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Thread: Question About Equipping Shields on Units

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    Question About Equipping Shields on Units

    Hello all,

    I recently got into a disagreement with my GM about units being equipped with shields. The Warfare Chapter specifically mentions that you can equip units with shields, and that certain units already come equipped with shields such as Cavalry and Infantry. However, my GM believes that since units are abstract, the units don't get the Combat Defense bonuses from shields, especially since it doesn't specify which kind of shields those units come equipped with. He couldn't find anything about shields on units in the errata or forum though, so he's uncertain about his ruling and wanted input from the community.

    Thanks for your time guys,

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    Re: Question About Equipping Shields on Units

    We have made a rule that you could equip also other units with shield if you spend a wealth point. Such investment (or already present shield as in the case of infantery units, cavalry, personal guard and mercs) enable the unit to perform certain advanced maneuvers which are only possible for units with shield like shield wall or tortoise shell (if cavalry can do that). In an old erata it was said that indeed shield have no effect on defence, but units with shield get +1D on aggility test for the "defend" order.

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    Re: Question About Equipping Shields on Units

    I side with your GM on this. I can't find anything in the warfare chapter that says you can equip a unit type with shields if they're not already included. The closest option is buying mantlets for a unit (p. 180).

    The Equipping Units section makes it clear that all unit equipment is abstracted, except for the fact that only certain unit types carry shields (Cavalry, Infantry, Mercenaries, and Personal Guards). In the second paragraph in that section, it states that you can spend house resources to change a unit's type, giving the example of converting archers to infantry, for the specific purpose of giving that unit shields so that it can "take advantage of certain battlefield orders". This is the only function that shields fulfil when using the warfare rules. And as Kajani noted, having shields give bonuses when using some of those orders.

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