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Thread: Bothrops' Pit

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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    "He's a real monster, and he's not brooding or lovesick, or noble. He's the fucking shark from JAWS! He kills, he feeds, and he doesn't stop until everybody around him is dead."
    Evil Ed, Fright Night 2011

    Concept: Classic Bloodthirsty Vampire
    PL 10 (150p: Abilities 22p + Skills 13p + Advantages 6p + Powers 100p + Defenses 9p)

    Strength 7 Stamina - Agility 4 Dexterity -1(0) Fighting 9 Intellect 2 Awareness 6 Presence 4
    During daytime, Nick's powers wane: STR 4 AGL 1 FGT 6 AWE 3 PRE 1
    Deception 4 (+8/14), Expertise (carny) 3 (+5), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation 5 (+9/11), Perception 6 (+12), Persuasion 0 (+4/10), Stealth 4 (+8)
    Benefit 1 (carnival boss), Close Attack 2, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Languages 1
    -Languages: Russian, Latin, English, German

    Blood Drain (6p)
    Weaken Stamina 9 (Fortitude; Grab-based, Limited to 1 rank per round, Quirk 2 [works only against targets with blood]) +Linked Affliction 9 (resisted & overcome by Will; Entranced & Impaired; Extra Condition, Grab-based, Limited Degree 2, Quirk 2 [works only against targets with blood]) +Linked Heal 9 (Grab-based, Energizing [only when draining dry human/special victim], Persistent,Self only, Source [lifeblood; -2])
    Nocturnal (17p)
    Concealment 2 (normal vision; Passive, *), Enhanced Strength 3 (*, Permanent), Enhanced Agility 3 (*, Permanent), Enhanced Fighting 3 (*, Permanent), Enhanced Awareness 3 (*, Permanent), Enhanced Presence 3 (*, Permanent), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Improved Initiative 1, Uncanny Dodge; *)
    Vampiric Invulnerability (53p)
    Immortality 10 (Limited against staking or beheading), Immunity 30 (fortitude), Protection 10, Regeneration 3
    Vampiric Mobility (6p)
    Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling 1), Flash-Step: Teleport 6 (Change Direction, Limited [cannot bypass obstacles], *)
    Vampiric Senses (2p)
    Senses 2 (infravision, ultra-hearing)
    Vampiric Shapeshifting (Array 13; 15p)
    BE Looks like Orlock (Reverting Default): Enhanced Improved Critical (unarmed) 2, Enhanced Intimidation 2 and Hell-Bat (Activation 1): Enhanced Strength +1 (Permanent), Flight 5 (Good, Wings, Quirk 1 [no hands during flight]), Growth 1 (Permanent), Senses 2 (accurate hearing)
    AE Thousand Faces: Morph 2 (humans; Standard Action, Limited to men & no clothing) +Linked Enhanced Dexterity 1 +Linked Enhanced Skills 6 (Deception +6, Persuasion +6) +Linked Enhanced Fascinate (deception)
    AE Mist Form: Insubstantial 2 (*, Permanent, Quirk 1 [mute], Strength affects corporeal [1 rank]) +Linked Flight 1 (Perfect, Permanent, Subtle)
    Weatherworking (1p)
    Feature 1 (influence local weather)

    *Limited to nighttime

    Initiative +8
    Unarmed: +11 (DC 22, Crit. 18-20)
    Blood Drain: Grab (DC 19)
    Grab: +11 (vs 7 [+2])

    Dodge 9 Parry 9 Fortitude - Will 10 Toughness 10

    When assuming his monstrous Hell-Bat form, his new stats are:
    STR 9
    Toughness 11
    Unarmed Damage DC 24
    Grab (vs 9 [+2])

    Dependence: A vampire must regularly feed on blood or weaken (eventually falling into a deathlike torpor).
    Weakness: Despite being undead, a vampire must sleep like a living being, typically during daytime.
    Weakness: Nick suffers from typical vampire weaknesses. He casts no reflection, he can be repelled by strongly presented holy symbols (opposed PRE roll), and prolonged exposure to direct, unobscured sunlight can severely hurt (& even destroy) him. He also suffers a -5 circumstance penalty on toughness saves vs wooden piercing weapons.
    Motivation-Predator. Nick feeds to exist, and he exists to feed. Despite all his numerous intellectual pursuits, the hunt stays his primary obsession. Whether it's seducing a blushing wench at a bar, or chasing a terrified hiker through the nightly forest on leathery wings, Nick loves it all equally.
    Secret: Unsurprisingly, Nick keeps his true nature a well-guarded secret. Only a few of his most trusted carnival underlings know the truth about their boss. Also, once an enemy finds out with whom he's dealing with, figuring out his vampire weaknesses is easy, because it's more or less common knowledge.
    Responsibility: Nick manages a traveling sideshow/carnival that also serves as his cover (and helps drawing in fresh prey), and of course this comes with some duties.

    Description & Personality
    The true Nikolaj Varnov is a ghoulish abomination, with batlike features, pale grey leathery skin & a hunched back, faintly glowing red eyes, twitching spidery fingers tipped with vicious claws and a maw full of needle-like fangs. When the gloves come fully off, he can assume an even more monstrous werebat-"warform", growing larger & much stronger and becoming able to change his arms into leathery wings at will. Yet most often, he uses his "Thousand Faces" power to assume the form of a good-looking middle aged man with eastern european features. This power also grants him a supernatural glibness, adding to his predatory charm. He typically dresses in a conservative, old-fashioned way, preferring a thick frock coat, silk scarf, leather gloves, dark glasses & a wide-brimmed top hat. This outfit also allows him, in conjunction with an overcast sky (which he ensures with his weather manipulation powers), to comfortably walk around during the day.
    As described under Complications, Nick is the consummate vampire: A voracious remorseless predator who "lives" for the hunt. Thoroughly selfish & manipulative, he retained few of his fomer human sentiments. But he holds himself to certain standards of conduct, he despises rudeness, and he's got no interest in pointless cruelty.

    Born into minor Russian nobility during the late 19th century, Nikolaj Varnov was vampirized during the chaos of the Russian Revolution, by the leader of a roving gang of Gypsy vampires. Forced to join the savage gang, they terrorized backwoods Russia for some months, but their increasingly reckless behavior caused the death of each member, save Nick. Wisely, he choosed to emigrate to America like many of his countrymen. In his new home, he became a nomadic con artist & predator, although be behaved not as stupidly reckless as his sire. During this time, he overcame many hardships: Vampire hunters, mobsters, other supernatural creatures and even the occasional superhero! His power & experience grew, and so did his reputation among other vampires. During the late 30s he came across a traveling carnival, which he quickly took over, finally providing him with a lucrative mobile base. Since then, he tours the American Northwest, with missing person reports following in the carnival's wake.

