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Thread: Gulf Coast Guardians

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    Gulf Coast Guardians

    This is the new OOC thread for Gulf Coast Guardians.

    Active PCs
    Graft - played by McGuffin
    Wraith- played by Shadowbourne
    Singularity - played by Sakuro
    Flux - played by Gholam
    Red Hat - played by Crazyivan777
    Dash - played by Ysariel

    Reserve PCs
    Tension - played by Hero4Hire
    Terrabull - played by Catsi563
    Number Two - played by MrDent12

    Team Equipment
    Guardhouse (10ep free/20ep spent)
    Size: Huge/Large Toughness: 20
    Features: Combat Simulator 1, Computer, Communications, Defense Systems, Fire Prevention Systems, Gym, Hangar, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Mage Sanctum (Dual Size [Huge/Large], Arcane Library, and Arcane Workshop), Nanofabricator, Pool, Power System, Security System 3 (DC 30 on Disable Device checks), Self-Repair, Smart Matter Structure, Tech Workshop
    Nanofabricator: The fabricator consists of a holding tank with feeds for raw materials and nanites. Assembler nanites use the material to construct useful items for the team, while repair nanites fix damaged goods, and disassemblers are used to break down recyclable objects placed in the tank into raw materials.

    Self-Repairing: The structure of the installation “heals” any damage done to it over time.

    Smart Matter Structure: The building has no regular windows, doors, or furnishings, but instead "grows" them as needed fast enough to anticipate the needs of a person walking towards an otherwise solid door.
    Guardians V-TOL (25ep)
    Strength 65, Speed 9 (air, 5,000 MPH), Defense 6, Toughness 13, Size G

    People looking for house rules and an abridged version of campaign notes can find them here.
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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    SINGULARITY (Vincent Irons)

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 150 LB.
    Age: 21 yr.
    Hair Color: Brown (silver when Nanite Hive is active)
    Eye Color: Brown (silver when Nanite Hive is active)
    Handedness: Right
    Native Language: English

    PL:11 PP: 195

    ABILITIES: STR 10(70 lift) DEX 12 CON 14 INT 20 WIS 14 CHA 18

    SAVES: Tough +2(+11) Fort +10(+11) Ref +9(+11) Will +10(+11)

    COMBAT: Base Attack +2 ; Melee Attack +2(+8 w/ Nanite Hive): Musculature Mods +8(DC 24 Fort, DC 29 Tough) ; Range Attack +4 (+6 w/ Nanite Hive, +8 Targeted Disassembly): Disintigration +8(DC 24 Fort, DC 29 Tough) ; Grapple +2(+8 w/ Nanite Hive, +22 w/ Musculature Mods), Defense +10(11/w Nanite Hive)(+4 flat), Knockback -5, Initiative +6

    SKILLS: Bluff 8(+12), Computers 9(+14), Craft[Chemistry] 6(+11), Craft[Electronic] 15(+20), Craft[Mechanical] 15(+20), Diplomacy 8(+12), Disable Device 15(+20), Knowledge[Life Sciences] 6(+11), Knowledge[Physical Sciences] 15(+20), Knowledge[Technology] 15(+20), Notice 8(+10), Sense Motive 8(+10)

    FEATS: Attack Focus(Ranged) 2, Dodge Focus 2, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 2, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Leadership, Master Plan, Move-by Action, Online Research, Skill Mastery 1 [Computer, Disable Device, Kn. Physical Sciences, Kn. Technology], Speed of Thought, Ultimate Effort 1 [Maser Plan]

    ENHANCED FEATS(COMBAT PROTOCOLS): Accurate Attack, M. Attack Focus 3


    ENHANCED FEATS(TARGETED DISASSEMBLY) R. Attack Focus 1, Attack Specialization 1[Targetted Disassembly]

    "Nanite Hive", Device 18 [90 PP Container ; Flaws: Hard to Remove ; Feats: Restricted 2] * 74 PP
    Enhanced Trait 4 [Feats: Melee Attack Focus 3, Accurate Attack] * 4 PP
    Enhanced Attack 1 * 2 PP
    Enhanced Defense 1 * 2 PP

    Enhanced Fortitude 1 * 1 PP
    Enhanced Reflex 2 * 2 PP
    Enhanced Will 1 * 1 PP

    Protection 9 * 9 PP

    Flight 3 [Flaws: Platform (-1/r)] * 3 PP

    NANO-ENGINEERING, 61 PP Array, 5 APs
    "Targetted Disassembly", Disintegration 14 [Power Feats: Incurable (+1 pp), Reversable (+1 pp), Accurate (+1 pp) ; Feats: Ranged Attack Focus (+1 pp)]* 56 PP
    AP - "Nano-Tube Musculature Mods", Corrosion 14 [[Power Feats: Incurable (+1 pp), Reversable (+1 pp) ; Melee Attack Focus 2 (+2 pp)], Super-Strength 14 * 1 PP
    AP - "Disassembler Swarm", Corrosion 11 [Extras: Incurable (+1 pp), Precise (+1 pp), Reversible (+1 pp), Shapable Area (+1/r), Penetrating (+1/r)] * 1 PP
    AP - "Constructor Swarm", Create Object 11 [Extras: Innate (+1 pp), Precise (+1 pp), Impervius (+1/r), Continuious Duration (+1/r)] * 1 PP
    AP - "Nano-Med and Assembler Swarm", Healing 9 [Extras: Persistent (+1 pp), Regrowth (+1 pp), Total (+1/r), Precise (+1 pp), Standard Action (+1/r), Shapeable Area (+1/r), Affects Objects (+1/r)] * 1 PP
    AP - "Molecular Engineering", Transform 11 [Any Inanimate into Any Inanimate ; Extras: Precise (+1 pp), Shapeable Area (+1/r), Continuious Duration (+1/r) ; Flaws: Equivalent Exchange* (-1/r), Reduced Range (-1/r)] * 1 PP

