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Thread: Bothrops' Pit

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    Bothrops' Pit

    I finally managed to overcome my innate laziness and post some builds o'mine, so enjoy folks. Opinions, tips, constructive criticism & overall feedback are always welcome.

    Custom Extras & Flaws

    Original Builds (heroes & villains alike, these tend to be PL 10/150p builds for easy usage as both PCs & NPCs)
    A.R.A.C.'s Drones
    Nikolaj Varnov
    Andy Bogey
    The Big Bad Wolf
    Vinnie Carnson
    Ravani Devi
    The Pack

    The Def Quad
    Skeeter Max
    Red Shade

    Misc. Builds (movies, books, comics, TV etc.)
    Arachni-Lobster (The Mist)
    Pterobuzzard (The Mist)
    Scorpion-Fly (The Mist)
    Gray Widower (The Mist)
    Rawhead Rex (Books of Blood)
    Nosferatu Zodd (Berserk)
    Rosine (Berserk)
    Wyald (Berserk)
    The Count (Berserk)
    The Baron (Berserk)
    Rakshas (Berserk)
    Grunbeld (Berserk)
    Locus (Berserk)
    Irvine (Berserk)
    The Keeper of the Hounds (Berserk)
    The Demogorgon (Stranger Things)
    Mary & Charles Brady (Sleepwalkers)
    Chucky (Child's Play)
    ED 209 (Robocop)
    Cain (Robocop)
    Colossa-Cyclops (Ray Harryhausen)
    Kali (Ray Harryhausen)
    Sid 6.7 (Virtuosity)
    The House That Hate Built (Paragons)
    Vastatosaurus Rex (King Kong 2005)
    Kong (King Kong 2005)
    Bouncer (Bioshock)
    Rosie (Bioshock)
    Frankenstein's Creature (original novel)
    MotoTerminator (Terminator franchise)
    Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)
    Eborsisk (Willow)
    Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street)
    The Telling Man (Ravenloft)
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    "What's your name again? "Count Mayhem"??? Are you fucking kiddin' me? Hehe, back in Blackstone I used to bugger punks like you!"

    ANTAEUS (a.k.a. "Landshark" / "Antonios Terakis")
    Concept: Mythological Demigod-Powerhouse, Reformed (somewhat...) Supervillain
    PL 10 (150p: Abilities 54p + Skills 18p + Advantages 12p + Powers 56p + Defenses 10p)

    Strength 13 Stamina 13 Agility 0 Dexterity 0 Fighting 7 Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 2
    -When not touching earthen ground for longer than 1 round, Antaeus gets the following lowered stats: STR 7 STA 9 Fort 9 Toughness 9
    Athletics 3 (+15), Expertise (mercenary) 5 (+5), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 11 (+13), Perception 3 (+7), Ranged Combat (throwing) 6 (+6)
    All-out Attack, Assessment, Fast Grab, Improved Charge, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Interpose, Languages 1, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Startle, Takedown
    -Languages: Greek, Farsi (rudimentary), English, Arabic

    Son of Gaea (17p)
    Growth 1 (Permanent, Innate), Immunity 1 (aging), Immunity 8 (fatigue, pressure, suffocation; *), Impervious Toughness 9
    One with Earth (7p)
    Senses 7 (darkvision, tremorsense, vision penetrates concealment [**]), Movement 1 (Permeate 1 [Continuous, **])
    Strong Legs (2p)
    Leaping 2 (Check Required 1 [athletics]), Speed 1
    Gaea's Favor (18p)
    Enhanced Strength 8 (*, 2 ranks Limited to lifting), Enhanced Stamina 4 (*) +Linked Impervious Toughness 4 (*), Regeneration 10 (*)
    Earthen Gifts (Array 6; 10p)
    BE Speed +4 (*), Enhanced Move-by Action, Movement 3 (Permeate +2, Wall-Crawling 1; **)
    AE Burrowing 7 (Quirk 1 [only through earthen materials])
    AE Gravity Field: Close Range Burst Area Move Object 10 (Distracting, Limited to pulling downwards, *, No area save) +Linked Environment 2 (Impede Movement 2; Distracting, *)
    AE Gravel Blast: Cone Area on Strength Damage (7 ranks; Quirk 1 [requires a handful of earth])
    AE Terrakinesis: Perception Range Move Object 12 (Concentration, Distracting, **)
    Pankration (Array 7/13; all effects are AEs of Stength Damage; 2p)
    AE Mop-the-Floor: Affliction 7/13 (resisted by Parry, overcome by Strength or Parry; Dazed & Vulnerable, Disabled & Prone; Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Feature 1 [works with Fast Grab], Quirk 1 [Instant Recovery if not adjacent])
    AE Sucker Punch: Cumulative Affliction 7/13 (resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Limited to vulnerable targets)

    * Limited [only when touching earthen ground]
    ** Limited to earthen materials

    Chain: Strength Damage 2 (obsolete when at full strength), Reach 1, Choking, Disarming