    Design Notes
    As a lifelong fan of vampire movies (my personal favourite is Near Dark by Kathryn Bigelow), I naturally made a vampire OC of my own. In many works of recent fiction, vampires suffered from severe badass decay, being either reduced to incompetent mooks (Buffy, Blade, Underworld), or, even worse, turned into angsty mopey emo crybabies ("Oooh, he's sooo misunderstood, and he suffers sooo beautifully from his eternal curse..."). I hate that, so I'm having none of it - the quote above from the Fright Night remake nails it perfectly, give vamps their balls back! My aim for this build was creating a classical vampire who's a crafty, deadly & genuinely scary monster hiding behind a human facade. More than just a supervillain with a dietary quirk.
    Now to the build itself. The original Dracula from Bram Stokers novel could indeed walk around in broad daylight, only his powers were weakened. I somewhat adopted that idea, while Varnov is still allergic to direct, unobscured sunlight (it can slowly damage him, but no bursting into flames), he can safely ignore it when wearing obscuring clothes. Yet like Bram Stoker's Dracula, the day is not his time, and several of his powers are weakened or nonfunctional then. On the issue of Varnov's Weatherworking power being just a 1p Feature: This is not the Environment effect. It can only gradually influence the local weather, and the changes take their time to occur (1 hour minimum). It normally cannot create (or counter) any actual environmental game effects. It can cause fog in nightly London, a cloudy sky over Seattle, but no sudden rainfalls in the Mojave. Concerning the Blood Drain power, I set the Source (lifeblood) flaw at a -2/rank, since lifeblood (blood taken directly from a living victim) is IMHO much more difficult to come by than other typical source substances (at least not without attacking someone) - Nick can sustain himself with blood conserves, but he must feed on living victims for Healing to kick in. Then I tweaked the Energizing extra a little, so it can restore Nick's own fatigue levels, but only when actually draining a living victim to death. This victim must be either a human or a nonhuman with sufficiently "powerful" blood (GM's decision). This means he cannot restore fatigue by draining dry mundane animals, and also not really during action scenes.
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Quote Originally Posted by Bothrops View Post
    Antaeus is a powerhouse build with some extra-oomph, tempered by a serious weakness (when not touching the ground, he's reduced to a PL8 lower-level powerhouse). The fact he's a character from actual greek myth, and that the Freedomverse borrows heavily from it, is just the icing on the cake.
    I like mythological characters who exist in the present day, and how they've adapted after all the centuries that have passed since their own time. That's one reason why, speaking of Freedom City, Daedalus and Taurus are two of my favorite characters from that campaign setting.

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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Quote Originally Posted by Demiurgos View Post
    I like mythological characters who exist in the present day, and how they've adapted after all the centuries that have passed since their own time. That's one reason why, speaking of Freedom City, Daedalus and Taurus are two of my favorite characters from that campaign setting.
    Ditto! And let's not forget Talos, Medea and Cerberus. Classical mythology has IMHO much more really cool characters to offer than just the "superstars" (Zeus, Athena, Hercules etc).

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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    Custom Advantages, Extras & Flaws

    Enduring: +2 flat extra
    This extra can be added to a Sustained effect. Normally it's only meant for Create, Transform, Environment, Obscure (see Power Profiles), and static Illusions; the GM may permit other effects (attack- or trait effects are off-limits). An enduring effect sustains itself for 30 seconds (time rank 2) before ceasing. The user has no further control over the effect, it becomes completely independent immediately after initiation. This also means that the effect continues working even when in an array that's switched away. Enduring is basically a simplified reincarnation of the old 2e Independent extra. I decided to recreate it in a new version, since I was unsatisfied with Secondary Effect (or Cloud area) alone (they both work fine for attack effects, but for the abovementioned ones they're quite awkward & unduly expensive) and wanted more options.

    Thrown: +2 flat extra
    This one can be added to a close range effect, turning it into a Ranged one. The range is based on the user's STR rank, and the formula is: Short (rank x 10ft) / Medium (rank x 25ft) / Long (rank x 50ft). It basically turns the user's Strength-Damage into a Ranged extra as an AE. This also means that the extra cannot be applied to Strength-based Damage effects. For every STR rank lower than 1, the actual range is halved, so someone with STR 0 has a range of 5/12/25. In the case of Linked effects, the extra must be applied to every component effect.
    I invented this extra as a better way to simulate grenade like effects (in the core rules, there's NO difference between a hand grenade and a grenade launcher). The GM is best advised to keep an eye on this one, best limiting to Equipment.

    Flawed: -1/rank flaw
    Can be applied to a Morph effect. Flawed Morph is usually enough to fool casual observers, but a close inspection reveals that something's wrong. In game terms, Morphs's deception bonus is reduced to +10, and under certain circumstances the disguise may even be auto-pierced. Examples could be a hologram-based disguise, the retention of certain physical traits (prominent scars, unnatural eyes, inverted hands [Rakshasa!] etc), true reflection in mirrors or even a non-physical "hunch of wrongness".

    Default: +0 extra
    Default is a descriptive (and free) extra that can be applied to the base effect of an array of alternate forms. The extra simply declares the BE-form as the characters true, natural default form. The only possible game effect of this extra is in regard to certain Nullify or Senses ("detect true form") effects.

    Reverting Default: +0 extra
    Same as the standard Default extra, but with the added effect of the character automatically reverting to the default form if unable to use a free action (i.e. Stunned). This can be both advantageous and detrimental, so the net cost remains at 0.

    Armor: +0 extra
    This is just the combination of the Innate extra and the Noticeable flaw, applied to (permanent) Protection, for a net cost of 0. It represents real, physical & visible armor like metal plating, scales, chitinous carapace etc. I've done this simply because "Armor" takes less space on a charsheet as "Innate, Noticeable". And because I'm lazy.

    Sympathetic Link: +2 extra
    This extra allows an effect (typically Damage, Affliction & Weaken; on the assumption of basic Close Range) to affect a target regardless of distance or line of sight (no attack roll needed). It instead requires a "sympathetic" token object for targeting, usually a body part (lock of hair, blood) or an item of great personal significance (wedding ring) to hit the victim. Such an effect can only be successfully used 5 times per day per victim. If the victim successfully resists once, it can no longer be affected this day. The extra is intended to emulate the classic "voodoo doll" effect, typically used with rituals.

    Size: ranked flat extra
    Ranks of this extra add directly to the size rank of an Illusion effect. I introduced that because the official ruling for increasing illusion size (buy 1 instance Area extra for each increase in size rank) is IMHO really crappy: In most cases, just buying extra effect ranks is far more efficient.

    Distracting Activation: -1 flat flaw
    Can be applied to an effect with a duration of Sustained or longer. Activating the effect renders the user vulnerable until the beginning of the next turn, but not while maintaining it for longer.

    Delving: +1 flat extra
    Added to the Flight effect, this is the Burrowing-AE equivalent to the Aquatic extra. It allows moving to the ground at a speed of Flight-rank-5.

    Improved Charge: advantage
    You suffer no penalty to the attack check when doing a Charge maneuver. Further, when doing a Slam Attack your own slam damage's rank is reduced by 2.

