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Thread: DC Adventures Rpg worlds

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    Re: DC Adventures Rpg worlds

    If you're on Facebook, you can check out what I did here ...

    The campaign started several years ago, shortly after the release of the new DC Adventures Heroes Handbook. To avoid the near-infinite continuity issues, the campaign was placed in the past, as well as in a space sector that - to my knowledge - has never been used or spoken about in the comics (as of about a year and a half ago).

    The campaign milieu is a mix of the Green Lantern Corps and a futuristic space setting similar to the Legion of SuperHeroes. I wanted to maintain the feel of DC Comics stories and heroes, but not be limited by established continuity or the in-depth knowledge many players might have of the DC Universe. The campaign preserves the stories, but also provides mystery and a sense of adventure for any comic book fan.

    The game campaign centers around a new group of heroes known as the Nexus Force, a government sponsored team located on the planet Mahrakor in the Kessellian Spiral Galaxy. With support from the cities of Lucien and Ghant, the Nexus Force has already proven itself to be an effective, if somewhat chaotic, resource for the preservation of Therran life and culture.

    Mahrakor is a desert world (similar to Mars, but having an Earth-like diameter) which is thought to have been ecologically decimated in the past. It has two moons - one large ( Pentas), and one smal (Tophin). It is located in the fourth orbital zone of its primary, yellow-orange star-sun.

    About 600 years ago, the planet was colonized by survivors of Therra, a distant world that was destroyed when a singularity collided with its sun. The Therran's traveled on colony-ships, which would have been lost in the void between stars if not for the heroic efforts of Sector 32's Green Lantern, Mez-An Tor (a long-lived alien GL and widely considered the greatest hero of the space sector).

    The Therrans landed each colony ship in different areas of the planet and began construction of the five city hubs (Lucien, Ghant, Sorien, Gaithia & Aeros - Note that two ships were lost before rescue, the Maythir & the Kyron). These hubs of civilization have expanded into large megaplexes over the centuries, and are still the centers of the civilized world on Mahrakor.

    The world is intended to be similar to an Earth of the future, but possesses its own unique problems and challenges as it continues to enter the larger, galactic community. The Therrans have limited FTL capability, but the planet's larger moon (Pentas) has a StarPort, which serves as a stopping point on interplanetary trade routes across the galactic arm.

    Due to its relative newness on the interplanetary scene, and the presence of a statistically large super powered population, Mahrakor has become a planet of interest to many across the sector. Realizing that both their safety and their culture might be at stake, the Therran World-Gov established a series of planetary laws to ensure the preservation of their cultural and environmental development, as well as a series of edicts regarding the limits and use of alien technology on the planet surface.

    The Pentas StarPort is exempt from many of these laws, possessing complex trade waivers. Any alien wishing to visit the planet surface must undergo a fairly detailed process to secure a travel visa, and any technology they may carry is strictly limited.

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    Re: DC Adventures Rpg worlds

    I wouldn't recommend rebooting the entire multiverse, unless that's what you're planning on playing. I would start with your campaign base-world and expand out from there. You can always add new worlds and universes later, introducing them into the game as needed.

    Consider doing a timeline, mapping out critical events outside of typical history.

    Set up an overarching hierarchy of major powers; from gods & demons to any relevant world leaders who might influence your game at the onset. Once again, you can always add on later.

    Set your geography and where your major game cities will be. If you plan on running globally, you might find something like an old DC Atlas of the world from one of the prior games or use a real atlas and set your games in modern cities. Marvel tends to use real cities, while DC tends to create cities in addition to real world cities. You just need to decide which way you want to go. It's a bit easier if your playing on Earth. Then the Internet is your best friend with regards to maps, histories, etc.

    Start small, relatively speaking, making sure the world has the look and feel you want, then expand, as desired.

    Basically, the devil is in the details. If you can use existing materials (the multiverse map, world maps & histories, etc.), do so. Then create what you need beyond that.

    If you have trusted players, recruit them to critique and help develop the world. You may set the stage, but they can do stuff like create lists of sports teams and media companies, even creating 'local' heroes that aren't the iconic ones you'll be bringing in from other titles.

    Keep good notes! Have fun! It doesn't need to be perfect ... it just needs to be fun.

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