    Quote Originally Posted by Equivalent Exchange
    NOTES: * Equivalent Exchange is separated into two parts:

    The Law of Conservation of Mass, which states that energy and matter can neither be created from nothing nor destroyed to the point of elemental nonexistence. In other words, to create an object weighing one kilogram, at least one kilogram of material is necessary and destroying an object weighing one kilogram would reduce it to a set of parts, the sum of which would weigh one kilogram.

    The Law of Natural Providence, which states that an object or material made of a particular substance or element can only be transmuted into another object with the same basic makeup and properties of that initial material. In other words, an object or material made mostly of water can only be transmuted into another object with the attributes of water.
    5 EP towards Team Vehicle
    5 EP towards Team HQ

    "Enemy: Section 13", Section 13 is a rouge government agency working with alien arms dealers to create living weapons. Both for the aliens to sell to the galactic community, and for their humans to strengthen the US meta-human forces.

    "Relationship: The Covenant" Inquisitor is a psychic super soldier. A product of Section 13's labors that Vincent helped escape. Penny Dreadful has been both an enemy and an ally, which the mood suits her. She's somehow involved in the Section 13 plot and tends to take a perverse joy in making Vincent's life "more exciting". Praxis is Penny's brother. A reformed super villain working for the government. These three briefly worked with Vincent as a super hero team before Penny's mood swings took her in another direction and the team disolved.

    "Dangerious Knowledge", Vincent came across a lot of dangerious, covert, hush-hush things while he was in Section 13's computers. Powerful people, black mailed by or connected to Section 13 don't want someone having that knowledge. Other people want it for their own purposes.

    Abilities 28 + Skills 31 + Feats 16 + Powers 74 + Combat 20 + Saves 24 = 193/195

    Vincent Irons. son to Alice and David Irons, was groomed from childhood for a future in science. For his mother he was a study in accelerated learning techniques. For his controlling physicist father Vincent was the heir to his mantle. Otherwise his childhood was normal. Vincent was energetic, creative, and tended to get into all the expected kinds of childish and adolescent mischief.

    By eighteen Vincent was already out of graduate school with a handful of degrees. Though it was at time awkward being around people older than him in schools, Vincent was a well adjusted you man with adequit social skills, and coped well. Right out of school he had a dozen offers from leading corporations, think tanks, and other private interests but he took a job at Naga Corp. They were beginning to deal with some ground breaking work in something that had always captivated Vincent's imagination: nano technology.

    Naga Corp was a front for something bigger. Something malevolent. A few late nights on the job Vincent noticed some supicious activity in a few of the labs. When he later found a recently dead body Vincent started digging. Hacking into their systems he came across uncovered a link to a group called Section 13. He also found notes suggesting that they were planning to weaponize the project he was working on.

    A week later a virus wiped out all information on Vincent's work and a fire destroyed the prototype. Or at least he made it look that way. He quit a month later, all the while looking into leads on Section 13. What he found led him to a remote underground science faciluty. With the early model of his Nanite Hive broke into the faciluty and discovered an anmesiac soldier gifted with psychic abilities fighting for his freedom.

    Things got wild after that. Vincent found himself swept up in a conspiracy and found strange allies. Somehow an insane terrorist, a reformed criminal, and a soldier with no memory of his past came together with Vincent to fight Section 13 and other threats for a year before splitting up and going their own ways. Afterwards the worked together from time to time, but until the GUlf Coast Guardians took an interest in Vincent, he's been working the super hero buisness on his own.
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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    Since you'll be editing the first post a bit with new links to characters, it might be a good time to update the HQ with the additions Singularity made as well. Along with some custom Features and a bump to Security System, a Hangar was added. Imagine that. We had a Sky Cycle and V-TOL without a hangar.

    Guardhouse (10ep free/20ep spent)
    Size: Huge/Large Toughness: 20
    Features: Combat Simulator 1, Computer, Communications, Defense Systems, Fire Prevention Systems, Gym, Hangar, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Mage Sanctum (Dual Size [Huge/Large], Arcane Library, and Arcane Workshop), Nanofabricator, Pool, Power System, Security System 3 (DC 30 on Disable Device checks), Self-Repair, Smart Matter Structure, Tech Workshop

    Nanofabricator: The fabricator consists of a holding tank with feeds for raw materials and nanites. Assembler nanites use the material to construct useful items for the team, while repair nanites fix damaged goods, and disassemblers are used to break down recyclable objects placed in the tank into raw materials.

    Self-Repairing: The structure of the installation “heals” any damage done to it over time.

    Smart Matter Structure: The building has no regular windows, doors, or furnishings, but instead "grows" them as needed fast enough to anticipate the needs of a person walking towards an otherwise solid wall.
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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    Thanks for the reminder.

