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Thread: Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build

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    Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build

    Hello all!

    This is my first time playing a M&M game and we are going something of a Wacky Races /Redline/Mad Maxgame where the primary focus is a massive competitive race to obtain what is essentially equivalent to an Infinity Stone. As such the players have been encouraged to make extremely over the top vehicles/mounts to race towards that finish line. I was hoping for perhaps some thoughts on how to best make a character whose is almost entirely focused around their vehicle. Looking at the rules I guess I could do a mecha, or I could design the vehicle as powers applied to he character, or I could just make a vehicle straight on but I feel like something so focused kinda needs a sheet on its own? I was thinking along the lines of like the Batmobile, Black Beauty, Mach 5, etc. Just brought up to PL 10.


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    Re: Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build

    Welcome to the forum!

    First, the last part of your post: yes, you'll most likely want a separate sheet for your vehicle. If we're assuming weapons, powers and defenses of its own, then it usually helps to have those grouped together and easily accessible (and easily distinguishable from the character's own weapons, powers, etc.)

    As far as how to best make a character focused on their vehicle, there are a wealth of options available to you, as you rightly pointed out. I think the key is to determine whether the character is actually operating a separate vehicle, or using his powers to control/operate it. If the vehicle is truly separate, then a high Vehicle skill is likely all you need on the character side (possibly high Perception and Insight to help deal with hazards and other drivers, Athletics to handle hard turns or tricky situations.)

    If the vehicle is an expression of the character's powers, then it's a bit murkier; it'll be up to the GM to determine which skills, if any, are critical for the character.
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    Re: Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build

    Thanks for the reply!

    So the character then would likely spend a large amount on Equipment and build from there eh? So like...say I was making the Trans Am 20000.

    I'll take a base car

    Speed: 5
    Defense: 8
    Toughness: 8
    Cost: 10

    I want it to go ~300 mph, I'd move speed up to 7, increasing cost to 12. Movement 3 (Environmental Adaptation, Wall Crawling, Water Walking) to represent it being fast enough to go up walls, skip itself across water, and deal with environmental hazards for 6 points. Rank 3 Communication (Radio) limited to just the car's Engineer for 9 points. Protect 4 Ranks for a bit of armor. Increase its Defense because it is a very agile vehicle to 12 for 4 points.

    Trans AM 20000
    Size: L
    Strength: 5
    Speed: 7
    Defense: 12
    Toughness: 12
    Movement 3 (Environmental Adaptation, Wall Crawling, Water Walking). Communication 3 (Radio) limited to Engineer, Protect 4, Defense 4
    Cost: 35

    Does this seem right? Does my math check out? Apologies, I've been playing Pathfinder for too long, I'm unused to points based stuff!

    Edit: Also at Level 10, the max number of Advantage: Equipment ranks you can get is 20, so max Equipment points is 100?
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    Re: Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build

    The vehicle rules are just plain weird, I can't blame you.
    Buying off the defense penalty is 1 pp per defense. It's not stated how to progress past that, so getting the car to Defense Class 11+ is vague. Do you buy Dodge and Parry? Do you buy Defense? How much does it cost? They don't seem to say.
    Also note that a vehicle's Defense is NOT the same as a character's Dodge or Parry! A vehicle's Defense is the DC to hit it. So Defense 12 is the same as Dodge 2, Parry 2.

    And no, there's no limit to how many ranks in Equipment you can have other than your PP limit. The rulebook has a bunch of "at rank 20" examples scattered about, but it never says you can't go to 21 or higher.

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    Re: Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build

    Since this is a fairly unusual variant of a standard M&M game, I think it would help you and the players for you (as GM) to go over ground rules for the campaign; are personal super-powers allowed at all, or only skills/advantages, with powers being bought only through the vehicles? What, if any, limitations are you putting on what can be bought with the vehicles using points allocated to Equipment, and what would have to be purchased as a power (i.e., standard point costs, Only Usable by Character's Vehicle)? How much time will be spend outside the "race" and what other traits/devices may be useful?

    And yes, the Vehicle rules are open to interpretation, so don't hesitate to draw up some "house rules", or even look to 3rd party products which may give tips on building/running super-vehicles.

    All my best, and good luck!

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    Re: Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build

    Current state for this guy, could I perhaps get some general opinions? I'm not exactly familiar with which stats are most often dealt with in the game so I have no idea how balanced this guy is against the average. On GM advice, I stated The Vehicle and The Blade as devices

    The Driver

    Strength 6, Stamina 6, Agility 6, Dexterity 3, Fighting 4, Intellect 2, Awareness 0, Presence -2

    The Vehicle:
    Void Engine: Flight 9 [Aquatic]
    Alt: Speed
    Alt: Burrow
    Armored: Protection 10, Chassis: Growth 4 [Permanent], Turret: Ranged Damage 5, Ultracharger: Enhanced Agility 5, Removable (-15 points)
    GPS: Senses 2 [Direction/Distance Senses]
    (46 points)
    The Driver:
    The Tooth of Ys-Lacheksa: Immortality 10 [Limited: Removal of The Tooth], Meat Puppet: Impervious Toughness 6, Powered by the Void: Immunity 12 [Life Support, Pain], Void Sense: Senses 6 [Vision, Extended Penetrates Concealment Infravision ]
    (34 points)
    The Blade:
    The Horn of Ys-Lacheksa: Damage 15 [Entropy; Alternate Resistance (Fortitude) ; Easily Removable ; Noticable -1]
    (8 points)"

    Jack-of-All-Trades, Fearless, All-out Attack, Diehard, Move-by Action, Instant Up

    Acrobatics 5 (+11), Athletics 5 (+11), Close Combat: Vehicular Combat 7 (+11), Close Combat: Swordsmanship 7 (+11), Deception (+-2), Expertise (+2), Expertise (+2), Expertise (+2), Expertise (+2), Insight (+0), Intimidation (+0), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 5 (+5), Persuasion (+-2), Ranged Combat: Vehicular Combat 5 (+8), Sleight of Hand (+3), Stealth (+6), Technology 5 (+7), Treatment (+2), Vehicles 5 (+8)

    Initiative +6

    Dodge 5, Parry 4
    Toughness 16 (Def Roll 0), Fortitude 10, Will 3

    Power Points
    Abilities 24 + Powers 88 + Advantages 6 + Skills 23 + Defenses 9 = Total 150
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    Re: Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build

    Mostly looks fine, and I can replicate most of the numbers. A few issues though, mainly about Power Level.

    I can only get The Blade as an 8pt power if Alternate Resistance (Fortitude) is a +0 extra. Typically people price it at +1/rank for damage.
    Noticeable only applies to effects that are Permanent by default: A Damage effect is already noticeable.
    As far as I can tell, The Blade puts you at +11 to hit for Damage 15. That's a PL 13 power, since (11+15)/2 = 13. That's above the cap for a PL 10 hero, which would be (Accuracy + Damage) <= 20.
    Your Dodge and Toughness sum to 21, putting you above the cap for a PL 10 hero, which would be (Dodge + Parry) <= 20.
    The really low Will is perfectly legal, but may be a very bad idea since you're nearly defenseless against Will attacks.

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