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Thread: Excited about the new Fantasy AGE Companion

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    Re: Excited about the new Fantasy AGE Companion

    Quote Originally Posted by shonuff View Post
    While it's certainly better than DAGE, and I also tend to like encounter duration spells, I find this one to be overly arbitrary. Encounter duration spells work best when it's for a specific type: e.g., a climbing spell for exploration or an attack buff for combat. But as you've shown, this could be used in any encounter type.

    Take for example changing into a dog to track a fugitive. After a while, there's several branching paths:

    1. The party is waylaid by goblins.
    2. There is a broken bridge to cross.
    3. There is a witness that the party decides to question.
    4. The fugitive is eventually tracked down after a few hours of pursuit.

    Technically, the duration would end in all but the last choice, regardless of the caster's choice. I guess it could depend on your definition of encounter, and it is admittedly nit-picking. I just think it could still be improved upon.
    I don't really think these indicate the end of the encounter. They are new developments within the encounter. The overall objective of the encounter or scene is to track down the fugitive. These examples are wrinkles thrown in as obstacles to resolving the encounter.

    Should the party decide to no longer pursue the fugitive, then the encounter changes. An encounter can include several different elements. It could contain negotiation, traps, climbing obstacles, sneaking, combat, etc. Overall, I feel that the rules for FAGE are more about the story than micro-managing semantics. An encounter is whatever the gamemaster says it is. They should just clarify to the players upfront so there is no misunderstanding of a player thinking a particular spell was still in effect when it wasn't. And I think common sense can go a long way when dealing with a rules light type of system.

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    Re: Excited about the new Fantasy AGE Companion

    On further thought, I tend to agree to shonuff's and username's points. I just read in the Modern Age rulebook about the social encounter system, and it implies very much that really, an encounter is any part of an ongoing adventure that serves more or less one purpose. So a combat can be part of an investigation, but when the adventure is primarily about that investigation, the combat does not constitute a new encounter - it is part of the ongoing encounter with the unresolved mystery that is investigated.

    So, it seems there is no perfect definition of what could be described as an encounter, und yes, common sense might on the long run be the only recourse.

    If a mage forms into a Beast for achieving a certain aim, then new conversations, new attacks, new hazards do not necessarily mean new encounters. If the adventurers search for a certain clue in an abandoned apartment block, any attack of madmen or monsters, any collapsing roof or floor, any conversation with wary homeless people will be part of the same encounter until the clue is found or the group has thoroughly established that it isn't there.

    Makes sense?
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