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Thread: Crinoverse Tales to Astonish: #1 Ghost Town

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    Re: Crinoverse Tales to Astonish: #1 Ghost Town

    Quote Originally Posted by Plan B View Post
    HP:3 Status:

    "I was planning on asking nicely, to see it, and playing it by ear after that. Hopefully it won't end in a massarce." Bombshell answered as she floated foward.

    Emily rolled her eyes and stretched her arms to stay limber. She looked at Rune and then Bombshell. She snickered thinking it was some kind of joke. "Right, seriously though. Where do you want me. Usually I'd turn all the lights off and sneak in, but you electricity other than me here. So uhm whats the plan?"

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    Re: Crinoverse Tales to Astonish: #1 Ghost Town

    HP: Dos

    "Look, I've as much idea what's going on here as you lot. Probably we'll have to beat them all up and steal their shiny. It's that kind of day. But we don't really have the intel for a more complicated plan than that."

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