    Squeeze: advantage
    You concentrate to crush a foe in your grasp, inflicting both damage & interfering with blood flow/breathing.
    It's essentially an AE of Strength-damage: Grab-based Damage x +Linked Cumulative Grab-based Affliction x (resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Incapacitated; Limited Degree 1 [3rd only])
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    ARMADEIRA (Marta Consuela Silveira)
    Concept: Chemist Crimefighter/Assassin
    PL 10 (150p: Abilities 70 + Defenses 15 + Advantages 24 + Skills 23 + Powers 18)

    Strength 2(4) Stamina 2 Agility 7(9) Dexterity 4 Fighting 10(12) Intellect 4(2) Awareness 4 Presence 2(0)
    Acrobatics 4 (+11/13), Athletics 6 (+8/10), Close Combat (unarmed) 3 (+13/15), Deception 3 (+5/3), Expertise (chemistry) 6 (+10/8), Expertise (criminal) 1 (+5/3), Insight 3 (+7), Investigation 1 (+5/3), Perception 4 (+8/12), Ranged Combat (guns) 10 (+14), Sleight-of-Hand 1 (+5), Stealth 2 (+9/11), Technology 1 (+5/3), Vehicles 1 (+5)
    Agile Feint, Beginner's Luck, Benefit (wealth) 1, Defensive Roll, Equipment 8, Improved Critical (unarmed) 1, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Trip, Languages 1 (english, spanish; portuguese is native), Luck 2, Quick Draw, Set-up, Skill Mastery 2 (acrobatics, vehicles), Takedown, Uncanny Dodge
    -Languages: Portuguese, French (rudimentary), English, Spanish

    Arachno-Gauntlets & -Boots (Array 8; Removable -2; 7p)
    BE Claws: Strength-based Damage 1 (unarmed; Improved Critical +2) + Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling 1) and Web-Spinners: Feature 1 (produce webbing) + Movement 1 (Swinging)
    AE Cocoon: Affliction 8 (resisted by Parry, overcome by Damage; Impaired & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobile; Extra Condition, Limited Degree 1)
    Phoneutria Injector (Activation 2, Reduced Traits [INT-2, PRE-2], Removable -3; 10p)
    Enhanced Strength 2, Enhanced Agility 2, Enhanced Fighting 2, Enhanced Advantages 4 (Evasion, Fearless, Move-by-Action, Power Attack), Enhanced Perception 4, Leaping 2 (Check Required 1 [acrobatics]), Regeneration 2, Speed 2
    StealthPod (Removable -1; 1p)
    Concealment 4 (normal vision & all auditory; Blending, Passive)

    Equipment (38/40)
    Helmet (Gas-Mask, Thermal Goggles), Jumpsuit (Protection 3, Enhanced Fortitude 2 [Limited to effects blockable by armor]), Burner Smartphones, Mini-Tracers,
    Vehicle: Motorcycle (Size Medium, Strength 1, Toughness 6, Defense 10, Speed 6),
    HQ: 2x Safehouse (Size Tiny, Toughness 6, Living Space, Secret, Workshop),
    Arsenal (Array 15)
    BE Custom SMG: Ranged Multiattack Damage 4 (Laser Sight, Dangerous 1, Suppressor)
    AE Sombra-Grenades: Thrown Close Range Enduring Obscure 3 (normal vision)
    AE Web Grenades: Thrown Burst Area Affliction 6 (resisted & overcome by Strength; Hindered & Vulnerable; Alternate Resistance [+1], Extra Condition, Limited Degree 2, Trigger [proximity])
    AE Spider-Mines (Inaccurate 1): Burst Area (6 ranks) Damage 8 (Feature 1 [adhesive], Quirk 1 [blast affects user], Variable Trigger 2)

    Initiative +11/13
    Unarmed: +13/15 (DC 17/19; Crit 19-20)
    Claws: +13/15 (DC 18/20; Crit 17-20)
    Cocoon: +10/12 (DC 18)
    SMG: +16 (DC 19; Crit 19-20)
    Web-Grenades: Burst Area DC 16 (DC 16)
    Spider-Mines: + 8/10 / Burst Area DC 16 (DC 23)
    Grab: +10/12 (vs 2/4)

    Dodge 11(13) Parry 11(13) Fortitude 7(9) Will 9 Toughness 7 (5 without Defensive Roll)

    Addiction: To both cocaine and phoneutria. Armadeira needs at least a watered-down dose of the latter every 2-3 days or suffers withdrawal.
    Phoneutria Management: Once the injector is activated, the drug runs its course (15 minutes, time rank 7) and cannot be deactivated earlier. After that, a recuperation phase of 1 hour should be adhered to. Using phoneutria again within this phase causes negative side effects (psychotic breaks, hallucinations, extreme paranoia & aggression) from overdosing.
    Obsession: Armadeira despises the big drug cartels and wants to put them out of business. She's single-minded and ruthless in the pursuit of this goal. Her usual MO is playing them against each other, and thus has zero problems with taking their money. She often takes action on her own, without being hired, putting the blame on the target's enemies in the process.
    Honor: Armadeira avoids harming innocents at all cost, and would never accept a hit on one of these. She can still be harsh & judgemental, though.
    Reputation: Armadeira is widely feared in the criminal underworld as a top-notch assassin, whose services are also in high demand.
    Identity: Unsurprisingly, Armadeira takes great care protecting her civilian identity.

    Description & Personality
    Marta is a slender, athletic Brazilian woman in her late 20s. She's of average height, has a dark complexion, and wears her black, shoulder-length hair pulled back in a pony tail. In her heroic identity, she wears a tan-colored, close fitting overall, combined with a dark red facemask. This is intentionally the color-scheme of her moniker, the infamous Brazilian Wandering Spider (called the "Armadeira" in Brazil), world's most dangerous spider. She's got no superhuman powers, so she uses a combination of rigorous training, tactics, high-tech gadgets and an experimental combat drug named Phoneutria (derived by the genus-name of the aforementioned spider, meaning "murderess"). The drug greatly enhances her physical prowess & senses, at the price of heightened aggression & paranoia.
    Armadeira is a driven, determined no-nonsense person, who's completely devoted to her crusade of bringing down the cartels, to the point of obsession. This leaves her with very little room for a life outside her "game". She also fails to admit to herself that she's grown to simply like killing "bad guys", so far she keeps rationalizing it away. On a side note, she's got almost no issues with drugs & the drug trade as such (she's a user herself), but is rather outraged and disgusted by the methods (murder, domestic terror, corruption) of the cartels & gangs. Despite her fanaticism, she's wise enough to realize that her crusade will be a neverending struggle, and that the only realistic way to topple the cartels is getting them replaced with more moral & honorable competition. But at the moment, she's quite satisfied with her actions teaching the kingpins & street thugs FEAR, taking away their sense of impunity.