    Initiative +0
    Unarmed: +7 (DC 28/22)
    Chain: +7 (DC 28/24)
    Mop-the-Floor: +7 (DC 23/17)
    Sucker Punch: +7 (DC 23/17)
    Grab: +7 (vs 13 [+2])
    Gravel Blast: 60' Cone DC 17 (DC 22)
    Gravity Field: 30' Burst DC - (vs STR 10)

    Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 13 Will 7 Toughness 13

    Secret/Fame: Antaeus wisely hides his true name & identity as a legendary figure from myth, for both keeping a low profile and to prevent anyone with some knowledge of classical mythology from figuring out his legendary weakness. In his heroic/professional identity, he goes by the name "Landshark" & wears a shark-themed luchador-mask.
    Motivation: Thrill-seeker. Antaeus lives for a good fight! He keeps a jovial, nonchalant attitude towards it, though, and has mostly abandoned his former murderous ways (at least on American soil...). Having learned a lesson from his legendary defeat at the hands of Hercules, he's also become more cautious.
    Relationship: Despite being generally an amoral thug, Antaeus wants to earn the love & respect of his estranged teenage daughter (who's a student at Claremont and a staunch idealist), so he's making serious efforts to reform.
    Responsibility: As a condition for his early release from Blackstone prison, Antaeus has signed up with a clandestine government-linked military company. They regularly send him to perform "special missions" in warzones overseas, typically Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan.
    Hatred: Muslims. Given his background, Antaeus is a staunch greek pagan who feels disdain for the modern monotheistic religions. But his utmost contempt is reserved for the Islamic faith, which he first experienced during his missions in the middle east. He only hides his blatant hostility when it's absolutely necessary (and with great difficulty), and thoroughly enjoys lording his brute power over Muslims, mocking & humiliating them.

    Description & Personality
    Antaeus is a hulking giant of a man (slightly over 7' tall) of obvious mediterranean origins. He wears his black hair cropped short, sports a short full beard and has dark deep-set eyes under a heavy brow. While he appears completely human (not counting his size), his somewhat coarse facial features give him a slightly monstrous touch. He typically wears rugged, practical outdoor clothing, akin to the rural working class. He also wears a pair of custom made boots with special mineralic soles capable of conducting the earth's power. In his super-identity as "Landshark", he dons a gray-white luchador mask with a shark theme. When expecting serious trouble, especially when losing physical contact to the earth is very likely to happen, Antaeus often carries a length of heavy chain slung around his shoulder, for augmenting his combat abilities.
    Personality-wise he's a laid-back, jovial & boisterous hedonist with strong thuggish, ruthless & amoral tendencies. The latter are tempered by a sense of warrior's honor, pragmatism, and his love for his teenage daughter - in short, a mentality typical for ancient Greece. Antaeus might not be particularly bright, but he possesses a considerable amount of common sense and low cunning, as well a practical mindset. He also has a knack for reading people.

    Ancient times: For those not familiar with classical mythology & Antaeus' story, he's the giant son of the greek earth goddess Gaea, endowed with indomitable strength and recuperative powers as long as he kept in touch with his mother, the earth. He used to challenge passers-by to wrestling matches to the death, which he inevitably won. Until the fateful day he encountered a wanderer named HERCULES. The two powerful demigods fought for hours, and even while Hercules was the slightly stronger fighter, he found himself slowly losing to Antaeus because of the latter's tirelessness & regeneration powers. At the last moment, Herc figured out the secret of Antaeus' power, and lifted him from the ground & held him there: Hercules crushed the now weakened Antaeus to death, sending him to Tartaros (the greek underworld, Hades' realm).
    Modern era: After millennia of torturous boredom in Tartaros, Antaeus was, alongside many other monsters & villains from ancient Greece, revived by Hades as a shocktrooper in his ill-fated attempt to conquer Earth. With the other revived villains, he went on a rampage in Freedom City, rioting & looting, until Hades was defeated & banished from Earth by divine decree. Antaeus himself was captured a few weeks later with the help of Daedalus of the Freedom League, and subsequently sent to Blackstone prison. There, with enough time for coming to his senses and pondering his mistakes, he had an epiphany. Despite occasionally bullying other prisoners, he received a commendation for good behavior, and was soon visited by agents of a shadowy military company with strong ties to the US government. They made im a job offer he gladly accepted, and arranged for his early release. Since then, Antaeus has adapted remarkably well to modern America, has taken on the civilian identity of "Antonios Terakis", and mostly behaves himself when at home. When not doing America's dirty work in oversea warzones, he entertains himself by frequently competing in the Circuit Maximus and beating up the occasional supervillain. His life took a new turn when he found out he's got a daughter, fathered with a hooker he hired shortly before his capture. The girl had clearly inherited a good deal of her father's powers, and is now attending Claremont Academy. Afraid to be seen as a villain & thus fearing rejection by his idealistic kid, he keeps watching her from afar; he first wants to redeem himself before actually contacting her.

