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Thread: Generic chronicle core book?

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    Generic chronicle core book?

    Hello all,

    I am wondering if there is a generic chronicle core rule book?
    I want to run a Wars of the Roses campaign. A generic core book would be better than game of thrones.

    OR would you suggest a different system like Pendragon, Gurps or something?


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    Re: Generic chronicle core book?

    There is not one.

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    Re: Generic chronicle core book?


    There is as of this date no generic core book to the system that is detached from the Asoiaf setting. But there are definietly supplements that shows that the system can be expanded beyond Westeros with elements such as gunpowder, monsters, more magic than seen in Westeros and the like.

    Secondly I applause your decision to run a historical game. Its something which I've been wanting to do for some time but haven't gotten around or finished my research for.

    In regards to system it kind of depends on what kind of campaign you want to run. The Chronicler System (from now on refered to as CS) has a heavy dose of focus on social interaction and intrigue, much more focus and elaborate rules for that than in most RPGs that I've seen. So my advice would be that if you imagine that the campaign will be focused on scheming nobles then CS is your best bet while Pendragon might be more suitable, but here I speak without extensive knowledge of that system, for a game focused on knightly combat.

    My personal recommendation would however be CS as it offers more social choices and possibilities than most other systems and the fighting system, while flawed, serves its purpose although you may want to modify it. To that comes that the House system is excellent for creating nobles families and fiefs that you can do things with and so actually care about beyond some nifty background. So if you say that your enemy has raided their lands, torched a village and stolen some cattle. That's rather loose, but when they see the points go down on the House sheet, then they'll see that this was for real and actually harmed them.

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