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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    Name: Stephyn Anton Parthenos
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'10”
    Weight: 175 lbs
    2 Spent on Guardhouse, 1 Spent for Guardian Jet
    Of Greek decent, Stephyn Parthenos, has a slim athletic build of just under six feet. With long black hair and a Vandyke that graces his face, Stephyn gives off an old world aristocratic air. All of this is ruined by a sallow pale complexion and gaunt features. The left side of his face is furthered scarred in an intricate patteren that has a mystic sigil feel. Peering out at the world through deep green eyes, Stephyn often gives one the impression that he quietly marking predator and prey within his given radius.

    As Wraith, this intensifies measurably. His body is encased in black and burgundy leather with chest and torso padding which is vaguely skull-like in shape and patterning. Over this is worn a battered and ragged black leather long coat that sports a large assortment of chains and belts. Along the shoulders a ridge of sinister spikes march from the front to the back, skirting around a large hood that rests just below them. While the sleeves end in voluminous ends adorned with even more belts and buckles.

    Completing this look, Stephyn wears a set of old world armor that covers his legs up to his mid thigh. Flaring out above the knee to mid thigh, the blue gray metal and leather are adorned and embossed with gothic crosses that are composed of roses and bones with skulls at their centers. The knee itself is heavily protected by a skull-like pad with smaller skeletal pads evenly and periodically spaced protecting the shins and ankles.

    Giving homage to the thought of a traditional mask, Stephyn covers his lower face with a burgundy scarf that he wraps around it and leaves the long and tattered ends to fly behind him. The scarf, along with the long coat, have mystic symbols and runes that are patterned across them. On the coat, along the left side primarily.

    When channeling the power of Wraith, Stephyn's body seems to gather all of the nearby shadows close to him...enlarging and amplifying his own till it has a definite predatory feel. This often gives it a more animalistic shape and a very distinct, if somewhat separate feel. In truth, this is a psuedo-physical form of the wraith that is imprisoned within Steophyn's body. This in turn, highlights the mystic runes and sigils adorning the longcoat, scarf, and even the scars along his face.

    The powers of the Wraith are also affected by the wraith's influence. His Umbral Edge has a scythe-like feel for a sword, while the Shadow Lance is just that, a large spear of shadow energy. A mass of tentacles and talons make up his Shadowrend and Wrapshadow abilities. While Shadowfeed defintely has a serpentine feel, complete with sinuous outline and venomous fangs. No matter what form the Wraith's vengeance takes, it always has the feel of something dark...something not of this world.

    Abilities (26pp)
    Strength 12(+1), Dexterity 18(+4), Constitution 14(+2), Intelligence 14(+2), Wisdom 14(+2), Charisma 14(+2)

    Skills (16pp)
    Acrobatics 8(12), Concentration 10(12), Intimidation 10(12), Investigation 3(5), Knowledge: Arcane 13(15), Language 3(Base English: Abyssal/Greek/Latin), Notice 10(12), Sleight of Hand 4(8), Stealth 9(13)

    Feats (21pp)
    Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focus: Ranged 4, Daze(Intimidation), Equipment 6(2 to Guardhouse, 1 to Vigilance, 3 to *Penumbria: House of Shadows), Fearless, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Initiative, Luck, Move-By Action, Precise Shot, Ritualist, Spell Improvisation, Startle, Taunt, Trance, Untapped Potential

    *Penumbria: House of Shadows. Sanctum, Large. Toughness 12. Features: Secret, Sealed, Security System, Defensive System, Living Space, Library, Self-Repairing, Workshop, Dimensional Portal.

    Umbral Assault Array(32pp)
    Shadowlance[Blast 13/DC28, Variable Descriptor: Arcane/Shadow]

    • AE:Umbral Edge[Vampiric Strike 9/DC24 w/Attack Specialization 4. Variable Descriptor: Arcane/Shadow]
    • AE:Shadowbleed[Fatigue 9/DC19 w/Attack Specialization 4. Variable Descriptor: Arcane/Shadow]
    • AE:Shadowrend[Damaging Move Object 9/DC24. Str 45. Variable Descriptor: Arcane/Shadow]
    • AE:Wrapshadow[Snare 13/DC23. Variable Descriptor: Arcane/Shadow]
    • AE:Shadowgate[Accurate Portal Teleportation 8(800'/2000 Miles) w/Medium Shadows, Change Direction, Easy, and Subtle]

    Shadowtrap[Dimensional Pocket 13/DC23, Stephyn's Shadow]
    Umbral Purge[Damaging Expel Demons 6 w/Affect Insubstantial, Expel Possessor]
    Soul of Shadow(17pp)
    Nightfall[Darkness Control 6/250 ft radius]

    • AE:Gloom[Environmental Control 4, Dual Conditions: Cold/Visibility. 50 ft radius]
    • AE:Umbrial[Insubstantial 3/Shadow: Move Action]
    • AE:Shadowspy[Astral Form 3: requires Concentration. 1000 ft range]
    • AE:Shadowstep[Teleportation 4 w/Medium:Shadows, Change Direction, Easy, Subtle 2]

    Shadowscry[Visual ESP 9/20,000 miles: Anywhere on Earth: Medium Shadows/requires Concentration]
    Shadowplay[Visual Illusion 6: Limited to Silhouettes w/Progression 4, Subtle 2]
    Umbral Gate[Portal Dimensional Travel 3: Any Dimension Known]
    Shadowglide[Flight 5 w/Subtle. 250Mph]
    Shadowshunt[Protection 9, Sustained w/Dodge Focus 3. Variable Descriptor: Arcane/Shadow]
    Umbral Taint[Immunity 5: Darkness/Shadow Powers. Senses 4: Arcane Awareness, Darkness Awareness, Darkvision.]

