is a legendary action that will affect tales and stories in the world because they are so magnificent.
    The triple 1's work in the opposite manner where it is treated as a critical failure would in DnD. I have the player roll their dragon dice after triple 1's to decide how spectacularly they fail and what damage that does to themselves and/or their surroundings.

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    Re: Triples on rolls

    I personally have my own thing for this. it is rare and so having it should produce something epic. The way i handle it is that if triples are rolled, the person gains a Critical Roll (Only for numbers 2-6 and described below) But, the attack still has to hit. i mean, if you miss, stunts are pretty much useless. However, i allow certain Stunts to be used even on a miss, if the player can justify it. Knock Prone or Skirmish for example can still be used without damaging the target but Mighty Blow will not work in this instance.

    On Triple 6's, i implement the opposite (Basically the Legendary Stunts thing from TitansGrave). I have the player describe what they did in an epic way that changes the scene for the best.

    I also handle failures and successes a touch different as well. Successful attack that yield triples result in a Critical Roll, which is a basic bonus to Stunt Points earned (Generally 1 or 2 depending on what they are doing). Failed attacks also, result in a Critical Failure

    My Critical Failure charts are divided into 3 types, Melee, Ranged and Magic. Depending on the action performed, the GM will roll and apply the effect on a failure.

    2 Off Balance You suffer a -1 to Dexterity Tests and Defense for 2 rounds
    3 Something in your eye You suffer a -2 to all attacks for 4 rounds
    4 Trip You trip over yourself and are now Prone
    5 Bad Timing On the next round, you go dead last, but after, you roll as normal
    6 Fumble As Off Balance but for 4 rounds and a -2 penalty
    7 Exposed Defense you have a base Defense of 10 until your next turn
    8 Hit Self you hit yourself, dealing normal damage minus armor rating
    9 Shatter your weapon breaks unless you pass a TN 7 Test based on what the GM thinks MIGHT Break the weapon
    10 Don't Bend that Way Pick one of the following Abilities; Constitution, Dexterity, or Strength. you suffer a -1 to that ability for 1d3 days. after resting that many days, the effect is gone
    11 Wrong Target you miss your intended target but hit another withing 2 yards if any
    12 Grounded your weapon gets lodged into a log, the ground, or any other object that it could bite into. you must then make a TN 7 Strength (Might) Test to pull it free

    This is just the Melee versions, let me know if you want to see the Ranged or Magic

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    Re: Triples on rolls

    I tend not to do anything for triples, as DA can already drag a bit in combat (between action choices, stunts, and spell choices) unless you're actively pressing for motion. At most, I'd probably consider giving someone who gets triple-6s an extra stunt point or something, just for streamlining purposes.

    For what it's worth, the odds of getting triples is 1/36. Because the dice are independent actors, the result of the first die doesn't matter. The second die has a 1/6 chance to match that die, as does the third die. 1/1 x 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36.

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