    Marta Consuela Silveira grew up the only child of Brazilian chemist Dr Joao Silveira and his wife Carmen, a pharmacist originally from Venezuela. Marta decided following in her parents' footsteps, studying chemistry & pharmacy at college, earning high honors. Despite having a good job at a leading research company based in Rio, Dr Silveira fell into financial troubles, caused by a series of poor investments at the stock market. He was soon approached by the local drug cartel, and being offered a generous payment for his expertise as a chemist he accepted with a heavy heart. This went on for several years, affording the family a good life again. Yet when Dr Joao wanted to quit, the trouble began: The cartel wanting to keep its "property", they first resorted to threats & blackmail. So the Silveiras fled from Rio to Arcadia, Louisiana, where Carmen's older brother Jorge, a former Navy SEAL, lived. Young Marta was, of course, angry & frustrated by being forced to interrupt her college studies. But the cartel's long arm reached to Arcadia: The Silveiras were brutally slaughtered by hitmen, with Marta narrowly escaping with the help of uncle Jorge. With her life ripped apart, she swore bitter vengeance, not only against this particular cartel, but against the whole bunch. Persuading Jorge to rigorously train her, and utilizing her knowledge of chemistry & pharmacy, she soon hit the streets as a masked vigilante & assassin for hire. Particularly the latter was immensely satisfying for her, killing gangsters & being paid copious amounts of money by her victim's enemies, only to work for the other side next time. They're all scum, so she doesn't care. Over time, she built a fearsome reputation, to the point of rivaling criminals threatening each other with hiring the dreaded Armadeira. She's refined her act considerably, having contacted Fabricators, Inc. to provide her with several sophisticated gadgets, and has also used her chemistry expertise to create some potent tools herself: Her trademark "Phoneutria" combat drug at first, then a fast-hardening synthetic silk (used with her gauntlets & web grenades), and finally "Sombra", a specialized aerosol capable of blocking visual light.

    Design Notes
    Yeah, I admit it, this character is obviously inspired by the movie Colombiana (starring the gorgeous Zoe Saldana, I even borrowed the image from that movie). The main impulse came from this very forum, in a thread discussing possible color-schemes for a spider-themed hero, where I had the idea with the brazilian wandering spider, given that feared species' distinctive appearance. Otherwise, Armadeira is something of a mix out of The Punisher (gun-toting vigilante), Spiderman (spider-theme, web-spinners) and Bane (south-american background, combat drugs).
    Her "Web-Grenades" straddle the line between Equipment & Device a bit, but given that they're not very high-powered & can only cause first-tier conditions (and the fact that this kind of technology is currently researched in real life), I think it's fine with them being just Equipment. The "Produce Webbing" Feature enables her to produce (& attach) a very strong 30' string as a standard action. This string is sticky for 1 round, then dries & hardens.
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    "They called it Rawhead."
    "The beast they buried. It's in the history books. Rawhead it was called, because its head was huge, and the color of the moon, and raw, like meat."
    Declan couldn't stop himself now. He was beginning to smile.
    "It ate children," he said, and beamed like a baby about to receive its mother's tit.
    Books of Blood vol. 3: "Rawhead Rex"

    Concept: Child-Eating Ogre, Freudian Nightmare Fuel
    PL 8 (120p: Abilities 56 + Skills 17 + Advantages 11 + Powers 25 + Defenses 11)

    Strength 7 Stamina 7 Agility 3 Dexterity 0 Fighting 7 Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 4
    Athletics 4 (+10), Close Combat (unarmed) 2 (+9), Expertise (survival; uses AWE) 1 (+5), Intimidation 9 (+14), Insight 3 (+7), Perception 6 (+10), Stealth 9 (+10)
    All-out Attack, Defensive Roll, Diehard, Fascinate (intimidation), Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown

    9ft. Terror (5p)
    Growth 2 (Permanent, Innate)
    Predator's Senses (3p)
    Senses 3 (low-light vision, acute tracking scent)
    Loper (3p)
    Leaping 2 (Check Required [athletics] 1), Speed 2
    The Moon Grew Teeth (3p)
    Improved Critical (unarmed) 3
    Undying (4p)
    Immunity 2 (aging, disease), Feature 1 (hibernation), Regeneration 1
    Telepathic Compulsion (7p)
    Communication 1 (mental; Activation 1, Feature 1 [understood], Limited to sending, Limited to simple concepts), Burst Area Affliction 5 (resisted & overcome by Will; Dazed, Compelled; Check Required [intimidation] 5, Limited Degree 1, No Area Save)

    Initiative +7
    Unarmed: +9 (DC 22)
    Bite: +9 (DC 22; Crit. 17-20)
    Compulsion: Burst Area (DC 15)
    Grab: +7 (vs 7 [+2])

    Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 9 Will 7 Toughness 9 (7 without Defensive Roll)

    Anachronism: Rawhead was imprisoned during the Middle Ages and has been freed only recently, so he's very unfamiliar with the modern world. But he learns quickly, for example that petrol is a wonderful tool for arson...
    Motivation: Rawhead's main goal is re-establishing his cruel reign of terror over the human "herd", to satisfy his gluttony, sadism and need for domination.
    Disability: Rawhead can't speak, so he must use his telepathic powers to make himself understood. He understands language perfectly, though - he's familiar with Olde English, so he has few problems with modern English.
    Prejudice: Rawhead is a monstrous giant, and thus obviously inhuman.
    Weakness: Rawhead embodies the dark side of male sexuality, and thus the only thing he fears is his antithesis - strong symbols of empowered female sexuality & fertility. When directly confronted with one of these, he's overcome by crippling fear, gaining the Dazed & Impaired conditions.
    Taboo: Related to his weakness above, Rawhead avoids pregnant or menstruating women, as they scare him on a primal level.

    Description & Personality
    Rawhead is a hideous, rail-thin (but terribly strong), 9 feet tall humanoid. His name-giving head is huge, with tiny narrow-set bestial eyes, and an almost impossibly wide mouth filled with multiple rows of shark-like teeth. A mane of matted black hair covers the back of his head, neck & shoulders. His limbs are long & lean, and are armed with cruel claws. He completely shuns any clothing, and moves with a fast, loping gait.
    Despite his bestial appearance, Rawhead is fully sentient, but he's a thoroughly inhuman & depraved savage devoid of any empathy or other redeeming traits. He revels in brutally lording his power over hapless humans. Rawhead also has a special taste for the flesh of children, and he particularly enjoys devouring them right before their helpless parent's eyes. Rawhead has, by his own confession, "never been a great thinker", but he can be quite calculating & methodical should the need arise.
    Has his own entries in both Villain's Wiki & TVtropes .

    Rawhead seems to be last survivor of a primordial, all-male race of demonic monsters that lurked in the untamed forests of ancient Europe. They were biologically immortal (but could still be killed by violence), and it's heavily hinted in the book that they reproduced by raping human women, with the birth being inevitably fatal for the latter (see "Alien"). Squick.
    One of them survived in the english forests until the middle ages, where he was finally cornered by a mob of angry villagers fed up with his depredations. They used the idol-statue of a pagan fertility goddess to subdue him, but they were too superstitious to finish him off once & for all. So they buried him alive in the earth, under a heavy stone.
    Centuries later, in modern England, a farmer named Thomas Garrow decided to reclaim an unused part of his land. To do so, he first has to remove that large boulder sitting in the middle...