    Initiative +8. Base Attack +5[ +9 Ranged/+13 Melee], Defense 21[18 without Dodge Focus/9 Flat-Footed]

    Toughness 11/2 without Shadowshunt, Fortitude 7, Reflex 7, Will 12

    Arcane Probation: Stephyn is under Arcane Probation from the Council, the ruling board of mages and wizards that patrol the southern states. Based in New Orleans, The Council has been in power since before the Louisiana Purchase. Wary of the fact that Parthenos hosts a demonic spirit, they watch him in case he should succumb to the influence of the sinister shade. Not all of the Council feel that this was the right decision.

    Evil Whisperings: Stephyn is the host of a Demonic spirit. Imprisoned in the young hunter's body, the foul ghost is always seeking to influence Stephyn's actions. Most times, these are simply quiet whispers, but should Stephyn truly get angry or experience especially strong emotions, they become louder and louder.

    Honor the Fallen: Stephyn's guilt over his mentor's death have driven him to be vigilant against all forms of evil, not just the ones of mystical origin. Young Parthenos has dedicated his life towards fighting the evil in the world, no matter what it is, no matter where it is.

    Abilities: 22
    Skills: 18
    Feats: 18
    Powers: 76
    Combat: 24

    This Night(Wraith's Theme)

    A beginning...
    Standing at the edge of the crowd, the figure goes unnoticed for several heartbeats. Then the cold sets in, chilling everyone nearby. Breath frosting, the form steps forward, bringing with it a palpable haze that seems to darken everything. Striding forward, Wraith passes by the United Petroleum placard, trailing a hand across the top of it. In that brief moment, Stephyn spots the two Council minders in the crowd, trying to remain inconspicuous. And failing horribly. The smirk that plays across his face is brief lived as the darker emotions in him bring back painful recent memories.

    It had been raining...a cold October night. The job was to have been an easy one. A great first hunt for the new recruit. The local preteens were going to do the annual haunted house dare. Stay the night in the Thompson place. Normally, that would have meant nothing more than a few twelve year olds running home to mommy and daddy when they heard the first noise. Except that this year, one of the preteens had caught the council's eye as having potential. Jack told Stephyn that all they had to do was make sure that the imminent poltergeist conjured by the latent didn't do too much damage. That was it...just babysit the kids and keep the ghost on a leash.

    “Just go in quiet...let them get all worked up and spooked. Then, you make sure they get out when they start running and I'll collar the 'Geist, “ Stephyn didn't know that would be the last words he would hear from his mentor and friend. No one knew that the latent had discovered his powers and had been hiding them. Nor did they know that he had already passed the poltergeist stage and went straight to serious evil. Especially the three that accompanied him...the three that had only came this night torment him. Revenge is never pretty. The revenge of a latent mage is even uglier

    The memory and the pain cause Wraith to stop for a second. To those looking at Wraith, he seemed to “blur” abit as his shadow seemed to rise up and envelop him. Glowing runes flare briefly about him and then fade as his shadow slides back to the ground.

    The Latent had summoned a Wraith. A soul sucking apparition to devour his tormenters. Jack Morgan recognized the problem the minute it crossed over. Without hesitation, the elder hunter stepped in between the kids and the spirit. The Latin words spill across his lips as he quickly starts a banishment only to end in a gurgle as the foul ghost reaches into Jack's chest. Training forgotten, Stephyn rushes the Wraith in hopes of saving his mentor. Before three steps are taken, Stephyn is swept aside with a wave of the Latent's hand. Slamming through the wall, Stephyn crashes to the floor among a pile of debris.

    Angered at the loss of his original targets , the Latent turns his attention to the Hunter and the Wraith. With a sadistic glee, the demonic child watches as the Wraith drains the life from Jack. With the last of his life fading, Jack turns towards Stephyn and mouths the word blood before passing. Dazed and trapped by the wreckage, Stephyn can only watch as his friend and teacher dies. When the Wraith finishes, it turns its still hungry eyes towards Stephyn.

    Blood....Jack had mouthed the word blood. Still fuzzy, Stephyn recalled something in his training about blood making a ritual...banishment stronger. Blood...Stephyn needed blood. A quick scan of the mess, the young hunter finds a razor sharp shard. Acting more on instinct than knowledge, Stephyn's hand grasps the shard and begins carving a symbol on his left wrist. Ignoring the pain and the impending doom, Stephyn croaks out the same Latin that his mentor did. However, this time the magic is fueled with blood...blood of a willing sacrifice. The last thing Stephyn remembers is the icy cold hand as it touches his chest and the fiery pain in his wrist.

    As he gets to the try out area, Stephyn Parthenos stops again and turns around to look directly at the Council Enforcers. The look said...back off...I am here already and I don't need your approval...

