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Thread: Feint Maneuver: When do you use it?

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    Re: Feint Maneuver: When do you use it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alderic78 View Post
    I'm working on a character that would feint quite often. Would the advantage for feinting with acrobatics (Agile Feint?) and skill mastery (which the character already has) work together ?
    They should work together just fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alderic78 View Post
    What are some of these houserules for vulnerable characters with negative dodge/parry?
    I've decided to houserule it as follows:

    Whenever a target is rendered Vulnerable or Defenseless, their active defenses are, at minimum, reduced by 1 if Vulnerable, or by 2 if Defenseless, even if such causes a defense to become negative.

    I thought of using larger numbers, such as 2 and 4/5, but since this was really just to handle minions with low/negative defenses, lower values seemed more appropriate.
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    Re: Feint Maneuver: When do you use it?

    Ok... thanks for the info... the project can still continue.

    On the proposed houserules... I've done some tests on Defenseless... and it's quite brutal... I'll see how some static reduction works, and go from there...

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