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Thread: Would anyone help me with my concept?

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    Would anyone help me with my concept?

    So, it's been awhile since I've posted but I'm having a bit of trouble condensing a large idea into something playable for an upcoming game.

    The premise of the game is that all the players were apart of the same hero team 10 years ago, but during our final battle people died and the group disbanded on bad terms.

    My premise is that my character had basically found a portal to Narnia (not exactly Narnia but same concept) and came back with magical items that they used to be a superhero. Now, 10 years later she went back after the group disbanded they retreted there to escape all their guilt, and now their in charge (I blame Black Panther for making me want to play a monarch)

    but it's such a broad concept that I was hoping I could get some help bouncing ideas off so I can get a good idea of her powers, which I picture a slew of magic items, but I'm not really sure how to buid these Aquaman / Black Panther ruler characters, so any help would be really appreicated

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    Re: Would anyone help me with my concept?

    > found a portal to Narnia ... and came back with magical items that they used to be a superhero
    This indicates to me that at this time, they were John Average with a bunch of Removable or Easily Removable powers. Low stats, few skills, few advantages, but likely some sort of mystic weapon, magic armor, and magic "gadgets".

    > Now, 10 years later
    But in ten years of super-heroing, skills/advantages have had time to develop.

    > and now their in charge
    Well, there's a rank or two of Status if anybody on Earth knows.
    But here's the big questions:
    How good at it are they? If they're still figuring it out, no extra skills needed. If they're good, they should have appropriate Expertise, Insight, social skills.
    How did they come to be in charge? If they hero'd their way into it, by slaying the princess and marrying the dragon, they don't really need any special traits. If they won the people's hearts, they need social skills. If they worked their way up and got placed in charge when the last guy bit it, they'd need administrative skills. If they did something else, etc etc.

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    Re: Would anyone help me with my concept?

    decent insight, social skills and expertise: Monarch for skills, maybe a 3 rank benefit in advantages depending on how much pull she has in-game

    Or what Nunya B said

    but mostly, build the rest of your hero queen first. from the statement of lots of magic items, it sounds like "batgirl with a utility belt of magic items" was the initial pitch, but with that ten year gap, a lot can happen

    is she the thief-queen of totally-not-Ankh-Morpork, ruling not so much a kingdom proper as the thieves guilds of the tri-kingdom area?
    did she slay the jabberwocky and rules as a dashing Arthurian knight like the Pevensies?
    gained the strength of giants, smote armies with her bare hands like wonder woman and now wears the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow?
    cut out the middle man and just go full Elsa with incredible magic power at her fingertips?
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