    Stephyn woke up at a Council safehouse...under guard. Confused and angry, the young hunter was eventually brought before the Council Elders. It seems that instead of banishing the Wraith, Parthenos had actually bound the shade to his body. And he had used Blood Magic...something forbidden. And a trusted hunter had died. The sentence was a forgone conclusion...death. Stephyn Parthynos was to be executed for being a host to a demonic power and the use of forbidden magic.
    And death would have been the outcome if not for Stephyn's uncle, Alexandros. Arguing that his nephew wasn't an evil man, ghost or no. That he was, instead, a strong man for taking on the imprisonment...yes imprisonment, of the such a powerful creature could only confirm his integrity. They should be helping him understand the ramifications of such a position, not condemn him for his sacrifice.

    In the end, shamed yet wary, the Council decided to grant young Parthenos a chance to prove his Uncle's faith true. He would get that chance by using his newfound abilities to help others...United Petroleum was looking for individuals with special abilities. People willing to place themselves in harms way...mean and women who would sacrifice themselves for the many.

    Looking back at the table of men and women before him, Stephyn Parthenos rises into the air and glides forward, “Let Darkness beware, I am Wraith and the Shadows are my domain.”
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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    Name: Michael Alexander Weyland
    Age: 25
    Height: 6’2’’
    Weight: 480 lbs.

    Strength 22/36 (+6/+13), Constitution 26 (+8), Dexterity 14 (+2), Intelligence 10, Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 12 (+1)

    Toughness +9*/+13*, Fortitude +15, Reflex +6, Will +9 *Impervious

    All-Out Attack, Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Environmental Adaption: High Gravity, Environmental Adaptation: Low Gravity, Improved Pin, Improved Trip, Interpose, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Quick Change, Startle, Takedown Attack 2

    Intimidate 10 (+11), Notice 8 (+11), Sense Motive 10 (+13), Bluff 9 (+10), Gather Information 7 (+8), Knowledge: Streetwise 6 (+6), Profession: Gambler 10 (+13)

    Gravity Manipulation Array:
    Gravity Control: Intensify Gravity 13 (Snare 13, Alternate Save: Strength check, Reversible)
    AP: Gravity Control: Nullify Gravity 13 (Move Object 13, Range: Perception, Limited to lifting upwards, Precise)
    AP: Gravikinesis (Move Object 13, Precise)
    AP: Graviton Blast (Blast 13 [bludgeoning], Precise)
    AP: Graviton Wave (Cone area damage 11 (bludgeoning), Progression 2 (increase), Progression 2 (decrease))
    AP: Gravimetric Compression (Density 7, Subtle 1, Affects Insubstantial 2)
    AP: Gravity Magnification (Environmental Control: High Gravity Environment 13, Independent)
    AP: Gravity Suppression (Environmental Control: Low Gravity Environment 13, Independent)
    Density 3 (Continuous Duration, Permanent, Subtle 1, Innate, Shockwave)
    Immunity (cold, heat, high pressure, Innate)
    Impervious Toughness 8
    Flight 5

    Base Attack: 9
    Base Defense: 8
    Initiative: +2
    Unarmed Attack: +9/DC21
    Unarmed Attack at Max Density: +9/DC28
    Graviton Blast: +9/DC28

    Base Strength (effective): 27 (Medium Load 693 lbs/Heavy Load 1,040 lbs), Max Density Strength (effective): 51(Medium Load 8 Tons/Heavy Load 12 Tons)...Gravikinesis 13/Gravity Control 13: (Medium Load 64 Tons/100 Tons Heavy Load)

    Abilities (34) + Skills (15) + Feats (14) + Powers (68) + Combat (34) + Saves (17) = 182pp

    Motivation: Justice. Michael sees the death of his father as a cruel injustice perpetrated by the Mob; and while they occupy the foremost spot on his list, his time as a crime-fighter has taught him to take a more “big picture” view towards fighting all criminals and the injustices they inflict on normal folks.

    Hatred: The Mob. They are responsible for the death of his father and Flux never misses an opportunity to ruin their day.

    Reputation: Michael’s father was an active member of the Mob for over twenty years; both they and law enforcement have long memories…

    Responsibility: Michael’s brother is exhibiting some disturbing behavior and choices in friends lately, and Michael worries that he might be heading down the same dark path that their father did so many years ago. If he’s beginning to develop abilities of his own, the temptation to turn down that road would be tremendous…

    Responsibility: As a semi-famous poker pro Michael has obligations he has to meet, such as playing in enough pro-tour events to maintain his status as a pro, as well as appearing for the occasional endorsement or charity event.

    Appearance and Personality
    Michael Weyland is a fairly large, fit-looking gentleman, standing a couple inches over six feet tall and by all appearances weighing about two hundred forty pounds (though he actually weighs twice that due to his density). His bright green eyes set off his pale complexion and dark burgundy-colored hair, which he keeps fairly short. When not in costume as Flux, he prefers to dress comfortably in either khakis or jeans and a short-sleeved shirt of some sort. While he tends to be quiet that is often due to him observing and assessing a situation before he speaks his mind on a given topic, and he is quick to smile and laugh at anything he finds humorous. He is fairly outgoing and always unfailingly polite and gracious, until someone proves they’re not worthy of that consideration anymore.

