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Thread: New player to M&M 3e! Can I get some help with my character?

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    New player to M&M 3e! Can I get some help with my character?

    Hey everyone! New to the game and new to the site! My group is starting up an M&M 3e game and we're all very new to it. Our setting is going to be 1918 in New York right after the Great War at PL8 and I made a character for it, but I'm not sure if I could do a better job or if I'm missing entire parts of character creation, so any help would be greatly appreciated! The general idea of my character is that a man born near the end of the Mycenean Age in 1100 BC died and came back to life as his 18 year old self, while keeping his old skills and abilities that he's picked up from his previous life. This process has continued to this day, and now calling himself 'Richard Price', he's on his 61st lease on life with 60 lifetimes worth of skills and experience on his side. (The hero name Infinitum comes from the idea that he lives a new life again and again and again and again ad infinitum)

    Hero: Infinitum
    Identity: Richard Price - Secret
    Gender: Male Age: 21 (3,117) Height: 5'10" Weight: 170 pounds
    Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Power Level: 8 (120 Points)
    Power Point Totals: Abilites- 50 Powers- 2 Advantages- 18 Skills- 18 Defenses- 28 = 116 (4 left for anything I've missed?)
    __________________________________________________ _______________________
    Strength: 1 Fighting: 1
    Stamina: 2 Awareness: 5
    Agility: 4 Intellect: 5
    Dexterity: 4 Presence: 3
    __________________________________________________ _______________________
    Immortality (Two week regen, regenerates back at age 18) - 2 Points
    __________________________________________________ _______________________
    Evasion 2
    Improved Critical 4
    Improved Initiative
    Improvised Tools
    Multi-Millionaire (Wealth Benefit 4 from passing down his wealth to his 'heirs')
    Precise Attack (Ranged in cover)
    Skill Mastery Technology
    Uncanny Dodge
    __________________________________________________ _______________________
    Acrobatics - 0 (+4)
    Athletics - 0 (+1)
    Close Combat - 0 (+0)
    Deception - 2 (+5)
    Expertise Finances - 2 (+7)
    Insight - 4 (+9)
    Intimidation - 0 (+3)
    Investigation - 0 (+5)
    Perception - 2 (+7)
    Persuasion - 4 (+7)
    Ranged Combat - 8 (+13) from shooting guns since they were brought to America when he helped colonize
    Sleight of Hand - 0 (+5)
    Stealth - 0 (+5)
    Technology - 8 (+13)
    Treatment - 2 (+7)
    Vehicles - 0 (+5)
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Dodge - 5 (+10)
    Fortitude - 6 (+8)
    Parry - 4 (+4)
    Toughness - 6 (+8)
    Will - 7 (+12)

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    Re: New player to M&M 3e! Can I get some help with my character?

    Welcome aboard, Typomatser! We're glad to have you.

    I'll just post a few things I noticed while going over your character. I liked the concept, by the way!

    1. You've got a buttload of ranged combat skill, but no gun. You'd buy a gun (or, even better, a few guns/weapons in an array) with the Equipment advantage.

    2. Your ranged combat should be 12. Dex 4 plus 8 ranks.

    3. Your defences are off. Your dodge, for example, is your agility plus any modifier you buy (which from your sheet I'm reading as 5), so your total should be at +9. Also something to keep in mind, the total of your Fort + Will and Dodge/Parry + Toughness can't exceed twice your PL, in this case 16. On the bright side, that should free up some more points to play with!

    4. Oh, and about your toughness. You can't just buy points in it like the other saves. Toughness is added through the power Protection (or equipment that grants that power, like body armor), or through the advantage Defensive Roll.

    5. Improved Critical needs to be applied to a specific attack when you take it.

    6. I'm getting a total of 16 in your skills, not 18.
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