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Thread: The Merge: Tales of London (Recruiting ends September 21st!)

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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    Weapon Legality in Britain:

    These are the weapon laws in England and Wales as they stood on the 4th of January, 2015 (the day before the Merge).

    All Stun Guns, Tasers, Pistols, Machineguns (all kinds), Assault and Sniper Rifles require the permission of the Home Secretary to possess. This basically means that the only people the average Briton sees with them either all work for the government, are very closely allied to them... Or are part of the underworld, who don't really care about weapon laws anyway. Police forces, military and intelligence agencies can easily claim the need to use these types of firearms as part of their lawful duties. Anyone found with one without permission is committing unauthorised possession of a firearm, which has a five-year prison sentence. And suspected cases of owning an unauthorised firearm always result in armed police raiding your house!

    Shotguns (for skeet shooting and hunting) and Carbines (for target shooting and hunting) require applying to the police for a licence. Sawn-Off Shotguns are completely illegal. Having a criminal record renders you ineligible for a licence.

    Bows, non-explosive and non-chemical arrows (including Crossbows) are legal for civilians over 18 years old to own without a licence, but cannot be used for hunting. Putting them in a bag if you're not using them is a good idea.

    Hand-forged Swords and other historical melee weapons are legal to own without a licence, but it's a good idea to put them in a bag as well or to otherwise conceal them. Messenger bags that can conceal melee weapons have since gotten very popular in post-Merge Britain, and the police forces have actually noticed this. Standard protocol now requires that anyone with a bag always gets searched first.

    Knives can only be carried in public with a good reason.

    Examples of good reasons to carry a knife in public include:
    - taking knives you use at work to and from work (for example as a farmer or estate manager).
    - carrying knives you use for recreational purposes, such as angler, camper, hunter, sailor, diver or any other reasonable grounds for expecting to need a knife whilst otherwise pursuing a lawful activity.
    - taking knives to a gallery or museum to be exhibited.
    - the knife is going to be used for theatre, film, television, historical reenactment or religious purposes, eg the kirpan that some Sikhs carry. (Note: using a knife to sacrifice a living thing is not considered a lawful activity in Britain, not even under religious grounds.)

    There is a notable exemption for knives with a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less, eg a Swiss Army knife. These can be carried freely. Swiss Army knives cost 3 EP and are treated as being both a Multitool and a Knife.

    Body armour is legal to buy, sell, own and wear without a licence. But if you know what you're looking for, it's possible to tell that someone's wearing it. And someone known to wear it is assumed to be in a position to need it.

    Grievous Bodily Harm: In Britain, it's treated as grievous bodily harm to transform someone without their knowing consent, unless you can prove both that it was the only way you could save their life and that you didn't actually cause the deadly situation in the first place. GBH is also the offence they try you under for blinding, deafening or crippling someone or deliberately infecting them with a STD.

    Post-Merge, it's been ruled that deliberately and permanently depowering someone without either their knowing and informed consent or possessing government sanction to do so is also considered to be GBH.
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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    NAME: CAROLINE DANIELS PL 10/181PP (1 Held in reserve)
    AGE: 21

    My life, like everyone else that got saddled with powers when the merge hit is to a word, nuts. See, some folks got lucky. They just got powers. Others, not so lucky got just the memories of whatever poor sod didn't make it through. People like me? We got both. Memories and powers. I'm currently being treated as a skitzophrenic and the medicine is helping some. Still there are consequences to power. I'm considered by the Goddess Selune to be one of hers now with all that entails.

    Since the merge happened, every weird thing you could think of became real. Monsters, demons, heroes, villians in all of their glory and horror. All of it real. Hardly anyone escaped unscathed and some were changed in ways beyond comprehension. Caroline was one such girl. Her family was visiting relatives in England (her father was native, her mother a US citizen).

    Since both of them were doctors, they began helping out as much as possible, but Caroline was changed. She got the powers and memories of a Faerunian Cleric/Mage Saint that was also possessed by a redeemed Balor.

    After the initial shock, she helped out as best as she could. In the past three years since that happened, they made the decision to stay in England with she and her mother being granted dual citizenship for their efforts during and after the crisis.

    Gestalt Syndrome: Caroline has the memories of the woman who she 'inherited' her powers from with all that entails. That woman was an aasimar Selunite priest-mage saint possessed by a redeemed balor from Faerun. She also has the memories of that balor running through her head as well.