    Michael Weyland was eleven years old when he discovered that the world was nothing like what he thought it was. Awoken during a stormy night by strange noises from downstairs, he crept quietly to the loft to investigate and was confronted with a terrible tableau: there was his father fiercely wrestling with a large man while another lay still on the floor nearby, his arms and one leg at terrible angles. To Michael’s horror, he saw a third man step into the room behind his father, leveling a shotgun at his dad’s back. Screaming for his father and desperate to keep that man from hurting him, Michael made the world flex and suddenly where the gunman stood was a hole in the floor, the moans rising up through it testifying to the man’s location. With a bone-crushing uppercut, Michael’s dad leveled the last intruder then came upstairs and gathered his son into his arms. He held Michael for a few moments, then put him down and told him to wait in the bedroom with his mother, and after a few quiet words with her he went back downstairs. When he returned he and his wife shared a long look, then he sat down on the bed with a sigh and began talking.

    That night Michael found out that his father was a former Mob enforcer who had retired on his own terms, much to their displeasure. Over the next five years Michael learned all about his dad’s past; a past that included his father’s own enhancement, and his fears about the costs that enhancement would exact from him without the Mob doctors to monitor him. His father put him through a rigid training regimen to develop his abilities, unbeknownst to the rest of the family. He warned Michael that he could never let anyone find out about his abilities, or the Mob would find out and find a way to force Michael to work for them. The summer of that fifth year was bittersweet for Michael’s family; he and his little brother were joined by a baby girl, but his dad became terribly ill. Nine months later he was gone, having passed away from incurable cancer.

    The following year was difficult for Michael. Bitter over his father’s death, it took him quite a while to come to terms with the loss. He coasted through the school year, getting passing grades only because of his remarkable memory; Michael had perfect recall, and he never forgot, well, anything. Eventually, with the help of his mother, Michael was able to begin adjusting to life without his father. He got a job at a local diner that was owned by Mitchell, a friend of the family, working evenings washing dishes. It was there that Michael was first introduced to the game of poker, and where the first intimation of his plan for revenge against the Mob came to him. Every Thursday night Mitchell would have some friends over after closing time and they’d sit in the diner and play poker. It turned out that some of those friends were men his father worked with when Michael was younger; most of them didn’t recognize him, although he did notice a couple of them glancing his way and whispering to Mitchell on occasion. One Thursday evening shortly after the poker game had started, a couple of the guys got a phone call and left the game early. Mitchell saw Michael finishing up in the kitchen and called him over, then asked if he’d ever played poker before. The men at the table all scoffed at Michael’s negative answer and promptly had him sit down, telling him it was time he learned how to play a man’s game. They each spotted him fifty dollars and two hours later Michael was heading home with ten extra dollars in his pocket and a newfound appreciation of the game of poker.

    The next day he went down to the local library and checked out all the books he could on poker and poker theory. The next week he asked to sit in at the game at Mitchell’s and went home with twice the money he’d sat down with. By the end of the month Michael was holding his own against anyone who came to the Thursday night game, and by the end of the following month he was getting invited to play at games all over town. His ability to remember every card played combined with his instincts at reading others made Michael a natural at the game, and he soon discovered that he could make more money in a few games than he did all year working at Mitchell’s diner. He also came to realize that once they accepted him as a regular, the Mob guys who frequented the same games he did unwittingly gave away all kinds of information as the games went on. At first, Michael was content to send a few anonymous tips to the police, but that quickly became less than satisfying when he realized that the local authorities often couldn’t, or wouldn’t, act on the information he passed them. Frustrated by their inaction, Michael decided to take matters into his own hands.

    After saving up enough money to purchase a costume to protect his identity and spending some additional time honing his gravitational powers Michael took to the streets to intercept a shipment of highly illegal military-grade weapons, the location of which he’d pieced together after overhearing several snippets of conversation at a couple of recent games. Though nervous before the start of the battle, once he engaged the gunrunners Michael’s training kicked in and he was able to subdue the criminals quickly, his appearance taking them completely by surprise. He then gathered all the weapons, money, and thugs and dropped them in front of the local police station with a note reading: “You owe me one…Flux”.

    Encouraged by his initial success, Michael continued his career as a costumed crime-fighter as well as his budding poker career. Over the last few years his natural gifts and quiet determination have allowed him to succeed at both endeavors, and both “Big Mike” Weyland and Flux are becoming well-known in their respective circles.
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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    • 183pp: Added Set-up & Teamwork 2
    • 187pp: Added Feature: Bottomless Hole, Craft: Electronics 4 (+4), Craft: Mechanical 4 (+4), Knowledge: Technology 4 (+4)
    • 191pp: Added Evasion 1 rank, Bluff 2, Computers 4, Knowledge: Streetwise 4, Stealth 2
    Dash (PL 11; 183PP)
    Concept: Speedster / Kinetic Energy Controller
    Tradeoffs: Attack +1 / Save DC -1; Defense +1 / Toughness -1

    Born among the dregs of Anti-Earth society, she drifted from street gang to street gang, a life of violence and fear without hope. She was never fated to be anything more than a guttersnipe, another lost soul in the vast sea of refuse that was her world.

    Then one day everything changed. One day, she met a visitor from beyond. A hero from another dimension who told her of a world the mirror image of hers, where the air was not a blighted miasma and the earth a poisoned husk, where friendship and family and freedom could still be found. A world not yet crushed beneath the bootstamp of the Tyranny Syndicate and its cronies.

    She begged him to bring her along. He could not. But she never forgot him, or the dream he left her with. That world became her Paradise, her Promised Land. She never stopped trying to find a way there.

    Puberty hit and her powers blossomed. The Resistance found her, realized what she could do, plucked her from the gutter of the street gangs and vice houses. She learnt to survive, then to fight back. They called her friend, then nicknamed her 'Dash', but even as she rose in the chain of command she kept looking forward to the day she would find a way to her promised land.