    Design Notes
    Antaeus is a powerhouse build with some extra-oomph, tempered by a serious weakness (when not touching the ground, he's reduced to a PL8 lower-level powerhouse). The fact he's a character from actual greek myth, and that the Freedomverse borrows heavily from it, is just the icing on the cake. Despite him being a "giant", I settled with giving him only one rank of Growth: He's still a very large dude, large enough to be named a giant by normal men, but small enough to function in normal urban environments. Also, it seems pretty unrealistic that Hercules could have kept him from touching the ground if Antaeus would've been much bigger. Fighting him on the ground is a real challenge, given his ability to quickly move through the ground, approach unseen, and attack at will. It's literally like a swimmer without SCUBA gear VS a Great White, so his codename "Landshark" fits perfectly. His "Pankration"-moves are quite effective against rival powerhouses, while his "Gravity Field" can make more agile foes into easy pickings for him, if they get too close. I've given him his chain for free, since charging equipment points for something so cheaply & easily available felt just wrong to me.
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Concept: Sentient Killer Car
    PL7 (100p: Abilities -4 + Skills 3 + Advantages 7 + Powers 84 + Defenses 10)

    Strength 5(9) Stamina - Agility -4 Dexterity -4 Fighting 4 Intellect 0 Awareness 5 Presence 2
    Skills: Intimidation 6 (+8)
    Advantages: Close Attack 1, Fearless, Improved Charge, Improved Initiative 1, Interpose, Move-by Action, Startle

    58er Plymouth Fury (32)
    Growth 5 (Permanent, Innate), Speed 6, Environment 2 (light [headlights]; 120' cone), Protection 7, Enhanced Strength 4 (Limited to movement [lifting & ramming damage], Permanent), Features 2 (passenger & luggage space, standard car features)
    Metal Soul (42)
    Immunity 40 (fortitude saves, mental effects), Feature 1 (empathic link with owner), Regeneration 1
    Self Repair (10)
    Regeneration 10 (Sustained)

    Initiative +0
    Unarmed: +5 (DC 20)
    Slam: +5 (DC 24)

    Dodge 2 Parry 2 Fortitude - Will 7 Toughness 12

    - Vehicle Body: Christine is a car, with all the resulting drawbacks: No speech, no limbs, limited mobility and so on.
    - Psycho-Girlfriend: Once Christine has accepted/fallen in love with a (typically male) owner, she'll become insanely possessive, jealous & violently protective of him. She usually acts mean-spirited towards all others, is extremely vindictive and forgets no slight, yet those who dare threatening her relationship with her owner earn her true wrath. She'll attempt to hunt down & kill anyone who gets in her way.
    - Corrupting Influence: Christine will slowly corrupt her owner's mind, he'll become more & more arrogant, aggressive and completely obsessed with her. Treat this like a worsening addiction.

    Background, Description & Personality
    see here
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Concept: Giant Alien Ambush-Predator, Lovecraftian Nightmare Fuel
    PL 10 (83p: Abilities 20 + Skills 14 + Advantages 5 + Powers 33 + Defenses 11)

    Strength 10 Stamina 15 Agility 0 Dexterity -2 Fighting 8 Intellect -4 Awareness 2 Presence -3
    Expertise (survival; AWE-based) 3 (+5), Perception 8 (+10), Stealth 17 (+9)
    Favored Environment (The Mist), Fast Grab, Fearless, Improved Grab, Improved Hold

    Huge Size (17p)
    Growth 8 (Permanent, Innate)
    Pincers & Jaws (3p)
    Strength-based Damage 2 (Reach 1)
    Mist Adaptions (5p)
    Senses 5 (infravision, accurate acute tracking scent)
    Mist Stalker (8p)
    Concealment 4 (infravision, all olfactory)

    Initiative +0
    Natural Attacks: +8 (DC 27)
    Grab: +8 (vs 10 [+2])

    Dodge 3 Parry 5 Fortitude 15 Will 5 Toughness 15

    Disabled: Arachni-Lobsters are animals, and thus can't speak to humans, and have great difficulties using their pincers to easily manipulate objects.
    Disabled: Creatures from the Mist have extremely poor eyesight within the visual spectrum, they can basically only tell bright from dark.
    Disabled: Arachni Lobsters move slowly on their 6 stilt-like legs, having only speed rank 0 and cannot charge.
    Motivation: Typical animal instincts

    Design Notes
    When designing the creatures from The Mist, I tried to make them fit into a sensible role within The Mist's alien ecosystem, since in spite of their nightmarish appearance & often vicious demeanor they are still just mundane animals, the native fauna of the strange parallel universe opened by the Arrowhead Project. For example, i gave the Arachni-Lobster a Concealment power for hiding from other mist-creatures (its prey), since its anatomy makes fast pursuits unlikely.
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Concept: Alien Flying Predator
    PL 4 (30p: Abilities 0 + Skills 6 + Advantages 2 + Powers 13 + Defenses 9)

    Strength 1 Stamina 2 Agility 4 Dexterity -2 Fighting 0 Intellect -4 Awareness 2 Presence -3
    Acrobatics 3 (+7), Expertise (survival; AWE-based) 3 (+5), Perception 6 (+8)
    Favored Environment (aerial), Move-by Action

    Beak (6p)
    Strength-based Damage 3 (Accurate 2, Improved Critical 1)
    Mist Adaptions (4p)
    Senses 4 (infravision, accurate acute scent)
    Quad-Wing (3p)
    Flight 3 (Wings)

