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Thread: AGE Community Content program?

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    Re: AGE Community Content program?

    Sorry, it should be coming really soon.

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    Re: AGE Community Content program?

    I know this -

    Quote Originally Posted by robertsconley View Post
    When you do, please consider the effect of the terms on the original content like settings and adventures. If they are the same as the DM's Guild. You won't people like myself releasing products like my Majestic Wilderlands or Scourge of the Demon Wolf for Fantasy Age or Modern Age.

    The specific term that causes issues is the one that restricts the release of any DERIVATIVE products to the community content program for the duration of the copyright terms. I am find with only ever selling Scourge of the Demon Wolf for Age on the community content page. I am not fine with not being able to sell Scourge of the Demon Wolf for Swords & Wizardry or any other RPG system I want to release it for.

    The same for the setting I sell like Blackmarsh. I will be glad to do a Fantasy Age version but not if it prevents me from selling other version made for different RPGs outside of the community content program.

    I think the impact of these terms has greatly reduced the quantity and variety of product for Cypher, and Cortex community content program. The two programs that are the most similar to a Fantasy Age program. The Traveller Aid Society program likewise is a wasteland compared to the rival open content Cepheus system.

    This term only makes sense if Green Ronin wants support for settings like Dragon Age and Blue Rose. Otherwise it will just drive off author who don't wish their original IP tied up with such restrictions.

    I would like to develop material for Fantasy AGE but it has to be a two way street beyond the ability to commercially sell if the only thing being offered are the rules.
    - has been posted quite a while ago, but I just really need to second it. I have two scenarios ready for F-AGE in German (at least, they#re completely written), and I really want to translate them into English as soon as the CCP arrives, but I won't publish them through it if that means being unable to also adapt and sell these scenarios for Mythras, DungeonWorld and Swords&Wizardry.

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    Re: AGE Community Content program?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fildrigar View Post
    Sorry, it should be coming really soon.
    You should totally trademark "Soon". haha

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