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Thread: Lake Haven Defenders - Chapter 1

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    Re: Lake Haven Defenders - Chapter 1

    HP: 2 (-1) = 1
    Condition: Bruise

    Within a few seconds one of his sets of visual senses were completely obscured. Smoke. 'Shit' thought Hanzo to himself. The sound of motorcycles sipped on by him and passed into his other sensory range. He was hearing double, but he could still see them pretty clearly.

    He would pop up off the ground with martial skill, and sped quickly out of the bank. Leaving the range of the smoke cloud, he could see them, but they were so far out if his range. They were bots, he couldn't track them by mind. Things today were not coming up Hanzo. One chance, really. He would start making mudras, as the eye in the sky would disappear.

    Swirling his hands as though forming a particular stereotypical symbol of balance, they would come together and an invisible force would swirl up between them, and he would extend extra long lengths of telekinetic force, and used them to entangle the bike droid, and by extension, the rider.

    OOC: Telekinetic Grab: 1D20+10 = [15]+10 = 25

    Dodge DC20 vs Defenseless and Immobile because minion.

    Using Free Action to Instant Up. Free action to sustain Mind Reading contact. Question for this round, "Where can we find your Boss, Malice?"

    Move action to get out of the smoke cloud to follow the Bike Droid. Power Stunt to attack with Telekinetic Grab, as follows. Hero Point to avoid Fatigue. ESP ends as array shifts.

    Telekinetic Grab: Ranged Concentration Affliction 10 (Resisted by Dodge; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile), Accurate 4, Extra Condition, Instant Recovery, Limited Degree, Subtle (Mental Awareness), Quirk (Required Mudras)

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    Re: Lake Haven Defenders - Chapter 1

    The bike's speed allows it to escape Hanzo's attempts to trap the vehicle. D-Droid rocket-like assault however strikes the bike square, knocking the Rider from it's seat as the heroic robot flies straight through the bike-droid, causing the front half of it to continue travelling up the road a little before exploding.

    The Rider thrown clear lands in a crouch, still clutching the bags of money over once shoulder.

    Through Hanzo's established link with the Iron Bandit, he catches a glimpse of a half finished contruction site downtown neighbouring a scrapyard, the apparent lair of the one he knows as Malice.

    One of the large mechs fires a small projectile at the Tinman, which strikes the hero in the chest. There is a fierce crackle of electricity and the tinman drops out of the sky.

    The second mech turns it's focus to D-Droid, firing a hail of bullets from a makeshift minigun mounted on it's front. The attack shreds the nearby remains of the bike and the surrounding ground, but fail to hit D-Droid.

    Save vs Telekinetic Grab - Dodge Save: 1D20+8 = [12]+8 = 20

    Just makes it.

    Save vs D-Droid ChargeToughness Save: 1D20+12 = [5]+12 = 17

    last Bike-droid go boom!

    Iron Bandit tries to overcome the mindreading link a second time.
    Will save: 1D20+6+1 = [2]+6+1 = 9


    Hanzo has a location.

    Mech 2 attacks D-Droid
    Attack: 1D20+8 = [4]+8 = 12

    That's a miss

    Rider-bots 27
    World-Walker 20
    Iron Bandit 19
    Bluewave 18
    Hanzo 14
    D-Droid 10
    Mechs 6
    Citizen Stretch 4

    Stretch is next

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    Re: Lake Haven Defenders - Chapter 1

    Citizen Stretch
    HP: 0
    Status: Bruised x4, Dazed 1rd (cleared at the end of his turn)

    The Citizen's entire body hurt those nerves carrying pain stimulus stretching out just as well as any part of him - the sooty blast marks on his suit still smoking, a clear reminder of the impact of the energy weapons that tore into him not a few seconds earlier. The cloud of smoke would have made it easy to stay concealed - he'd probably done enough - the remnants of robots that he'd smashed littered the ground around him - but just when that thought entered his head he was slightly ashamed that he'd had the thought - 'enough'. There was no enough when it came to fighting for what was right. There was no enough when he was trying to live up to his namesake. And so, groggily he extended his neck and one arm through the front doors - he might not have the wherewithal to move, but he could still reach after those damn bikers! It was a bit disturbing to watch - the serpentine undulations of his neck as he sought out his opponents, his face leading the way through the door before his massively over-sized hand.

    They were escaping!

    But just then a glinting, metal form was plummeting out of the sky. His heart - several dozen feet away - skipped a beat when he realized that the Tin Man was falling quickly!

    There wasn't even a glimmer of hesitation - he gave up pursuit and reached upwards towards the hero, his hand extending and thickening into a large cushion as he broke the Tinman's fall with his own body...


    Alright, I'm accomplishing this by pushing, which will leave Citizen Stretch fatigued next round. I'm going to push a temporary Alternate Power into being off of the Citizen's own immunity to falling damage. Immunity to Falling Damage but with the Affects Others Only (+0) Extra. Assuming I can reach him to touch him, I should be able to give him the benefit of that power to negate the falling damage.


    He tried to position his hand right beneath the falling armored form, so that his palm (now large enough to encompass the Tin Man's whole body) took the brunt of the fall, sinking inwards with the kinetic impact and moving with the strike, until his hand slowly impacted with the ground beneath like a spongy, springy mattress.

    Stretch grunted... "Ugh.. and they wonder why I don't like heavy... metal...." the rubber man laboriously quipped, before his thick snake-like neck brought his head over like some grazing brontosaur. "You okay, friend?"

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