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Thread: Sound generation powers

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    Sound generation powers

    I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to construct a power for generating sound (for example music) over an area. The "standard" method, used in the Power Profiles book, uses the Illusion power, but that has some significant issues- first and foremost, it is an illusion, not ACTUAL sound, and by the rules Illusions can have no real world effect (thus cannot be recorded, for example). It can also be recognized as illusory. I'm looking for a way to produce actual sound- probably as part of an array or package with other sonic powers (another reason to avoid Illusion- why should a "personal rock concert" effect be any less real than a sonic scream?).

    One way would be to use the Illusion power mechanics, but a Feature that it is actual sound- this seems kind of lacking.

    Another way, hinted at in another of the Sonic power entries in Power Profiles, would be to use a variation of the Environment power for light/illumination, but to say that it affects hearing instead of sight. Power Profiles uses the 'reduce visibility' effect at -2/-5 to represent noise dampening- but you could use the 'lighting' effect instead, with dim/full illumination mapping to quiet/loud noise- using the Selective and Precise modifiers to vary the sound level in the area, and generate specific noise (notes of music, for example).

    Does anyone have any other ideas of how to handle this, or any ideas to make either of these options work better?

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    Re: Sound generation powers

    Area Communication (Auditory)?

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    Re: Sound generation powers

    Quote Originally Posted by pathfinderq1 View Post
    first and foremost, it is an illusion, not ACTUAL sound, and by the rules Illusions can have no real world effect (thus cannot be recorded, for example).
    Well, to be clear, that seems to be taking "no real world effect" a bit far. We already know that illusions can be picked up by machines, transmitted, etc.; it's a flaw to limit it to a mental-only effect, and the Illusion Power Profile allows Impressions to be descriptor for Illusion, specifying that this means detectable to cameras and microphones. In fact, Illusion is the effect used by the official Vocal Mimicry and Sonic Projection powers.

    The tweaking of Environment to cover an Impairing/Disabling form of noise generation is pretty clever though. Although using it to generate specific notes from a song seems a bit much, similar to using Environment Light to generate portions of an image.

    About the only other applicable effect not mentioned in the thread so far that seems valid might be Feature, and if the power is low-level enough (say, ventriloquism to 20ft.,) it might be the way to go.
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    Re: Sound generation powers

    It really is just important what effect you want the powers to have. Sound is just a descriptor.

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    Re: Sound generation powers

    I think just Feature (1), because it's replacing a walkman.

    If it's loud enough to drown out noise, then it's an Area Dazzle (sound).

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