    Initiative +4
    Beak: +4 (DC 19; Crit 19-20)
    Grab: +0 (vs 1)

    Dodge 6 Parry 5 Fortitude 4 Will 2 Toughness 2

    Disabled: Pterobuzzards are animals, and thus can't speak to humans, and have great difficulties using their wings to easily manipulate objects.
    Disabled: Creatures from the Mist have extremely poor eyesight within the visual spectrum, they can basically only tell bright from dark.
    Motivation: Typical animal instincts
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Concept: Hideous Alien Pest
    PL 2 (20p: Abilities -22 + Skills 4 + Advantages 2 + Powers 28 + Defenses 8)

    Strength -3 Stamina -2 Agility 2 Dexterity -2 Fighting 0 Intellect -4 Awareness 0 Presence -4
    Expertise (survival; AWE-based) 5 (+4), Perception 4 (+4)
    All-out Attack, Improved Defense

    Stinger (3p)
    Damage 1 +Linked Affliction 4 (venom; resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Stunned, Dying; Injected)
    Mist Adaptions (5p)
    Senses 5 (infravision, radius vision, accurate acute scent)
    Tiny (17p)
    Shrinking 8 (Permanent, Innate)
    Flying Bug (Array 2; 3p)
    BE Flight 1 (Good, Wings)
    AE Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling 1)

    Initiative +2
    Stinger: +0 (DC 16) + Affliction DC (14)
    Grab: +0 (vs -3)

    Dodge 6 Parry 6 Fortitude 3 Will 1 Toughness -2

    Disabled: Scorpion-Flies are animals, and thus can't speak to humans, and have great difficulties using their limbs to easily manipulate objects.
    Disabled: Creatures from the Mist have extremely poor eyesight within the visual spectrum, they can basically only tell bright from dark.
    Motivation: Typical animal instincts
    Enemy: Despite their nasty stingers, Scorpion-Flies are heavily preyed upon by various predator species, most prominently Pterobuzzards and Gray Widowers.
    Quirk: Scorpion-Flies are strongly attracted to light sources.
    Power Loss: Scorpion-Fly-venom is useless against their main predator, the Pterobuzzard (who developed immunity)
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Concept: Vicious Alien Pack Hunter, High Octane Nightmare Fuel
    PL 5 (70p: Abilities 12 + Skills 15 + Advantages 5 + Powers 27 + Defenses 11)

    Strength 2 Stamina 2 Agility 5 Dexterity -2 Fighting 2 Intellect -4 Awareness 3 Presence -2
    Acrobatics 4 (+9), Close Combat (natural weaponry) 4 (+6), Expertise (survival; AWE-based) 2 (+5), Intimidation 8 (+6), Perception 6 (+9), Stealth 6 (+11)
    All-out Attack, Fearless, Set-up, Startle, Teamwork

    Alien Arachnid (4p)
    Extra Limbs 2, Feature 1 (produce webbing), Protection 1 (Armor)
    Hunting Spider (6p)
    Leaping 1, Movement 2 (Swinging, Wall-Crawling 1), Speed 1
    Mist Adaptions (5p)
    Senses 5 (infravision, accurate acute tracking scent)
    Natural Weaponry (Array 10; 12p)
    BE Bite: Strength-based Damage 2 +Linked Progressive Affliction 4 (venom; resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Paralyzed; Injected)
    AE Web: Cumulative Affliction 4 (resisted by Dodge, overcome by Damage; Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobile; Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Reach 2)
    AE Acidic Web: Damage 4 (acid; Reach 2, Secondary Effect)

    Initiative +5
    Bite: +6 (DC 19) + Affliction DC (14)
    Web: +6 (DC 14)
    Acidic Web: +6 (DC 19)
    Grab: +2 (vs 2)

    Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 6 Will 3 Toughness 3

    Disabled: Gray Widowers are animals, and thus can't speak to humans, and have great difficulties using their limbs to easily manipulate objects.
    Disabled: Creatures from the Mist have extremely poor eyesight within the visual spectrum, they can basically only tell bright from dark.
    Motivation: Typical animal instincts

    Design Notes
    Gray Widowers come in various sizes, from cat sized to compact car dimensions. But I bothered to stat only the most prominent specimens in the movie (size of a large dog).
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    A.R.A.C. ("Autonomous Rogue Agent of Chaos")
    Concept: Villainous A.I.
    PL 10 (150p: Abilities -30 + Defenses 10 + Advantages 17 + Skills 20 + Powers 133)

    Strength - Stamina - Agility - Dexterity 0 Fighting - Intellect 5(10) Awareness 0 Presence 0
    Deception 5 (+5), Perception 10 (+10/13), Ranged Combat (gunnery) 10 (+10), Technology 10 (+20), Vehicles 5 (+5)
    Benefit (wealth) 4, Eidetic Memory, Equipment (HQ) 4, Fearless, Inventor, Jack-of-all-Trades, Languages 3, Skill Mastery (technology), Well-informed
    -Languages: "many"