    She never realized how soon it would be.

    She was sixteen years old.

    Dash is a lean, athletic teenaged girl with long blonde hair lightly tanned skin. Her skintight costume is a cross between a women's track & field uniform and roller derby gear, comprising reinforced boots, thigh-high stockings, athletic briefs, a sleeveless sports bra, shoulder-length long gloves and knee and elbow guards, all in bright orange and black. Emblazoned across the front of her top is a stylized 'D' in yellow. She wears a pair of frameless, orange hard-plastic goggles that protect her eyes against the wind, a yellow utility belt for her tools, and gauntlets that deploy grappling hooks with a flick of her wrist.

    Abilities (4pp): Str 10 (16/+3), Dex 10 (20/+5), Con 10 (20/+5), Int 10 (10/+0), Wis 10 (10/+0), Cha 14 (14/+2)

    Powers (79pp):

    "Fast 'n Furious" ARRAY 20pp + 3pp
    BASE "High Octane" Damage 7 (Autofire 10, Improved Critical 2, Mighty)
    -- AP "Carpe Diem" Paralyze 10 (Alternate Resistance: Reflex +0)
    -- AP "Running Riot" Damage 2 (Area Targeted: Burst 5, Mighty, Selective Attack 5)
    -- AP "Full Throttle" Damage 7 (Improved Critical 2, Mighty) linked to Stun 10 (Full Round Action -1)

    "Need for Speed" ARRAY 24pp + 2pp
    BASE Speed 6, Quickness 6, Impervious Reflex 12
    -- AP Speed 10, Quickness 10, Super-Movement 3 (Wall-Crawling 2, Water-walking) (Limited: Only when moving -1)
    -- AP Speed 12, Quickness 12

    "Whizz Kid" Enhanced Ability 26 (Strength 6, Dexterity 10, Stamina 10) 26pp
    "Double Time" Enhanced Luck 1 [recover Fatigue from Surge instead of Improve Roll] 1pp
    "Speed Demon" Enhanced Feat 4 (Evasion 2, Ultimate Defense, Uncanny Dodge [visual], Quirk: Only vs opponents with lower Init bonus -1pp) 3pp

    Equipment 10ep
    ARRAY 4ep + 1ep
    BASE "Smoke Grenade" Obscure 2 [visual, 2pp/r]
    -- AP "Throwing Blades" Blast 1 (Mighty)

    Flashlight, Rope, Wrist Grapple-Gun [Super-Movement: Swinging] 4ep
    Feats (30pp): Defensive Roll 5, Dodge Focus 8, Equipment 2, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Initiative 5, Interpose, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Set-up, Taunt, Teamwork 2, Throwing Mastery 2

    Skills (20pp / 80r): Acrobatics 8 (+13), Bluff 13 (+15), Climb 2 (+5), Computers 4 (+4), Concentration 8 (+8), Craft: Electronics 4 (+4), Craft: Mechanical 4 (+4), Escape Artist 8 (+13), Knowledge: Streetwise 10 (+10), Knowledge: Technology 4 (+4), Notice 10 (+10), Sleight of Hand 5 (+10), Stealth 10 (+15), Swim 2 (+5)

    Offense (24pp): Base Attack 12 (+12), Grapple +15, Knockback -5, Initiative +25
    • +12 High Octane (Touch, Damage, DC 25 Toughness; Autofire, Critical 18-20)
    • +12 Carpe Diem (Touch, Paralyze, DC 20 Reflex)
    • +12 Running Riot (Touch Area, Damage, DC 20 Toughness; Area Targetted: Burst, Selective Attack)
    • +12 Full Throttle (Touch, Damage + Stun, DC 25 Toughness + DC 20 Fortitude; Full Round Action)
    • +12 Throwing Blades (Ranged, Damage, DC 21 Toughness)

    Defense (30pp): Base Defense +4 (+12), Toughness +10, Fort 5 (+10), Ref 7 (+12), Will 10 (+10)

    Abilities 4 + Powers 79 + Feats 30 + Skills 20 + Offense 24 + Defense 30 = 191

    :arrow: This is Dash, version 2.0. She still has much the same capabilities, however the way she is built is more orthodox. All her attacks are now in one array, rather than the effects in one array and the modifiers in another. She has throwing blades instead of rubber pellets, and they are now clearly a separate attack (as Equipment), rather than buying a ranged Blast in powers and making the descriptor do double duty. Her attacks are also now all clearly strength-based. She has lost her Deflect but I would like the ability to stunt area deflects vs fast & slow projectiles with the descriptor of moving very quickly and deflecting projectiles. I waffled on whether to give her Leaping and eventually settled for super-movement instead since I want to give her a weakness vs flyers.

    :arrow: Dash is a speedster, but her speed comes from manipulation of kinetic energy rather than an abstract "speed force". She's missing some of the physics-breaking powers that "classic" speedsters have, like the ability to not leave sonic booms behind or be immune to friction. So she cannot produce some effects, like Concealment with the descriptor of moving too fast to see, but she has other powers like enhanced strength and stamina. I decided that Dash's powers are all touch range, so she cannot produce kinetic blasts the way a pure energy controller could except maybe as a power stunt.

