Play nice.

Don't be a dick.

Treat other people like people. Or however that Golden Rule thingie goes. You know the one.

In Other Words:

These forums cost us time and money to run, but we provide them to you as a free service. For free.

If a moderator or administrator finds that someone is being unpleasant, irritating, or not contributing to (or is actively working against) board harmony, that person can be given a private or public talking-to, may have his or her posts deleted, and might just get banned, at the sole discretion of the Web site management.

Weíll try to give you one or more warnings before we take action against you or your posts, but we donít have to. Once we notice or hear about misconduct on the boards, our time is officially being wasted, and we will act swiftly and as we see fit so that we can get back to creating great games.

There is no "But the admin didn't explicitly forbid me from doing [rude thing x]" provision.

We do not tolerate racism, bigotry, name-calling, intolerance*, or argumentative, aggressive, trollish behavior. We don't tolerate spammers, whether bot or human. Play nice or you canít play here at all. [* That's right. We're intolerant of intolerance.]

Pretend someone you love and respect is going to judge you by your behavior here, and then act like you're trying to impress them by being a decent human being. Even if youíre not a decent human being, just act like one in here and youíll have no problems.

Membership on the board is a privilege, not a right.

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Please keep posts on-topic. If you'd like to start a new topic, feel free. Just put it in the relevant area. (Search is your friend!) Posts which are off topic may be deleted or moved without notice.

Users who don't wish to follow these guidelines may have administrative action taken on their account at the sole discretion of the board administrators and moderators. These actions may include a public or private warning, a temporary restriction or "time out" from the board, an immediate banning and/or deletion of the account or associated posts, or any combination thereof.

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Thanks for reading this!