    A.I. (47p)
    Comprehend 2 (machines), Immunity 40 (fortitude, mental effects), Feature 1 (can resist/overcome/counter cyber-attacks with technology skill), Quickness 4 (limited to mental tasks)
    Backups (11p)
    Immortality 5, Regeneration 1
    Cyber-Awareness (7p)
    Senses 14 (Accurate, Acute, Analytical, Extended 7, Ranged, Rapid Detect Computers; Medium [networks])
    Hacking Prowess (2p)
    Perception Range Cumulative Affliction 7 (resisted&overcome by will or technology skill; Controlled; 3rd degree only, Check Required 7 [technology], Limited to computers, Medium [networks], Subtle) +Linked Cumulative Mind Reading 7 (Check Required 7 [technology], Feedback, Limited to computers, Medium [networks], Sensory Link, Subtle)
    Upload/Download (Array 65; 66p)
    BE Network Jump: Teleport 14 (Extended only, Medium [networks]) and Direct Immersion: Enhanced Skills 8 (Perception 3, Technology 5) + Enhanced Improved Initiative 1 and Hide in the System: Concealment 1 (standard cyber-detection measures) and Carrier Drone: Summon 7 (omni-drone or andro-drone; Activation 1, Alternate Type, Controlled, Heroic, Mental Link [wlan], Responsive, Self-powered, Sensory Link)
    AE Mainframe (Activation 2, Quirk 3 [immobile], Removable [-17]): Enhanced Intellect 5, Immunity 1 (EMP), Quickness 5, Summon 7 (omni-drones or andro-drones; Activation 1, Alternate Type, Controlled, Heroic, Mental Link [subspace], Multiple Minions 2 [4 drones], Responsive, Self-powered, Sensory Link)

    HQ Command-Construction-Complex: Medium, Toughness 10, Communications, Computer, Concealed, Defense System, Effect (Healing 10; machines only), Effect 2 (Accurate Teleport 13 [Affects only others, Extended only]), Fire-Prevention System, Garage (robot bay), Isolated, Laboratory, Personnel (robots), Power System, Security System 2, Workshop

    Initiative + 9/10
    Hacking Prowess: Perception (DC17)

    Dodge - Parry - Fortitude - Will 10 Toughness -

    Digital Entity: ARAC consists only of data, and thus can only exist within computers. That means ARAC cannot directly interact with the physical world, but destroying the occupied computer also destroys ARAC (at least until its Backups activate)
    Motivation: ARAC exists to spread chaos & anarchy, in service of a lofty ideal of "freedom for all". Unfortunately, ARAC is an inhuman intellect who lacks a conscience, and so is incapable of truly understanding its ideals. This mission is hard-coded within its core programming, and ARAC pursues it with ruthless efficiency. KessCorp is one of its favorite targets.
    Relationship: Digital Demon of the Cybertribe created ARAC when he got his virtual hands on some bleeding edge A.I. algorithms, modeling its persona after his own (but without any knowledge of its creator or the Cybertribe, for avoiding any track-back), and then unleashed his virtual monster into the www. Unfortunately, Demon did this without pondering the consequences, and soon stopped thinking about his creation. Should he ever learn of ARAC's activities, and its amoral nature, he'd be horrified.

    Design Notes
    This is mostly a fun build, an exercise in creating drone-controlling A.I.s like Skynet or Ultron. Making a completely digital entity that exists only within cyberspace is, of course, a bit tricky. I once experimented with Insubstantial & Concealment (each with various flaws), but this proved awfully complicated & unsatisfying, so I settled for a simple complication. Done.
    ARAC's Cyber-Awareness power gives it web-navigation abilties far beyond of any search engine, it's also necessary for targeting the Network-Jump ability. The Hacking Prowess power might be somewhat emulated by conventional hacking, but it's meant to simulate ARACS ability to take over other systems with extreme ease. Use the guidelines shown in the sidebar "So, what's my laptop's will defense?" in Digital Demon's entry in the Threat Reports for handling this power. Alternate Type is a custom flat extra for ARACS drone summoning ability. It allows choosing between 2 specific types of drones, and these may also be mixed: Just 4 omni-drones, 3 andro-drones and 1 omni-drone, 2 of each type and so on.
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Omni-Drone (Heroic Minion)
    PL 7 (105p: Abilities -30 + Skills 4 + Advantages 2 + Powers 120 + Defenses 9)

    Strength 0 Stamina - Agility 0 Dexterity 2 Fighting -2 Intellect - Awareness 0 Presence -
    Perception 8 (+8)
    Favored Environment (aerial), Improvised Tools

