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Thread: Wonders of Thedas Episode 51: Hometown Pride

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    Wonders of Thedas Episode 51: Hometown Pride

    Welcome to the Wonders of Thedas, your one-stop-shop for all your Dragon Age roleplaying game needs!

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    We free ourselves when we talk about the Free Marcher Background, joined by Blackfall Press' Andy Klosky! This versatile Background can work for just about any campaign and bring its own unique fish and egg pie flavors! Learn what it's like to be a Marcher, and find your hometown! We have only a few listener questions this time, but we use every show segment we have! Don't miss this march through Thedas!

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    Re: Wonders of Thedas Episode 51: Hometown Pride

    Interesting to listen to, as ever. I thought the observation that Free Marchers make good PCs for players with little knowledge of the Dragon Age world was a good one - I suppose they are quite generic. I'm also reminded of a supplement that came out for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, which was a sort of kingdom generator for an area called the Border Princes - basically one rolled a few dice and consulted charts to create a mini-area for a campaign. The Free Marches is similarly perfect for carving out a little niche and letting your PCs attempt to climb the slippery slope to power and influence, DA 2 style.

    Regarding specific plot hooks, I'm surprised you didn't mention the many events, even outside Kirkwall, that occur in them during the Inquisition period, as covered in various War Table missions:

    Ansburg - there is a mass demonic outbreak and the Countess takes refuge in her own keep as they rampage around the city (the Countess dies in some sequences).

    Hasmal - issues around loyal Templars guarding the last functioning Circle, with a hostile populace outside.

    Wycombe - the city suffers a Kirkwall type crisis, undergoing Venatori influences and Red Lyrium infection, with Duke Antoine ending up dead.

    Any of the above would work well as the basis for an entire campaign - in fact I believe the Fateswain one that can be watched online is set during the latter.

    My question for the next podcast is hopefully a simple one for you to answer. Basically, I'm interested in using sound effects (particularly music) in my campaign, but I'm not very tech savvy. Do you have a sort of idiot's guide to downloading the right programme and then getting Dragon Age music onto it? The sort of thing a grandparent would be able to follow and understand?

    Many thanks and keep up the good work!

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