    This is clearly the darkest character I built so far. Being a big fan of Clive Barker's works, my favourites are his Books of Blood, an anthology of gruesome short-stories. "Rawhead Rex" is one of these, located in Vol 3. The story is mostly told from Rawhead's pov, a fact that doesn't make him any less despicable. Rawhead is a monster I couldn't forget, being the type of villain that, while utterly evil, are possessed of a kind of "perverse charme", which makes them oddly captivating & very entertaining ("love to hate"). The story was made into a trashy B-movie in 1986 (which Barker since has disowned), with a goofy-looking Rawhead in a rubber mask - movie Rawhead wouldn't look out of place at a GWAR concert. The image above is from a graphic novel by Les Edwards, a far more faithful adaption of the original story.
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    CHRONIS (Dennis J. Cauldray)
    Concept: Temporal Speedster-Battlesuit, Heroic Prankster
    PL 10 (150p: Abilities 28 + Skills 15 + Advantages 4 + Powers 87 + Defenses 16)

    Strength 1 Stamina 2 Agility 0 Dexterity 2 Fighting 4 Intellect 5 Awareness 0 Presence 0
    Expertise (science) 10 (+15), Perception 5 (+5), Sleight-of-Hand 2 (+16), Technology 10 (+15), Vehicles 3 (+5)
    Benefit 1 (wealth), Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor
    -Languages: English, Spanish (rudimentary)

    Spacetime-Teleporter (Easily Removable [-2], Restricted [biometrics], Subtle; 1p)
    Teleport 8 (Extended only, Limited Location [single beacon; -2], Transit Time 1, Unreliable [1 use; -2])
    Chronosuit (Removable [-22]; 86p)
    Armored Shell
    Enhanced Fortitude 6 (Limited to effects blockable by armor, Permanent), Immunity 9 (cold, heat, disease, poison, radiation, pressure, vaccuum, suffocation), Protection 5 (Armor), Impervious Toughness 7
    Antigrav Boots
    Flight 1 (Good, Platform)
    Sensor Suite
    Senses 4 (low-light vision, extended vision 1, direction sense, time sense), Feature 1 (temporal commlink)
    Close Range Damaging Move Object 8 (Concentration, Precise, Reach 1, Split 1)
    Time Warper (Activation 1, Quirk 3 [deaf & mute while active])
    Concealment 4 (all visual, Limited to while moving), Enhanced Advantages 8 (Evasion, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 4, Instant Up, Move-by-Action), Enhanced Defenses 16 (Dodge 8, Parry 8), Enhanced Sleight-of-Hand 12 (Limited to legerdemain & stealing), Senses 3 (rapid vision 3), Speed 14 (AE: Flight +14 [Platform]),
    Temporal Effects (Array 17)
    BE Go-Mo: Quickness 9, Quickness 5 (Affects only others) +Linked Speed 3 (Affects only others)
    AE Slo-Mo: Perception Range Affliction 9 (resisted by Will; Dazed & Vulnerable; Extra Condition, Limited Degree 2, Quirk 1 [60ft range])
    AE Grav-Flurry: Accurate 4 + Improved Critical 3 + Multiattack + Subtle + Enhanced Teamwork on Grav-Gauntlets
    AE Re-Arrange: Selective Burst Area + Subtle on Grav-Gauntlets
    AE Temporal Phase: Insubstantial 4 (incorporeal [affected by gravity effects]; Distracting, Precise)

    Initiative +16
    Unarmed: +4 (DC 16)
    Grav-Gauntlets (without Time Warper): +4 (DC 23)
    Grav-Flurry: +12 (DC 23; Crit 17-20)
    Re-Arrange: Area DC 18 (DC 23)
    Slo-Mo: Perception (DC 19)
    Grab: +4 (vs 1)
    Grab (w. Grav-Gauntlets): +12 (vs 8)

    Dodge 13 Parry 13, Fortitude 4(10) Will 8 Toughness 7

    Motivation: Thrill-seeker. Chronis endorses his own brand of mischievous super-heroics. He's the consummate prankster, having an absolute blast in annoying & humiliating bad guys. Chronis enjoys toying with opponents far too much, he often delays finishing them off quickly.
    Taboo: Chronis absolutely refuses to willingly kill someone, he instead prefers to trap his foes in embarassing circumstances. When forced to directly attack someone, he always uses non-lethal methods.
    Identity: Like many superheroes, Chronis protects his civilian identity.

    Description & Personality
    Dennis is a physically unremarkable young man in his early twenties. He is fair-skinned & wears his red-blonde hair in a somewhat disheveled crew cut. Even with his powers coming from his suit, he rightfully thinks that every superhero could profit from a modicum of physical fitness, so he recently hit the gym & undertook self-defense classes. He simply doesn't want to be completely helpless without the suit. The Chronosuit itself is a sleek piece of high-tech, a close-fitting shell painted in an urban-camo pattern. When the "Time Warper" function is activated, the environment his slowed down to a crawl from Chronis' pov; unfortunately, all environmental sounds are slowed down to a monotone drone, and his own speech becomes just a "blip", so he's effectively rendered deaf & mute.
    Chronis was initially a somewhat nerdy & slighty shy guy, who finally found his outlet as a superheroic prankster. This, combined with his financial independence and the results of his gym training, substantially boosted his confidence, so he's considerably more outgoing & assertive now. He's still fairly naive, though, thinking super-heroism is all fun & games - until he finds out that reality can be a very harsh mistress.

    Dennis Joseph Cauldray is a brilliant young scientist who, after a fairly unremarkable college career, ended up as a freelance consultant for all kinds of tech-firms, with his fore most employer being Fabricator's Inc. This grants him a steady income & cozy living, but he felt still unsatisfied, something was missing in his life. His personal scientific obsession was quantum mechanics, gravity and the concept of time travel (or at least -manipulation). Dennis hit the jackpot when he got his hands on the same research data which resulted Downtime's timebelt. Combining this information with his own research, and utilizing Fabricator's services, he created the first prototype of his Chronosuit. After several test runs, and improving the suit with gravity-based technology of his own design, it was finally ready and the new hero Chronis hit the streets.

    Design Notes
    Normally, I design original characters around a concept, with the actual game traits being dependent on this. Yet in Chronis' case I strayed from this path, him being clearly built around his powers, so his backstory & personality are admittedly somewhat simplistic/stereotypical. Mea Culpa, but I simply wanted a mischievous speedster who can zoom in unseen, give a whole room of baddies a wedgie and leave equally unseen, all done in a split second ("Re-Arrange"). I also wanted him to be good at supporting a team: He can boost his teammates' speed with "Go-Mo", set up foes for attack with "Slo-Mo" or directly assist his allies with his Teamwork advantage.
    Chronis's "Spacetime-Teleporter" is an easily concealable device the size of of cigarette pack. It can be used for a one-shot teleport to a previously set-up location (typically a hideout with the Chronosuit in place). It's normally used by Dennis in his civilian identity as an emergency measure to quickly get to his suit. His "Temporal Commlink" Feature represents a commlink that can speed-up/slow-down signals, enabling communication with his teammates' commlinks.
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    "They strike, wrap around you, hold you tighter than your true love... And you get the privilege of hearing your bones break, before the power of the embrace causes your veins to explode."
    Paul Serone, Anaconda

    DIONIN ("Seth LeMercier")
    Concept: The Ultimate Serpent, Hero with Bad Rep
    PL 10 (150p: Abilities 74 + Skills 14 + Advantages 5 + Powers 47 + Defenses 10)