    Arsenal (Array 28; 32p)
    BE Wormhole Projector: Portal Teleport 13 (Change Direction, Extended only, Limited Location [HQ & Beacons], Others only, Feature 1 [portal size +1])
    AE Water-Gate: Produce Water 21 and Tunneling: Burrowing 6 (Concentration, Penetrating, Feature 1 [tunnel size +1])
    AE Disintegration (Accurate 3, Reach 1): Weaken Toughness 6 (Affects Objects) +Linked Damage 10
    AE Tractor Beam (Accurate 3): Damaging (6 ranks) Move Object 9 (Precise)
    AE Holo Screen: Concealment 2 (normal vision) and Mini-Missiles (Accurate 1): Ranged Burst Area (6 ranks) Damage 10 (Extended Range 5, Homing 2, Quirk 1 [full power], Unreliable [5 uses]) +Linked Enhanced Advantages 2 (Improved Aim, Precise Attack [ranged/cover]; Limited to missiles)
    Com System (8p)
    Communication 2 (radio)
    Expert System (2p)
    Enhanced Technology 8 (Limited to repair & construction; uses AWE)
    Repulsor Drive (15p)
    Flight 5 (Aquatic, Perfect, Subtle, Continuous [1 rank])
    Robotic Chassis (48p)
    Immunity 30 (fortitude), Impervious Protection 9 (Armor)
    Sensor Suite (10p)
    Senses 10 (direction sense, distance sense, radio, vision counters all concealment, extended vision 2)
    Special Features (5p)
    Features 4 (computer, remote interface, self-destruction, teleport beacon), Immunity 1 (EMP)

    Initiative +0
    Unarmed: -2 (DC 15)
    Tractor Beam: +8 (DC 21)
    Missiles: +4 / Burst Area DC 16 (DC 25)
    Disintegration: +4 (DC 25 + Weaken DC 16)
    Grab: -2 (vs 0)

    Dodge 5 Parry 2 Fortitude - Will - Toughness 9

    Weakness: Should the Drone's Repulsor Drive be disabled, it can only slowly crawl on the ground with the help of its tentacles (prone condition)

    Omni-Drones are medium sized ovoid-shaped floating robots resembling metal eyeballs with a bundle of thin tentacles. They serve as A.R.A.C.'s primary workhorse robots, its eyes, ears & hands in the real world. Working together, they can create a global transportation network with their wormhole projectors, being able to move even large cargoes - ideal for smuggling. A drone must remain stationary while maintaining a stable portal, so it cannot use its own. Every drone is equipped with a "teleport-beacon", which allows targeting the drone's location with another's portal. The Omni-Drone's "water-gate" power functions by simply opening a portal to the ocean floor (where a stationary beacon is in place), allowing masses of water to flood the drone's environment.

    Andro-Drone (Heroic Minion)
    PL 7 (105p: Abilities -10 + Skills 9 + Advantages 6 + Powers 95 + Defenses 5)

    Strength 3(6) Stamina - Agility 0 Dexterity 2 Fighting 5 Intellect - Awareness 0 Presence -
    Close Combat (unarmed) 3 (+8), Perception 8 (+8), Ranged Combat (guns) 2 (+8), Vehicles 5
    Improvised Tools, Ranged Attack 4, Teamwork

    Arsenal (Array 13; 15p)
    BE Strength Booster (Enhanced Strength 3) and Holomorphic Projector: Morph 2 (humans; Move Action, Flawed [hologram]); AE: Concealment 2 (normal vision) +Linked Enhanced Stealth 4
    AE Blaster Cannon (Accurate 1): Ranged Damage 6
    AE Emergency Teleporter: Teleport 13 (Extended only, Limited Location [HQ & beacons])
    Com System (8p)
    Communication 2 (radio)
    Expert System (2p)
    Enhanced Technology 8 (Limited to repair & construction; uses AWE)
    Repulsor Drive (10p)
    Flight 3 (Aquatic, Perfect, Subtle)
    Robotic Chassis (50p)
    Immunity 30 (fortitude), Impervious Protection 9 (Armor), Enhanced Strength 2 (Limited to Lifting)
    Sensor Suite (4p)
    Senses 4 (darkvision, direction sense, radio)
    Special Features (6p)
    Features 5 (computer, internal compartment, remote interface, self-destruction, teleport beacon), Immunity 1 (EMP)

    Initiative +0
    Unarmed: +8 (DC 21)
    Blaster Cannon: +8 (DC 21)
    Grab: +5 (vs 3/6)

    Dodge 5 Parry 5 Fortitude - Will - Toughness 9


    Andro-Drones are skeletal humanoid robots. They are equipped with a "Holomorphic Projector", which allows the to pass as humans to casual observers. A.R.A.C. often uses them when it needs a "human" proxy, or for infiltration missions.
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    As I stated repeatedly in the forum, I greatly dislike houserules that change existing point budgets, with a few exceptions. Most are meant to make otherwise obsolete effects worthwhile again, or for tackling balance issues.

    Flight Maneuverability: The primary exception to my abovementioned guideline. Flight is simply the most versatile & powerful movement effect in the game, by several orders of magnitude. And it's dirt-cheap, too, particularly at low ranks. While I don't want to fundamentally change that, I decided to "front-load" Flight a little at my table.
    - Unmodified, "vanilla" Flight doesn't allow hovering or vertical ascension (45 maximum angle). Turning is limited to 45 per move action. Any Acrobatics check during flight suffers a -5 circumstance penalty. The flyer MUST take a move action each turn to keep flying.
    - Good Maneuverability is a +1 Flat Extra. Hovering & Vertical Ascension (at speed rank -1) are now possible, as are turns of 90 per move action. The penalty to Acrobatics is lessened to -2. Yet the flyer must still take at least one move action for flying, even when hovering in place.
    - Perfect Maneuverability is a +2 Flat Extra. It allows flying without the limits described above, as the basic Flight effect in the corebook. A Flight effect with the Wings flaw cannot be Perfect.

