From Plan B's Freedom City 2020 game, yet another unpicked hero.

Jackhammer (Hero; PL: 10; PP: 150/150)
STR: 15; AGL: 1; FGT: 5; AWE: 5
STA: 11; DEX: 0; INT: 5; PRE: -1
Dodge: 5; Parry: 5; Fortitude: 11; Toughness: 15; Will: 9

SKILLS: Athletics +15; Close Combat: Jackhammer Attack: Damage 10 +10 (5r); Deception -1; Expertise: Computer Game Designer +6 (1r); Expertise: Physics +6 (1r); Insight +6 (1r); Intimidation -1; Investigation +6 (1r); Perception +6 (1r); Persuasion -1; Ranged Combat: Throw +5 (5r); Stealth +1; Technology +6 (1r)
ADVANTAGES: Accurate Attack; All-out Attack; Benefit, Wealth (well-off); Defensive Attack; Improved Critical: Unarmed; Move-by Action; Second Chance 2: Mind Control, Mental Afflictions

COMBAT Initiative: +1; Close: +5; Ranged: +0
  • Grab: +5 (Special DC 25) Range: Close
  • Jackhammer Attack: Damage 10: +10 (DC 25)
  • Shockwave Clap: Cone Area Damage 10: +5 (DC 25) Range: 60 feet cone, dc 20
  • Throw: +5 (DC 30) Range: Varies by weight
  • Unarmed: +5 (DC 30) Crit: 19-20 Range: Close

  • Flight: Flight 6 Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round - Extras: Aquatic (13 PP)
  • Immunity: Immunity 15 - Critical Hits, Custom: Vision Dazzle 2, Life Support, Sleep; Flaws: Quirk: Does not include Starvation & Thirst (14 PP)
  • Protection: Protection 4 +4 Toughness - (4 PP)
  • Regeneration: Regeneration 1 Every 10 rounds - (1 PP)
  • Senses: Senses 2 - Darkvision (2 PP)
  • She doesn't look all that strong or tough: Feature 1 - (1 PP)
  • Strength Stunts - (12 PP)
    • Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 5 +5 STR - Ability: Strength (1 PP)
    • Jackhammer Attack: Damage 10 - Extras: Multiattack; Flaws: Limited: Strength Effect (10 PP)
      See shockwave clap for details about "Strength Effect" Limitation. Also, for some reason Multiattack on Strength Effect with Partial effect doesn't subtract levels correctly.
    • Shockwave Clap: Cone Area Damage 10 - Extras: Area (Cone) (60 feet cone, dc 20); Flaws: Limited: Strength Effect; Descriptors: Sonic (1 PP)
      This should be a "strength effect" with Area: Burst inside. But doing that does not make it show up in the attack list. (Adding attack fails as the somehow "strength effect"s are not personal.) So this damage effect has the -1ppr limitation "strength effect" to offset the +1ppr for the damage power.
  • True Danger Sense: Senses 7 - Accurate: People in Danger, Acute: People in Danger, Detect: People in Danger 2 (Ranged), Extended: People in Danger 1 (X10), Radius: People in Danger (7 PP)
    Active danger to anyone within a few hundred feet will generally be noticed with this sense.

Gender: Female Age: 29
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde
Height: 5' 1" Weight: 128 lb.
Jill Hamer is a game designer for Skull Port Studios, a company known for its hit game series Here You Scream. She is the story lead on HYS 3: We All Scream, a survival horror title due on shelves in three years. She was originally going to be lead on HYS2 but as it was about to go into production, she disappeared for a week. No one, including her, knows where she was or how she got back. But when she returned she didn't feel any different. She didn't look any different. Her skin is not tougher or rougher than anyone else's skin. And yet, somehow, she was much stronger, much healthier, much more resistance to damage, could fly, and other weird abilities.

Her friends have always called her a do-gooder and that personality quake made it impossible for her to not stop a mugging or two. Not stop a store robbery. Eventually she bought a proper costume and started doing good as a costumed vigilante.

She lives in mid-town, alone with her cat Graham, not far from Castle Comics. As a kid she was a late-bloomer and kind of chubby. It wasn't until college that she gained any kind of feminine curves. She tends to be awkward. She tries to sound intimidating but it just never seems to work. She calls herself Jackhammer because of her fast punching ability.

Hatred: Mind Control specifically and general mentalism less severely. She does not know why this bothers her so much. It actually has something to do with her Lost Time. She doesn't know this but whatever was done to her included this hatred so that she would not seek out from a mind reader to find out what happened when she was missing.
Identity: She tries to keep her normal identify secret to protect her friends and family. She also keeps her hero identity secret from her friends and family.
Lost Time: She does not know her power origin. She is unaware of what or how they came about.
Motivation: Doing Good
Overlooked: Most people see her as the younger sister. She gets carded at bars because she can still pass for a teen. Her lack of Presence doesn't help.
Relationships: Her parents live in a suburb north of Freedom City. Mary Hamer owns a pet grooming service and Todd Hamer works in the city at a financial firm.
Tony Bishop, her platonic BFF from high school whom she has no idea crushes on her madly. He no longer thinks he'll ever date her. But there's always hope. He's a computer games nerd like she is and he is amazed to know someone in the biz.
Kelly Harrison, Monica Ramirez, and Angela Smith are sorority sisters whom Jill meets a couple times a month for "girls night out." They all live in various parts of the city.

TOTALS: Abilities: 72 + Powers: 54 + Advantages: 8 + Skills: 8 + Defenses: 8 -> 150