    Prejudice Positively Empowered: Caroline is a empowered human with all of the benefits and bigoted crud that goes along with it.

    Yank: Even though she has citizenship, it's painfully obvious that she and her family are from the united states. Culture-shock anyone?

    Selunite: The temple of Selune is recognized in Britain, unfortunantly, the temple does have it's enemies as well as allies. Those allies include non-evil were-wolves/lycanthropes/undead and jedi. Enemies include sith, shar worshippers and related cults, evil necromancers and those who use the night/darkness to commit various atrocities.

    Above and Below
    Caroline 'inherited' the memories of her alternate, a Selunite Aasimar priestess-saint who was possessed by a Redeemed Balor. As such, she has a whiff of both heaven and hell in her soul and those who know what to look for can see it.

    0 STR
    10 STA
    2 DEX
    2 AGL
    2 FGT
    4 INT
    4 AWE
    4 PRE
    PP 56

    2(10) DODGE (2 AGL + 8 RANKS)
    2(10) PARRY (2 FGT + 8 RANKS)
    10 FORT
    10 TOUGH
    4(10) WILL (4 WILL + 6 RANKS)
    PP 22

    8 Close Attack
    8 Ranged Attack
    3 Benefit (Cleric of Selune), Dual Citizenship, Department of Extradimensional Operations Agent
    3 Luck 3
    1 Artificer
    1 Ritualist
    1 Connected
    1 Equipment
    1 Improved Init
    1 Takedown
    PP 28

    Cult Hero (D&D)
    Beautiful Voice

    10 Expertise: Popular Culture (4 INT + 6 RANKS = 10)
    10 Expertise: Artisan (4 INT + 6 RANKS = 10)
    10 Expertise: Magic (4 INT + 6 RANKS = 10)
    10 Expertise: Theology/Religion (4 INT + 6 RANKS = 10)
    10 Expertise: Popular Culture (4 INT + 6 RANKS = 10)
    10 Insight (4 WIS+ 6 RANKS = 10)
    10 Perception (4 WIS+ 6 RANKS = 10)
    19 Persuasion (4 PRE+ 15 RANKS = 19)
    10 Treatment (4 INT + 6 RANKS = 10)
    PP 21

    Magic Missile 10: Blast 10, shapeable area 10, accurate
    Ball Lightning 10: Blast (electricity) Burst Area, accurate
    Tongues: Comprehend languages all (read all, speak all, understand all, animals , affects others, spirits (detect 2))
    Sense Spells: Detect Magic 2, Detect Undead 2, Detect Alignment 2, Detect Fae 2, Detect Living 2. Post Cognition/Precognition. Darkvision. Distance Sense. Direction Sense.
    Telekinesis 10: Move object shapeable area, precise
    Light of Selune 10: Healing 10, persistent, restorative, stabilize
    Nullify Magic 10: Nullifies magic/magic effects broad
    Teleport 10: Teleport 10 Extended Mass 10
    Obscuring Mist: Environment 10 (Visibility (-5), Radius: 2 miles)
    Spell Life Support 9: Immunity, life support, affects others, shapeable area, selective
    PP 40


    13PP Mace of Disruption 10: Linked Damage: Damage 10 (DC 25), Linked Nullify: Nullify 10 (Counters: Necromancy, DC 20; Simultaneous; Reduced Range: close)
    PP 13


    1EP Holy Symbol
    1EP Holy Water
    1EP Blessed salt
    2EP Smart Phone
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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    How does the law cover weapons that donít currently exist... laser guns, tractor beams or energy swords?

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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    Tentatively interested, pending inspiration...


    A Kryptonian paragon type
    A warlock spellcaster type
    A force field mutant
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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    I'm imagining a cosplayer who now can turn into a hero shazam-style, but she never knows what hero she'll be (dial-h-for-hero-style). Well, not completely dial H-style, maybe Ben 10-style. The character would have to be one she has cosplayed before, of course, so basically an array of alternate forms with activation and a quirk that says, sometimes she doesn't get the hero she wanted (maybe 25% of the time or GM fiat or maybe the GM sends me a character sheet "You turn into this." ) I'm thinking about making 2-3 x-men-ish characters since they are underrepresented in the merge document.

    The Dial-H aspect would be that when she's in heroic form, the form has MGS.

    Good idea? Bad?

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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    I tried to keep the spells to something reasoanble, most of them are utility in nature. How useful they'll be in game? Dunno...