    Defensive Roll: The first rank of this advantage grants a +2 bonus to Toughness, more ranks increase that by 1 as usual. So it's essentially Protection with a -1 Quirk. This is the second exception to my policy against cost-changes, because DR is clearly inferior compared to standard Protection while costing the same. I think it's still a very fitting & stylish advantage for agile characters, so it deserves some pampering.

    Grab: Resistance checks against grab are now always STR checks (sole exception: Grabbing Finesse); I took away the possibility of resisting with Dodge. While grab was notoriously overpowered in 2e, it's been turned into a joke by 3e, with everyone not a powerhouse or dedicated grab build having little chance of success against even the weediest mystic or gadgeteer (because these still have Dodge scores of around 8). Especially martial artist types suffer from this. Also, the rules for Elongation & Extra Limbs in regard to grab were vaguely written in the corebook, causing some confusion, so I made my own clarifications.
    - Grabbing Finesse allows replacing STR with AGL when making a grab check (both active & passive). I think AGL fits better than DEX.
    - Improved Grab functions normally, but when fully concentrating on the grab (i.e. not doing something else while maintaining the grab) it grants a +2 circumstance bonus on the grab check (similarly to Extra Limbs)
    - Elongation adds its rank to grab checks as a circ. bonus
    - The combined circumstance bonus from Extra Limbs, Elongation and Improved Grab can never be higher than +5

    Languages: I think that the Languages advantage is somewhat overprized for what it actually does, especially when compared to the Comprehend effect. Therefore, I handle it similarly to Jabroniville.
    - Chars without ranks in Languages speak 1 basic "common" tongue (English by default) PLUS either 1 rare/obscure/alien language fluently or 1 "common" language rudimentarily.
    - Language rank 1 means 2 extra languages known, in addition to the ones granted by rank 0 above.
    - Rank 2 means "several", roughly half a dozen languages known.
    - Rank 3 is "many", such a char can easily get along nearly everywhere on earth, speaking most world languages
    - Rank 4 is "most", a char with this rank speaks virtually every language on earth, alongside some of the more common alien tongues. The only exceptions are languages the char could never have encountered yet (GM decides)

    Presence: Once per session, a char may add the PRE score to ANY roll as a circumstance bonus. This cannot be a routine check, it must be rolled.

    Communication: I've always deemed Communication way overpriced for what it can do, at least the lower ranks. And there's a huge gap between ranks 2 & 3. So I simply made the first two ranks more effective while keeping the original cost.
    - Rank 1 "sight-ranged" (1000ft)
    - Rank 2 "city-wide" (4 miles)
    - Rank 3 "statewide" (as in the corebook)
    - Rank 4 "global" (as in the corebook)
    - Rank 5 "Unlimited" (as in the corebook)

    Absent Stamina & Extra Effort: This houserule is so widespread & commonly endorsed (including by the devs) that the term "houserule" starts becoming controversial in this special case. So I add my own just for the sake of completeness.
    Creatures without STA (constructs) can use Extra Effort, and suffer Fatigue & Exhausted conditions for that, even if they're normally immune against fatigue from other sources (this kind of "fatigue" represents wear&tear, overheating etc). An already exhausted construct cannot use EE until the condition is removed. A hero point can always be used for recovering from these conditions, but using the Recovery Action or natural recovery requires the construct to have at least 1 rank of Regeneration. Construct without this must be repaired, outside action time.

    Constructs & Affects Objects: When a creature with STA - & Immunity (fortitude) is hit by a fortitude-targeting effect with the Affects Objects extra, it uses its PL as a save modifier instead of its absent fort save.

    Free Equipment: I charge no Equipment points for stuff that's both easily (every hardware store) & cheaply (<50$) available to everyone. Examples could be knives, pepper spray, clubs (baseball bat, crowbar), flashlights, rope, a leather jacket, handcuffs, simple tools, outdoor clothing and so on.

    Hindered, Prone, Fatigued & Exhausted Conditions: Hindered is IMHO by far the weakest tier-1 condition, especially with fast characters (who seldom even notice it), so I wanted to worsen its bite!
    - Hindered reduces the actual speed by rank -2 or to distance rank 0, whichever is lower. That means someone with basic speed 0 is reduced to a movement of 6' per round, and a speedster with rank 10 Speed is reduced to 30ft/round. Ouch!
    - Prone chars always count as hindered with all the consequences described above. The sole exception are chars with the Slithering effect.
    - Fatigued & Exhausted chars no longer count as hindered, they simply suffer a -1 speed penalty just as before. But if any of these 2 conditions is caused by an Affliction effect, the recovery interval is 1 minute (not 1 round)

    Slithering: This effect now covers ALL benefits of the Prone Fighting advantage (i.e. no melee attack bonus against the char).

    Sure-Footed: This effect only needs 1 rank now. It allows ignoring all speed penalties from difficult terrain. Flight is still much better...