    :arrow: Dash's background as a street urchin gives her good Bluff, Stealth, Escape Artist, a decent Notice score and some Sleight of Hand. Dash has some feats that are unusual for either energy controllers (Throwing Mastery -- she can't produce energy blasts, so she infuses her throwing blades with kinetic energy instead, Gambit-style) or speedsters (Interpose -- she has low superhuman toughness, so she tries to protect those of the resistance who are 'merely' human).

    :arrow: Carpe Diem: Dash drains the kinetic energy out of a victim, paralyzing them. The Paralyze effect is overcome by Fortitude.

    :arrow: Running Riot: Dash rushes around, quickly attacking multiple people at once in an area for Damage 5. If you have problems with targetted area attacks (which I still disagree with) I'll just agree not to use adjustment feats, forgo criticals, and roll separately for each enemy targetted.

    :arrow: Full Throttle: This is her super attack, a supersonic punch that stuns as well as damages. It's nasty, although as a touch range attack that takes a full round action to use, it can be avoided by moving every round (so that she has to move to get in range of you again, and thus can't use full actions).

    :arrow: Need for Speed: This array has three settings. She can focus on being both fast and maneuverable, making her Reflex save Impervious (so she always passes reflex saves against Effects like Snares of lower than rank 12), compensate for vertical or difficult terrain, or go all-out on flat ground.

    :arrow: Speed Demon: This power only works against enemies with initiative bonus lower than 25. Pure speedsters (Like Johnny Rocket) with initiative bonuses as high as 40 and above can still beat her, thus against them she cannot use her Ultimate Defense and Evasion feats, and she is considered flat-footed vs them during the surprise round.
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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    So the new forum has decided it doesn't want me to import the combat portion outside. Every line has something in it that it doesn't like. *shakes head*

    Not sure if I am going to bother, or just summarize.

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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    I noticed you need a certain number of character outside of quotes. Not sure if that is the problem you are facing.
    Roll Call thread: Character Cache

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    Re: [2e] Gulf Coast Guardians [OOC]

    Gorgon and Supernatural Lawyer

    Real Name: Ayshee Kokinos, or Stheno
    Identity: Secret ID

    Gender: Female
    Age: Very, very old. Looks early 30's.
    Size: Medium
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 145
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Brown

    Power Level: 11
    Power Points: 180
    Max Attack: 11
    Max Defense: 11
    Max Save DC: 11
    Max Toughness: 11

    STR: 10 (+0)
    DEX: 14 (+2)
    CON: 20 (+5)
    INT: 16 (+3)
    WIS: 12 (+1)
    CHA: 16 (+3)

    Attack 7 (Melee 11, Ranged 7) [Unarmed +0 (Bruise)]
    Defense 9 (3 flat-footed)
    Initiative 2

    Toughness 11 (11 flat-footed)
    Fortitude 11
    Reflex 6
    Will 10

    Acrobatics 3 (+5)
    Bluff 9 (+12)
    Climb (+0)
    Computers 2 (+5)
    Concentration 3 (+4)
    -Artistic 6 (+9) (Sculpture)
    Diplomacy 11 (+14)
    Disguise 6 (+9)
    Escape Artist (+2)
    Gather Info 8 (+11)
    Handle Animal (+3)
    Intimidate 11 (+14)
    Investigate 7 (+10)
    -Arcane Lore 6 (+9)
    -Theology/Philosophy 6 (+9)
    -Law 6 (+9)
    Medicine 2 (+3)
    Notice 2 (+3)
    Profession 11 (+12) (Lawyer)
    Search 5 (+8)
    Sense Motive 9 (+10)
    Stealth 3 (+5)
    Survival (+1)
    Swim (+0)

    English, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Egyptian

    Attack Focus, Melee (4)
    Attractive (2)
    Benefit (2) (Cipher, License to practice law)
    Dodge Focus (4)
    Eidetic Memory
    Fascinate (2)
    Luck (1)

    ARRAY[11] Emotion control (sense-dependent, subtle)
    ARRAY[11] Mental Blast (Mental Weapon)
    POWER[10] Immunity (Life support and aging)
    POWER[6] Protection
    POWER[5] Sensory Shield (sight) (hard-to-lose device)
    ARRAY[11] Petrification (gaze)
    POWER [2] Morph 2 (single form; E: Continuous)

    Base Move: 30 ft/60 ft/120 ft
    Leaping: 10 ft/5 ft/0 ft

    Light: 33 lbs, Med: 66 lbs, Heavy: 100 lbs
    Max: 200 lbs, Push: 500 lbs


    Abilities 28 + Skills 30 (120 ranks) + Feats 20 + Powers 58 + Combat 24 + Saves 19 – Drawbacks 0 = 180 / 180

    Quick background (more to be added later) : Stheno was one of the two immortal sisters of Medusa. They railed against the inherent injustice of their sister's fate, and thus were forced to share it. As immortals, however, they didn't get hunted down and killed. While Eurayle has gone into hiding, Stheno decided to try to find a way to bring justice to the Greek pantheon. In her times and travels, she has become a lawyer that works for 'special projects' for the Council.
    Of course, with the recent upheaval of the pantheon, Stheno's millenia-long quest for vengeance, er, justice, has been thrown into a bit of a cocked hat...

    Note: Stheno has a low-level illusion spell on her at all times that makes her look like a normal, albeit attractive (some vanity never dies) woman wearing a red fedora. When she uses her petrify power, that illusion drops momentarily.

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