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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    Kon-El the Superboy

    The Pitch:

    My take on the many iterations of Superman/Superboy amalgam or remix if you will.

    Project Match was the codename of the CADMUS program that used stolen DNA from Superman to create their own weaponized Kryptonian. They called their creation Apollyon, Greek for Destroyer.

    Two years ago, he was freed from his conditioning and captivity by Nightwing and Young Justice. Breaking with his past, he's chosen the new name Apollo, a god of reason and the sun...but most people just call him the Superboy. Like the Kon-El of the comics, he's searching for an identity of his own now, while striving to live up to the reputation of his progenitor.


    Archetype: Paragon
    PL 10/180 PP

    - Strength 15
    - Stamina 15
    - Dexterity 0
    - Agility 0
    - Fighting 5
    - Intelligence 0
    - Awareness 2
    - Presence 2


    Kryptonian Sun-God

    Solar Powered 16
    - [Immunity 11: Life Support, Sleep]
    - [Regeneration 5 (Persistent, Source: Sunlight)]

    Nigh Invulnerable 45
    - [Enhanced Stamina 12]
    - [Protection 3]
    - [Impervious 15]
    - [Immunity 2: Critical Hits]
    - [Enhanced Advantage: Ultimate Toughness]

    Solar Array 71
    60-Points Dynamic
    1. Solar Speed
    - [Flight 25 (Aquatic, 10 Ranks Distracting)]
    - [Movement: Space Travel 2]
    - [Quickness 20 (Limited: Physical Actions)]
    - [Enhanced Advantages 5: Evasion 2, Move-By Action, Takedown 2)
    2. Solar Strength
    - [Enhanced Strength 15] {Max Lift: 800 Tons}
    - [Move Object 15 (Close, Limited: Away Only, Linked to Strength Damage, Only if Target Damaged)]
    - [Enhanced Advantages 5: Improved Critical 4, Ultimate Strength]
    - [Feature: More than Mere Muscle (Strength doesn't require leverage/freedom to move)]
    - [Feature: Unmatched Strength (Win ties in contests of Strength)]
    - [Feature: Hands like Tools (Use hands to drive nails, tighten lug nuts, carve stone, etc.)]
    3. Move Mountains
    - [Powerlifting 60] {Max Lift: 25 Petatons (25 quadrillion tons)}
    4. Heat Vision
    - [Damage 10 (Perception Range, Concentration, Quirk: Line of Effect)]
    - [Feature: Low-Powered Heat Vision (Microwave objects, spot-weld metals, melt ice, etc.)]
    5. Freezing Breath
    - [Move Object 10 (Cone Area, Close, Limited Direction: Away)] {Max Lift: 25 Tons}
    - [Linked Cone Area Affliction 10: (Alternate Resistance: Strength)]
    - [(Extra Effect, Limited Degree: Dazed/Vulnerable>>Stunned/Defenseless)]
    - [Quirk: Requires a Breath]
    - [Feature: Low-Powered Freezing Breath (Put out fires, chill drinks, air-condition a room, etc.)]
    6. Supernal Senses
    - [Hyper Hearing: (Auditory Extended 6, Accurate 4, Ultra-Hearing, Danger Sense)]
    - [Flawless Focus: (Visual Extended 6, Distance Sense, Microscopic 5: Subatomic)]
    - [Spectral Sight: (Infravision, Low-Light Vision, Ultravision)]
    - [X-Ray Vision: (Penetrates Concealment, Quirk: Blocked by Lead), Counters Illusion]
    - [Frequency Scan: (Radio, Extended 7)]

    - Acrobatics 0 (+0)
    - Athletics 0 (+12)
    - Close Combat 0 (+10)
    - Deception 0 (+2)
    - Expertise 0 (+0)
    - Insight 18 (+20)
    - Intimidation 0 (+2)
    - Investigation 0 (+0)
    - Perception 18 (+20)
    - Persuasion 0 (+2)
    - Ranged Combat 0 (+0)
    - Sleight of Hand 0 (+0)
    - Stealth 0 (+0)
    - Technology 0 (+0)
    - Treatment 0 (+0)
    - Vehicles 0 (+0)

    - Attractive 2
    - Accurate Attack
    - Fast Grab
    - Improved Grab
    - Improved Hold
    - Improved Initiative