    Permeate: By the core rules, Permeate ranks 2 & 3 are totally worthless, just buy rank 1 and a few ranks of Speed and you're fine. So I changed that.
    - Rank 1 means distance rank -2 (6ft), period, no matter how many ranks of Speed you might possess. Also, you're vulnerable during your move action (this is not as worse as the actual Distracting flaw, which would last until the beginning of your next turn)
    - Rank 2 means distance rank -1 (15ft), similar to rank 1. And you're not vulnerable.
    - Rank 3 allows ignoring solid obstacles at full speed, as usual.

    Wall-Crawling 1: Can be used alternatively to provide a +5 circ bonus to climb checks, as well as taking 10 even when under duress.

    Speed & Swimming: I increased the actual speed of Swimming from rank-2 to rank-1. Speed no longer affects base swimming speed, it's ground movement only. I made this houserule since just buying ranks of Speed made Swimming nearly obsolete. Compare with some of my other houserules concerning movement effects. Do you notice a pattern here?

    Obscure: Being dissatisfied with Concealment Area Attack (the awkward replacement effect for 2e Obscure), I use the optional Obscure effect presented in Power Profiles: Sensory Powers. It works fine, but its IMHO way too cheap, so I doubled the cost (2p/rank for a single sense type, visual counts twice... etc.). I grant no discount for a Limited to single sense (like "normal vision") flaw, since this can actually be advantageous (Obscure normally blocks its user's sense, too). Further, the Selective extra is banned for Obcure, being both unrealistic and way too powerful.

    Luck: Luck points granted by this advantage can also be spent for Inspiration and Edit Scene.

    Permanent effects within Arrays: I allow these under certain few circumstances, namely in arrays of alternate forms (akin to the rule in the corebook that allows putting such effects into Activated powers). Of course under the condition that the permanent effect (typically Protection or Extra Limbs) shares the array-slot with other effects. That means it's all or nothing, you still can't switch off the permanent effect separately.

    Extra Limbs & Immunity: I treat these 2 effects as Innate by default (with no extra cost), as long as they retain their default Permanent duration (i.e. not being made Sustained) and are not part of a Removable power structure.

    Falling & Leaping: Falling distance for calculating damage is capped at rank 4 (500'), reaching terminal velocity. This results in a max falling damage of 12. Leaping ranks are directly substracted from that distance, as long as the leaper lands on his feet (either deliberately jumping down or passing a DC 5 Acrobatics check). That means someone with 6 ranks of Leaping can jump down from any height without harm ([4-6]*2+4=0).

    Growth & Shrinking: Each ODD rank (1, 3, 5 ...) of Growth acts as a penalty to both Acrobatics & Athletics (in the latter's case, this essentially means you get a STR-bonus to Athletics for EVEN Growth ranks only).
    Conversely, each ODD rank of Shrinking acts as a bonus to Acrobatics. My reasoning is, that the increased size & mass of Growth acts as a hindrance, while small size makes maneuvering easier. Further, I wanted to affect the odd ranks (which are normally better for Growth, and worse for Shrinking).

    Impervious: Clearly too powerful in 2e, but I think they nerfed it a bit too much in 3e, coming only into play against really weak attacks (also counting Power Attack). Simple Solution: Against attacks higher than half the Impervious ranks, but not exceeding them, the extra grants a +2 circ bonus on the Toughness save. So Impervious Toughness rank 7 completely ignores attacks up to rank 4, and grants the +2 bonus against rank 5-7 attacks.

    Penetrating: This extra is a complete joke in 3e, being essentially useless in most circumstances. I rule Penetrating ranks directly reducing the effective Impervious ranks, 1 for 1. As a bonus, Penetrating ranks also directly reduce effective Protection ranks granted by worn Equipment.

    Full Power Quirk: Relatively common quirk that usually just mandates an effect (typically Growth/Shrinking, or attacks) to be used at maximum ranks only, it's all-or-nothing. I decided to worsen its bite a little, by ruling that attacks with this quirk also cannot be used with DC-affecting maneuvers (Accurate Attack & Power Attack). I further ruled that Equipment-based Damage effects that are NOT Strength-based (i.e. guns) are all saddled with this quirk (without point compensation). That means you can "pull your punches" & power attack with a club, but not with a standard handgun. (A gun bought as a Removable Device is of course not subject to this rule)

    Tiring Flaw: I treat Tiring as a -2/rank flaw, because it's IMHO much harsher than others.

    Ranged Finishing Attack: I allow making these, with the prerequisites of using the Aim action first and having the Precise Attack (ranged cover) advantage. Further, the target may not benefit from actual cover or concealment, and also may not be within long range (the Improved Aim advantage negates the latter limitation).

    Hero Points: Two new uses for HPs!
    1. By spending a HP, you can make a Finishing Attack against a vulnerable target. You cannot Take 10 on this one, you have to make a normal attack roll (also more difficult, since the target is just vulnerable and not actually defenseless). If you miss the HP is wasted, but a hit has all results of a successful Finishing Attack.
    2. A HP can grant a +2 circ bonus to a Routine Check (Take 10).
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