    Strength 6(8) Stamina 7 Agility 6 Dexterity -3 Fighting 7 Intellect 2(5) Awareness 9 Presence 3
    Acrobatics 2 (+8), Athletics 4 (+10), Close Combat (unarmed) 2 (+9/11), Deception 5 (+8), Expertise (survival; uses AWE) 1 (+10), Expertise (voodoo) 7 (+9/12), Insight 1 (+10), Intimidation 4 (+7/13), Perception 0 (+9/13), Persuasion 2 (+5), Stealth 0 (+6/10)
    Artificer, Diehard, Improved Initiative 1, Languages 1, Ritualist
    -Languages: English, Lemurian, French, Spanish

    American Naga (Array 15; 17p)
    BE Snake Form (Default, Activation 2): Elongation 1 (Permanent), Feature 1 (snake body), Growth 3 ("Lindwurm"; Activation 1, Continuous, Quirk 1 [full power], Reduced Traits [STA -2, DEX -1]), Protection 3 (Armor), Senses 1 (tremorsense), Shrinking 7 ("Snakeling"; Activation 1, Feature 1 [can be sustained while sleeping], Quirk 1 [full power], Reduced Traits [STR -3, STA -3]),
    Sinous (Sub-Array 7)
    BE Slither: Movement 2 (Slithering, Wall-Crawling 1), Speed 3
    AE Agile Swimmer: Enhanced Favored Environment (aquatic), Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation 1 [aquatic]), Swimming 4
    AE Constrict: Extra Limbs 4 (coils; Limited to single grab, Sustained), Enhanced Advantages 3 (Improved Hold, Prone Fighting, Squeeze), Enhanced Strength 2 (Limited to grab)
    AE Snakeman Form (Activation 2): Enhanced Dexterity 3 (Permanent), Enhanced Acrobatics 2, Leaping 2 (Check Required 1 [acrobatics]), Morph 1 (human form; Continuous, Flawed, Move Action, Reduced Trait [Protection -3]), Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling 1), Protection 3 (Armor), Speed 3
    AE Dragon Form (Activation 2, Reduced Traits [STA -4, AGL -2, FGT -2]): Enhanced Advantages 2 (Improved Grab, Move-by-Action; Limited to flying), Enhanced Favored Environment (aerial), Flight 6 (Good, Wings; AE: Movement 1 [Wall-Crawling 1] + Speed 2 + Swimming 3), Growth 5 (Permanent), Immunity 5 (fire damage), Protection 6 (Armor), Fiery Breath (AE of Awaken the Serpent: Cone Area Damage 10 [fire])
    Awaken the Serpent (Array 21; 23p)
    BE Serpent's Wisdom (Activation 2): Enhanced Intellect 3 +Linked Enhanced Eidetic Memory +Linked Quickness 4 (Limited to mental tasks) and Reptilian Healing: Regeneration +4 (Sustained) and Stalker: Concealment 4 (normal vision & all auditory; Activation 1, Blending, Passive) + Enhanced Skills 4 (Perception 4, Stealth 4) + Senses 1 (tracking scent) and Threat Display: Enhanced Intimidation 6 + Enhanced Startle
    AE Snake Strike: Enhanced Advantages 4 (Close Attack 2, Fast Grab, Power Attack) and Venomous Bite: Progressive Affliction 9 (digestive enzymes; resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Dying; Injected, Precise, Limited to Lindwurm- & Dragon forms [2 ranks], Linked to unarmed damage)
    AE Basilisk's Gaze: Cone Area Cumulative Affliction 10 (resisted & overcome by Will; Entranced, Defenseless, Transformed [turned to stone]; Quirk 1 [only living creatures], Sense-Dependent [visual], Subtle, Alternate Conditions [Entranced, Compelled, Controlled])
    Draconic Blood (3p)
    Immunity 1 (suffocation [30 min, must hold breath]), Immunity 2 (aging, heat; Limited to partial), Regeneration 1
    Serpent Lord (2p)
    Comprehend 2 (animals; Narrow [snakes]), Feature 1 (Serpentfriend: snakes are friendly, +5 circ bonus on interaction checks vs snakes)
    Snake Senses (2p)
    Senses 2 (acute scent, low-light vision)

    Initiative +10
    Unarmed: +11 (DC 21)
    Bite: +11 (DC 21 + Affliction DC 17)
    Grab: +9 (vs 8 [+5])
    Gaze: Area DC 20 (DC 20)

    Dodge 10 Parry 10 Fortitude 10 Will 9 Toughness 10

    Dionin's Forms (default: 25' snake)
    Lindwurm (40' snake)
    STR 9(11) STA 8 DEX -4
    Acrobatics +6, Athletics +11, Intimidation +8/14, Stealth +3/7
    Dodge 9 Parry 9 Fortitude 11, Toughness 11
    Unarmed: +11 (DC 24)
    Bite: +11 (DC 24 + Affliction DC 19)
    Grab: +9 (vs 11 [+5])
    Snakeling (4' snake)
    STR 2(4) STA 4
    Acrobatics +12, Athletics +6, Intimidation +4/10, Stealth +13/17
    Dodge 13 Parry 13 Fortitude 7 Toughness 7
    Unarmed: DC 17
    Bite: DC 17 + Affliction DC 17
    Grab: vs 4 [+5]
    STR 6 DEX 0
    Acrobatics +10
    Grab: +9 (vs 6)
    STR 11 STA 8 AGL 4 FGT 5
    Acrobatics +3, Athletics +12, Intimidation +9/15, Stealth -1/+3
    Dodge 6 Parry 6 Fortitude 11, Toughness 14
    Initiative +8
    Unarmed: +9 (DC 26)
    Bite: +9 (DC 26 + Affliction DC 19)
    Grab: +7 (vs 11 [+2])
    Breath: Area DC 20 (DC 25)

    Motivation-Justice: Dionin absolutely cannot stand injustice, and holds himself to high standards of fairness. He's fiercely protective of innocents, and despises evildoers.
    Disability: When not in his humanoid form Dionin lacks hands & cannot easily manipulate objects. Due to his snake heritage, he's also somewhat hearing impaired.
    Vindictive: Dionin is an honorable creature, but he's also proud and does not suffer insults & transgressions lightly. While he's not obsessive over minor slights, graver ones demand harsh (& often poetic) retribution. Unless the transgressor makes an honest attempt to apologize, Dionin can be very stubborn about getting his revenge. Unprovoked attempts on his life (see below) are answered with swift retaliation (death, petrification or a transformative curse, depending on the circumstances and his mood).
    Prejudice / Reputation: While he can assume a human form, Dionin is in truth a large snake, and that's the form he's most comfortable in. Yet snakes are widely considered THE most hated & feared animals on earth and thus often associated with evil, so people tend to assume the worst of Dionin. His powers (particularly his flesh-melting venom, baleful gaze and destructive dragon form) do not improve his image, either. Now combine his vindictive temper with him living in the rural South (where many people practice a "kill on sight"-policy in regard to snakes) and you get guaranteed trouble as a result. Also, Dionin isn't exactly helping his case by gleefully utilizing this sinister/evil image for psychological warfare.
    Enemy: The Mayombe, the evil cult which in fact bred Dionin, and which he fled from, still want to sway him back to their side, craving his power. Dionin, of course, is having none of it, as he hates them with a passion.
    Quirk: Dionin has inherited the legendary draconian desire for aquiring & hoarding treasure, typically in the form of precious metals & gemstones. So far he's collected a tiny hoard that he stores in his cave-lair under the bayou. He would never spend it (so no wealth benefit), and simple theft or purchases with money are deemed unacceptable ways of enlarging it. He instead must "earn" it to consider it rightfully his.
    Identity: Dionin frequently enjoys human society (using his human alter ego "Seth LeMercier"), yet since his personality is a peculiar mix of both human & serpentine parts, difficulties can arise. He's a sentient snake, so his legal status is murky at best, and he's got only limited respect for human laws (following his own moral compass instead).