    Initiative: +4

    1. Super Strength (+5)
    - Toughness DC 30: Damage
    2. Heat Vision (Perception, Quirk: Line of Sight)
    - Toughness DC 25: Damage
    3. Freezing Breath (60' Cone, Quirk: Requires a Breath)
    - Strength DC 20: Dazed/Vulnerable>>Stunned/Defenseless + thrown up to distance rank 10

    - Dodge 5 (5)
    - Parry 0 (5)
    - Toughness 0 (15) Impervious 15
    - Fortitude 0 (12)
    - Will 8 (8)

    Power Points
    - Attributes: 18
    - Powers: 132
    - Skills: 12
    - Advantages: 5
    - Defense: 13
    - Total: 180

    Earned: 0


    Remainder: 0

    Age: 4
    Apparent Age: 20
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 220 lbs.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue

    Chip Off the Block

    Two years ago, Nightwing, Kid Flash, and AquaLad stumbled upon an underground CADMUS facility, long thought to be defunct. Among the mad science they discovered was what appeared to be a young Superman being kept in stasis in a techno-organic pod.

    When they triggered the alarm, the facility's Guardian activated the clone, directing its combat programming against the interlopers. Apollyon fought them to a standstill and the team was captured. However Nightwing was able to get through to the would-be Superweapon, causing him to question his conditioning. He helped the young heroes escape and together, along with Artemis and Miss Martian, formed a new covert ops team under the supervision of Batman and the League. They called themselves Young Justice.

    It was difficult at first for the clone. He'd been alive less than two years, as the Project had accelerated his growth process in order to study Kryptonian physiology. Telepathic implantation had given him a general sense of the world, but everything only in service of being a weapon. Truly experiencing the world firsthand for the first time was both liberating and terrifying, but thanks to a budding romance with Miss Martian, and the guidance of Superman, he was able to find a new sense of identity within this new and eccentric family.

    For his part, Superman was characteristically gracious towards what some might have seen as a violation, even going so far as to christen his clone Kon, welcoming him into the House of El. For his public facing persona, Kon-El rejected the name Apollyon, rechristening himself as Apollo. When Kara made her presence known in National City, Apollo went with Superman to formally greet her. Naturally the media went into a feeding frenzy at there now being three kryptonians, and despite introducing himself as Apollo, days of online and print articles proclaiming the arrival of Superman's cousins, the Supergirl and Superboy, etched their epithets into the public consciousness. This was the happiest time in Kon-El's young life. Alas, it was not to last...

    Six months after its formation, Young Justice fractured when it was revealed that their two of their members were in fact double agents for the mysterious cabal known as The Light. Aqualad, the team's leader, was an agent of his father, Black Manta, while Artemis was discovered to be the sister and daughter of two of the team's most pernicious enemies, Cheshire and Sportsmaster, respectively. Shortly after the team's dissolution Dick left for National City while Wally, heartbroken over Artemis, returned to the Flash's side in Central City. M'gann and Kon-El remained a couple and were invited to join as junior members of the International Justice League.

    Unfortunately, Apollo couldn't answer Nightwing's call to arms in fighting Project Myriad, for he and M'gann were off world on the planet Rann investigating recent Krolotean activity on Earth. Only recently have they returned to hear the tragic news, and are still in mourning. Meanwhile, Kara offered the young Apollo a part in the Avengers Initiative, but he remains steadfast against working for the military industrial complex that creates weaponized metahumans like himself.

    When not helping out with the League, Kon-El lives with Ma and Pa Kent in Smallville. It was a favor asked of them by Clark, but they were only too happy to help. They see how their influence helped shape their adopted son, and even if they know that Kon-El is a different person, his face is comforting to them. They call him Conner.

    Spitting Image

    Literal spit in this case, as a saliva sample was sufficient enough DNA for Project Match to work with. Kon-El looks exactly like Kal-El, only younger, appearing to be about twenty years old. He was being aged up in phases in order to research Kryptonian biological development, but escaped from the Project prior to the final phase. He's stands a couple of inches shorter (6'1"), and slightly less bulky than the genuine article (in appearance, about halfway in between the classic Superboy and Superman.


    Kon-El is still struggling to find his place in the world. Before the team he was little more than a shell, a weapon to be used against Superman and the League. He knew only battle, and he relished in it, having been brainwashed to believe in his righteousness as an agent against evil.

