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Thread: How to hit with area burst etc..

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    How to hit with area burst etc..

    If an area of effect is not perception hit but normal, how to hit.
    Do you use the dodge Def or like old d&d like touch attack.

    Because it is not logical to hit on somebodies active Def, because you don't have to hit the target, just in the general area.

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    Re: How to hit with area burst etc..

    Area attacks don't require a to-hit roll. They always hit everyone in that area. The Dodge save determines how badly they're hit.

    This extra allows an effect that normally works on a single target to affect an area. No attack check is needed; the effect simply fills the designated area, based on the type of modifier. Potential targets in the area are permitted a Dodge resistance check (DC 10 + effect rank) to avoid some of the effect (reflecting ducking for cover, dodging out of the way, and so forth). A successful resistance check reduces the Area effect to half its normal rank against that target (round down, minimum of 1 rank).
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