    Description & Personality
    The natural form of Dionin (spelled "die-OH-nin") is a large (25') dark colored snake, appearing like a unique cross between a reticulated python and a cottonmouth pitviper, with a muscular yet relatively slender body, a large triangular head and piercing golden eyes. He can change his size as a snake, either shrinking to a relatively innocous "snakeling" or growing to a fearsome 40' monster. He further can take a humanoid shape, either a scaled "snakeman" or an almost fully human form - the latter appears as a slim, good-looking, hairless african-american man, yet he still retains his golden eyes, sharp teeth & a forked tongue (when using his "awaken the serpent"-array, his serpentine features get more pronounced). Dionin's ultimate form is that of a winged dragon (comparable in size & shape to the Fell Beasts in Peter Jackson's LOTR-movies), also retaining his basic snake features.
    Dionin inherited the best traits of both snakes & humans, combining the former's cool patience & keen hunting instincts with the latter's curiosity & compassion. He's a contemplative, philosophical and surprisingly genial person with a very strong sense of justice. But he's also most definitely not one to be crossed, as he harbors a mile-wide vindictive & ruthless streak.

    The Mayombe are a vile cult based in Louisiana (particularly in & around Arcadia), led by the ruthless Lady Mamba. Their practices consist of a corrupted form of voodoo, combined with strong ties to the ancient Serpent People of sunken Lemuria. One of their gambits was trying to breed "The Ultimate Serpent", a supposed "living god" destined to lead the Mayombe to greatness. The process (involving dark sorcery, a brainwashed human surrogate mother, and lots of ritually sacrificed snakes) seemed to be a success at first: Dionin, as Lady Mamba named the newborn creature, grew unnaturally fast, quickly showed human intelligence & speech, and gained the ability to change into a young human boy after just 3 months. In order to groom him for his intended role, Dionin was raised with an odd mixture of doting reverence and harsh cruelty. At this point, Mamba noticed something wrong: Despite his unsavory origins, Dionin had no evil heart, and staunchly resisted Mamba's "lessons" - leading to vicious punishments. Adding to that, Cottonmouth (Mamba's eldest son, a pureblood serpent-man) grew jealous, and began mercylessly bullying Dionin. All this made him bitterly resentful of his twisted "family", until he finally snapped: In a cold rage, he killed several of his Mayombe "handlers" with his venom, petrified Cottonmouth and fled into the swamps. There he lived like an animal for several weeks, his snake instincts keeping him fed & alive, and he learned to avoid humans, since they'd shoot at him on sight. Yet he was still basically just a lonely youth, with his powers not yet developed fully, and hurting from a hunter's shotgun blast. So he assumed his human form (a seemingly 12 year old boy then) and approached a lonely cabin at the edge of the bayou. There he'd hit the jackpot: The cabin's owner, a kindly old woman who took him in & dressed his wounds, was none other than Mamam Babette, a powerful & respected mambo and an archenemy of Lady Mamba. Until her death from old age, Babette became his teacher & replacement family. She taught him the ways of the loa, the ways of humans, and how to truly accept himself, being the one he wants to be. Nowadays, the now adult Dionin leads a dual life, spending most of his time in the bayou but he frequently travels to Arcadia to enjoy the nightlife. He'd assumed the human identity of "Seth LeMercier", and he's become an accomplished bokor (voodoo sorcerer) among the bayou's Creole community.

    Design Notes
    The idea for this build came naturally to me, since I've always liked snakes (as if my avatar isn't a dead giveaway...) and also enjoy subverting worn-out stereotypes. The name "Dionin" comes, of course, from Ken Russel's cheeky, slightly surreal horror flic The Lair of the White Worm. Dionin is one of my more complex builds, mostly because of the 2 large arrays and his multiple forms. All his powers are snake-themed, not necessarily meaning actual snakes but also mythological creatures (dragons, basilisks, gorgons, nagas). Despite this somewhat narrow theme, Dionin is a very flexible hero: Quite mobile & stealthy, with versatile attacks targeting varying saves, a supreme grappler, and a capable "face" (good social skills) on top. He's somewhat lacking in Ranged capabilities, though.
    The Precise extra on his venom Affliction means he can control it: No venom at all (punch, tail slap, dry bite) or non-lethal dose (stops at disabled).
    The Limited (partial) flaw on his heat immunity means he treats environmental heat as one category lower (ignoring uncomfortable heat); whereas the same flaw on his aging immunity means he isn't truly immortal, but still has an extremely long lifespan measured in centuries (& gets a +5 circ bonus against aging attacks). The "snake body" Feature lets him easily fit through any opening big enough for his head, without any contortion. His gaze attack is a good candidate for powerstunting, generating alternate Afflictions (one of Dionin's favourites is transforming his victims into snakes, as a poetic punishment). The "Serpent's Wisdom" power with its Activation flaw is directly inspired by Kipling's Jungle Book (Mowgli enlists Kaa's help to find a solution for an urgent problem, so the python slips into a short trance to search his vast memory for a stratagem).
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    PL 12 (165p: Abilities 66 + Skills 23 + Advantages 15 + Powers 44 + Defenses 17)

    Strength 7 Stamina 8 Agility 3 Dexterity 0 Fighting 10 Intellect 2 Awareness 3 Presence 2
    Athletics 4 (+10), Close Combat (blades) 2 (+12), Expertise (mercenary) 5 (+5), Insight 9 (+12), Intimidation 12 (+14), Perception 7 (+10), Ranged Combat (throwing) 7 (+7)
    All-out-Attack, Assessment, Benefit 2 (status: legendary warrior & apostle), Defensive Attack, Equipment 1, Fascinate (intimidation), Fearless, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Smash, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown, Tracking

    Apostle (8p)
    Immunity 4 (aging, cold, disease, poison), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance; Permanent), Senses 2 (darkvision)
    Large Frame (3p)
    Growth 1 (Permanent, Innate)
    Mobile Menace (2p)
    Leaping 2 (Check Required [athletics] 1), Speed 1
    Demonic Form (Activation 2; 31p)
    Enhanced Strength 1 (Permanent), Enhanced Defenses 4 (Dodge 2, Parry 2; Permanent), Extra Limbs 1 (prehensile tail), Growth +5 (Permanent), Flight 7 (Wings), Protection 1 (Armor), Strength-based Damage 1 (horns & claws; Improved Critical 2), Regeneration 5 (Sustained, Quirk 2 [no Staggered or worse conditions]), Speed +1