    Freedom was overwhelming at first. The team helped to ground him, and gave him an identity through family, and so its dissolution has been difficult. The loss of Nightwing, who was in many ways a surrogate older brother for the clone, has been especially hard. Fortunately he still has M'gann at his side, like an island in the ocean.

    Kon-El lacks the wisdom of age and experience his genetic forebear is known for. He can be brash and hot-tempered at times, and still retains much of the battle-lust hardcoded into his head. However, much like Superman himself does, Apollo finds himself holding back, for fear that he might become the weapon he was intended to be. He is caught between this knowledge, and the example set by Superman as to what he can ultimately become, a beacon of light for the world. One is a nightmare, the other seemingly unobtainable, and it's hard enough just learning to be well-adjusted and "human."


    Motivation: The Need for Acceptance
    It's not easy finding out that you're a clone, let alone one created for nefarious purposes. Young Justice once provided him with a sense of camaraderie that he would do just about anything to find again.

    Motivation: The Weight of Responsibility
    On top of that, being born with the stolen birthright of someone so great. It's like being Christ's little brother. Succeed or fail, you can never escape being compared to the impossible standard.

    Relationship: M'gann M'orzz
    Kon-El was distant at first, finding it difficult to trust anyone...let alone a telepath, after what he'd been through. That didn't stop Miss Martian from being smitten with the handsome young Apollo. It took awhile but he finally opened up to her and the two began dating in earnest. They've been together almost the entire time Kon-El has been free.

    Enemy: CADMUS
    While Paul Westfield, the mastermind behind Project Match, was taken into custody following Kon-El's inadvetant rescue and that facility shut down, it was but one of many. The secret cabal underwriting the project was none too pleased that their homegrown superweapon got away from them. They periodically attempt to capture or kill their wayward asset, sending various other bioengineered monsters and assassins after him.

    Power Loss: Kryptonite
    Like all descendants of Krypton, the radioactive remains of their planet is debilitating to Apollo. At Close Range it results in complete Power Loss of all Powers. In addition, it inflicts the Disabled and Exhausted Conditions. Removing or Shielding the radiation (such as behind lead) allows for Instant Recovery. More deadly are Kryptonite weapons and ammunitions, which are considered penetrating against his Toughness, and the effects of exposure will last until any Kryptonite fragments are surgically removed.

    Vulnerability: Magic
    Unlike Kryptonite, magic doesn't render Apollo powerless. It does have a disruptive effect on the Kryptonian biomatrix however, and can have unpredictable effects. Enchanted weapons with a Magic descriptor are considered Penetrating against his Impervious. At the GMs discretion, Afflictions or Weakens inflict an extra degree of effect upon a failed save, or have some other unexpected result.
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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    Given that we are based in the UK, I'd pitch Seras Victoria from Hellsing.

    betterwatchit, what's the situation in the UK? In most countries, they are treating futuristic weapons like firearms even if those weapons are only useful in melee range.

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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    For those of us who are new to the Merge setting: Did all of the merged dimensions/universes actually collapse together, or did they just dump contents? That is, do those other worlds still exist separately, and so, is the possibility of going Home (Quantum leap/Sliders- style) a legitimate goal? Or is such information unknown (and thus much theorized, and no doubt fuel for many schemes/cons)?

    It looks like it is the former, and those worlds are lost forever, but I did want to ask.

    In terms of character ideas, a few possibilities:
    -A version of Jakita Wagner from Planetary: superspeed/powerhouse, though certainly not to Kryptonian levels (knowledge of the Snowflake might be useful to those interested in the cause and effects of the Merge)
    -One of the delving crew from Ruin of Angels (probably Gal, especially since Camlaan is basically England)- experienced dimensional explorers, especially those with combat experience, might be useful in a variety of situations.
    -The next generation of the legendary Addams family (with or without a passel of relatives), with supernatural powers of life (and death)- not exactly a necromancer, but not exactly NOT a necromancer either. And her heart is in the right place for heroics (if only because she made sure to PUT it in the right place, after that one time...)

    -Or the classic teleporter, either as team taxi/ blaster, or self-porting martial artist.

    >Will ruminate for a bit. Do you have a timetable for recruitment?

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    Re: The Merge: Tales of London

    For all intents and purposes, the universes folded into ours. There is no going back. And currently, dimensional travel is very, very difficult. Earth and some of the mystical dimensions (hell, etc.) are currently forming a cluster surrounded by nothing. They will eventually drift closer to the remaining multiverse, but that might take a long time.

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