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Thread: Question: Sense [Communication Link Power]

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    Question: Sense [Communication Link Power]

    Can two characters with Senses: Communication Link power do anything other than just speak to each other? with the base power for 1 point I mean? Can they also sense each other's emotional states?

    Any help's appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Question: Sense [Communication Link Power]

    Communication Link says it's Communication 5 but only between you two.
    Communication just says "You can communicate over a distance using a medium other than your normal voice" but doesn't say what you can or can't communicate. There's one interpretation that it's just words, but communication can mean many things.

    This puts your question 100% in the realm of "Ask your GM" and "Depends on the descriptors". It seems like a fairly reasonable thing to want to be able to do with telepathy though, especially given that you can fairly reasonably say that two characters who know each other well would be able to read emotion from tone of voice and other such things present in verbal communication. I'd certainly allow it just as a facet of the Communication Link.

    E: And for that matter, I doubt that anyone at all would object if you paid an additional PP to put in a dedicated empathic link alongside the Communication Link.
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