    Initiative +7
    Unarmed: +10 (DC 22)
    Sword: +12 (DC 25; Crit. 19-20)
    Grab: +10 (vs 7)

    Dodge 11 Parry 11 Fortitude 10 Will 9 Toughness 9

    Sword: Strength-based Damage 3, Dangerous 1
    Light Leather Armor: Protection 1

    Demonic Form (winged minotaur)
    STR 13 STA 13
    Athletics +13, Intimidation +17
    Dodge 10 Parry 10 Fortitude 15 Toughness 14
    Natural Weaponry: +10 (DC 29; Crit 18-20)
    Grab: +10 (vs 13 [+1])

    Motivation-Challenge: Zodd lives for fighting, seeking ever stronger adversaries.
    Responsibility: Zodd answers to the Godhand, although in his own way.
    Honor: Despite being a monstrous butcher in combat, Zodd holds himself to certain standards, adhering to a traditional warrior's code & usually sparing non-combatants. He considers wanton cruelty & other depraved acts (which are so often committed by other apostles) distasteful and beneath his dignity.
    Reputation: Zodd is widely feared as a deadly warrior by mortals & apostles alike.
    Prejudice: Even in his basic form Zodd looks obviously monstrous & inhuman.
    Weakness: When in their demonic form, apostles retain a body-part equivalent to their basic form (the face in Zodd's case). Attacks against this spot (natural 20 or 3 degrees of success on the attack roll, Finishing Attack or expenditure of a HP) gain a +2 circ. bonus on Damage-DC, and ignore the apostle's Regeneration.

    Description, Personality & Background
    see here
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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    PL 10 (160p: Abilities 60 + Skills 12 + Advantages 15 + Powers 57 + Defenses 16)

    Strength 3 Stamina 4 Agility 8 Dexterity 2 Fighting 7 Intellect 1 Awareness 2 Presence 3
    Acrobatics 6 (+14), Deception 4 (+7), Insight 3 (+5), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 2 (+5), Stealth 3 (+12)
    Agile Feint, Benefit 1 (status: ruler of the misty valley), Defensive Roll, Favored Environment (aerial), Improved Initiative 1, Sidekick 10

    Apostle (8p)
    Immunity 4 (aging, cold, disease, poison), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance; Permanent), Senses 2 (darkvision)
    Youth (3p)
    Shrinking 1 (Permanent, Innate)
    Insectile (12p)
    Extra Limbs 2, Feature 1 (can assume a more human-like form as a free action), Feature 1 (produce webbing), Flight 5 (Good, Wings), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Move-by Action, Takedown; Limited to flying), Senses 1 (acute scent)
    Proboscis (8p)
    Strength-based Damage 2 (Accurate 1, Improved Critical 3), Extra Limb 1, Elongation 2 (Limited to proboscis)
    Demonic Form (Activation 2, Reduced Trait [Shrinking -1]; 16p)
    Enhanced Strength +3 (Permanent), Enhanced Stamina 1 (Permanent), Growth 3 (Permanent), Flight +4 (Wings), Regeneration 5 (Sustained, Quirk 2 [no Staggered or worse conditions])
    Butterfly of Death & Rebirth (Array 9; 10p)
    BE Poison Dust: Burst Area Reaction Affliction 5 (poison; resisted by Fortitude; Dazed; Limited Degree 2, Limited to slow flight, Quirk 1 [easily countered])
    AE Create Bugspawn (Inaccurate 2): Cumulative Affliction 10 (resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Transformed [into cocoon, then into apostle spawn after 1 day]; Limited to vulnerable targets, Variable Descriptor 1 [insectile spawn])

    Initiative +12
    Unarmed: +7 (DC 18)
    Proboscis: +9 (DC 20; Crit. 17-20)
    Poison Dust: Reaction Area DC 15 (DC 15)
    Create Spawn: +3 (DC 20)
    Grab: +9 (vs 3 [+2])

    Dodge 11 Parry 10 Fortitude 8 Will 8 Toughness 6 (4 without Def Roll)

    Demonic Form (queen moth)
    STR 9 STA 8
    Dodge 10 Parry 9 Fortitude 12 Toughness 10 (8 without Def Roll)
    Acrobatics +12, Stealth +8
    Unarmed: +7 (DC 24)
    Proboscis: +9 (DC 26; Crit 17-20)
    Grab: + 9 (vs 9 [+4])

    Quirk-Delusional: Rosine fancies herself an "elf" (while being in truth a demonic apostle). She also considers nearly all adults abusive, corrupt & rotten, while children are universally the victims of the former. She genuinely believes she's doing the latter a favor by "rescuing" them (= transforming them into her spawn).
    Motivation-"Justice": Since adults are evil in Rosine's eyes (see above), they deserve brutal punishment; and she wants to "free" children from the former's tyranny by making them into "elves".
    Responsibility: As an apostle, Rosine answers to the Godhand, although not very enthusiastically.
    Relationship: Rosine cares deeply for her childhood friend Jill, who's perhaps the only person who can reason with her. Yet she'd love nothing more than making Jill a "special" spawn, so they can be together forever.
    Prejudice: Rosine looks clearly inhuman (if cute); even when assuming her "more-human" form she retains some unnatural features.
    Weakness: When in their demonic form, apostles retain a body-part equivalent to their basic form (her human upper body embedded in the demon form's "face" in Rosine's case). Attacks against this spot (natural 20 or 3 degrees of success on the attack roll, Finishing Attack or expenditure of a HP) gain a +2 circ. bonus on Damage-DC, and ignore the apostle's Regeneration.

    Description, Personality & Background
    see here


    SIDEKICK: Pseudo-Elf Swarm
    PL 4 (50p: Abilities -4 + Skills 3 + Advantages 2 + Powers 43 + Defenses 6)

    Strength -4 Stamina 0 Agility 4 Dexterity 0 Fighting 0 Intellect -1 Awareness 0 Presence -1
    Acrobatics 1 (+5), Perception 5 (+5)
    Fearless, Move-by Action

    Apostle Spawn (6p)
    Immunity 4 (aging, cold, poison, disease), Senses 2 (darkvision)
    Buzzing Swarm (24p)
    Enhanced Fortitude 6 (Limited to single target attacks, Permanent), Flight 2 (Perfect), Immunity 2 (critical hits), Insubstantial 2 (Innate, Permanent, Limited [takes half damage from normal physical attacks], Limited [can only fit through openings big enough for individuals]), Protection 4 (Limited to single target attacks), Regeneration 6 (reinforcements; Limited to the Misty Valley), Senses 1 (radius vision)
    Swarm Attack (13p)
    Selective Burst Area Damaging Move Object 4 (Concentration, Precise)

    Initiative +4
    Swarm Attack: Area DC 14 (DC 19 / vs 4)

    Dodge 4 Parry 4 Fortitude 0(6) Will 2 Toughness 0(4)

    Quirk-Insanity: Rosine's "little friends" are, besides being fanatically loyal to their mistress, completely ax-crazy. They're not actually malevolent, but rather oblivious to the woe they cause (even happily killing each other in "games").
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