I'm intending to run this scenario for my PCs who are Agents of the Inquisition, as it fits quite nicely the War Table mission 'Secure More Lyrium for the Templars' - spoilers for the scenario therefore follow. Three of the PCs are level 4 already, so my first amendment will be too beef up the enemies somewhat.

In fact, I'm also going to make the Carta of the Cadash clan (as per the Dwarf Inquisitor), even though my canon Inquisitor is a human noble. As such, I'm going to substitute Lantos for Kynedrin, who is actually trying to set up a deal with the Inquisition in opposition to the mob boss - the 'Dasher'. That at least explains his own motivation, why the Bleakwatch and Blaen believe (rightly) that he is trying to bypass them, and gives the PCs motivation to keep involving themselves in the adventure - all of which I think are weak points in the scenario as it is written.

I have a couple of queries though - firstly, how do fully armoured henchmen of the Elevated Brotherhood managed to infiltrate the masked ball? It's supposed to be super-secure, so without the benefit of blood magic altering minds, I don't see how they can turn up so easily.

Secondly, how much do we think the lyrium is worth? There seems to be no exact sum mentioned. I'm intending to make it around the 50 gold mark, given that this is the sum involved in DA: Origins when smuggling lyrium becomes an option in Orzammar.

Any other observations or feedback on ways to improve the scenario would be most welcome!