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Thread: Lake Haven Defenders - Chapter 1

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    D Droid

    "Risk assessment reports vulnerability on opponent n° 4 energy core protection." the AI reports in Fredric's mind. "Ah, an opening should be the term employed. Combat surely resembles science a lot, interesting." D Droid replies out loud. "Wording of Risk assessment protocol changed successfully." "Anyway." he disregards his own comment. "Increase power output by 20%" "Power output increased."
    The left eye piece on D Droid makes focus on a particular part of the bound enemy robot before again performing a forward punch, trying to hit the exposed energy core.

    OOC: Trying to hit the bound robot with power attack: 15 to hit, DC 27
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    Re: Lake Haven Defenders - Chapter 1

    Scanning the Bandit’s mind you catch an image of a dark haired woman with cold eyes and a robotic arm.
    She says her name is Malice.

    You burst out of cover and land a shattering blow on one of the robots standing by the vault door. The droid to its maker’s credit takes the blow nothing more than the low ring of vibrating metal.

    As you turn your vision outward you see two large black mechs that appear to be constructed from a variety of car parts and construction vehicles standing at the base of the steps out the front of the building. Their attention appears locked on the chrome plated figure flying above them.

    You recognized the power-suited hero as the Tinman, renown hero of Lake Haven.

    Iron Bandit resist against mind reading DC 15 Will Save: 1D20+6 = [6]+6 = 12

    Still in his head.

    Bike-droid hit. Toughness Save: 1D20+12 = [20]+12 = 32


    You won’t be able to get back into cover this round without the ‘move by attack’ advantage as it would take a move action to close into melee with the bot. If you want to make any changes let me know.


    Spotting a clean shot at the machine’s weak point you strike, though your blow missing the power core, catching the main coupling instead which proves sturdier then volatile component you had intended.

    Strike against bound droid.
    It’s a hit
    Toughness: 1D20+12 = [19]+12 = 31

    Wow… saved.

    Stretch is up

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    Re: Lake Haven Defenders - Chapter 1

    Citizen Stretch
    HP: 1
    Status: Bruised x 1

    ”Sorry about the Bambi line! Won’t happen again!” The citizen offers a sheepish smile, ”Is this a bad time for introductions? I feel like it might be!”

    Still flattened against the ceiling he utilizes his superior height to barely maintain a python like grip on the droid beneath him. Still, that last shot hurt but as long as he had a hold of the mechanical thug it wasn’t going after anyone else... and that made it lower on his priority list....

    Maintaining his hold on the bound droid he effortlessly swells his free fist into a wrecking-ball like sphere, and with a mighty swing he launches it up and over Hanzo’s head, hoping to crash down upon the droid!

    ”Don’t make them like this anymore, eh, chums?” snarkily opines the rubber man, ”What’s happening out there?”

    Sure, he could have stretched out his neck and taken a look, but that would have left him completely blind against the robots attacking his body!


    Toughness DC 23, Takedown 2, DC20 Strength to Avoid Being Grappled: 1D20+12 = [12]+12 = 24

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