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Thread: Marvel Movie Characters and Action Scenes

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    Re: Marvel Movie Characters and Action Scenes

    Quick writeup of Agent Rumlow as of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Agent Rumlow
    Origin: Trained

    Prowess: Good (5)
    Coordination: Good (5)
    Strength: Good (5)
    Intellect: Average (3)
    Awareness: Fair (4)
    Willpower: Average (3)

    Stamina: 8
    Determination: n/a

    Martial Arts Expert
    Weapons (Guns)

    Stun Stick
    Stunning 5 (vs Willpower)
    Limit: Close Range Only

    Blast 5 (Shooting Damage), various assault rifles

    Loyal to HYDRA

    Build Notes
    Basic Soldier with a couple extra features. The toughest guy in the SHIELD tac team.

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    Re: Marvel Movie Characters and Action Scenes

    Elevator Fight (WIP)
    One of my favourite sequences in one of my favourite movies. I'm pretty sure this can be easily done with Icons. Although there is at least one other named character (Rumlow's lieutenant) I'm going to treat everyone but Rumlow as a Soldier and give them Martial Arts (as Rumlow would have picked his best hand-to-hand combatants for this). Also they have a couple of nifty gadgets. Two of them have the stun stick defined above plus they have these magnetic suitcase handles which I'm going to handle as Binding 4. The main thing happening here is massive amounts of coordinated attacks from the Soldiers trying to overcome Captain America's insanely high natural ability. I was going to try and do this blow for blow but it's really hard to keep track of and honestly we can do this near enough and still highlight how well Icons handles a scene like this.

    The Protagonists
    Captain America
    9 SHIELD tac team operatives

    As the various tac team personnel enter the elevator, Steve gets an Awareness check (augmented by his Military training). He recognises a few giveaway cues: signs of nervousness, a coincidentally large number of operatives together at one time plus the way they position themselves around him. They do not get the element of surprise.

    Steve kindly offers anyone the opportunity to leave the fight before it starts playing off his own qualities but also intimidating the group. He uses his Willpower for that manoeuvre gaining a free usage of the quality.

    One soldier immediately attacks with the stun stick which Cap evades. Recognising how dangerous that is, Cap grabs it and drops it. A big guy grapples with Cap as another takes his Shield (Trouble worth a DP).

    At this point they attack with close range Binding devices. A massive coordinated attack that Cap still manages to beat. Ok this has gone on way too long now and Cap comes out swinging.

    A round of devastation as Cap batters down the group in seconds. His Prowess is so high that most attacks against him are Massive Failures and his counterattacks tear the tac team apart. Within 1-2 rounds he throws out 7 serious attacks.

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    Re: Marvel Movie Characters and Action Scenes

    Ok I'll throw the Black Panther in while I'm doing the builds. Great character and again perfectly realised in the movies.

    The Black Panther
    Real Name: T'Challa
    Origin: Transformed

    Prowess: Great (6)
    Coordination: Incredible (7)
    Strength: Great (6)
    Intellect: Fair (4)
    Awareness: Great (6)
    Willpower: Fair (4)

    Stamina: 10
    Determination: 3

    Martial Arts Expert
    Stealth Expert

    Vibranium-laced costume
    Damage Resistance 7
    Limit: Shooting damage only

    Strike 8 (Slashing damage)
    Extra: Wall-crawling

    Embodiment of the Panther spirit
    Honour my father
    Protect Wakanda

    Build notes
    I have to be honest this build is a little rushed but for the most part feels ok. In the movie they draw attention to the costume protecting T'Challa against gunfire but I'm not sure about it's defensive properties against other forms of damage. I think it's debatable although it makes him a lot tougher if he has full Damage Resistance.

    He may have a stack of other cool abilities (like the comics or cartoons) but this is all we see in the movie so far.
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    Re: Marvel Movie Characters and Action Scenes

    Much appreciated on the time, effort and thought that was put into these writeups, bluejay71. About the only caveat I'd have - and this is purely personal - is that I'd stick with giving Cap and Bucky, as of Winter Soldier, a straight Great (6) in Prowess, reflecting that they're at the cusp of superhuman capabilities, but no further. Anything over and above that is the consequence of Specialities, Stunts, Qualities and so forth. Tony Stark, sans armour, I'd give a straight Fair (4) with regard to physical stats, giving him something notably over average, reflecting the training he engages in on an obviously regular basis.

    Also, with regard to Winter Soldier's elevator scrap (agreed totally on the dramatic impact of that scene), I felt your take on the various devices, maneuvers and so forth were spot-on with regard to translation to the game system. Look forward to seeing more.

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    Re: Marvel Movie Characters and Action Scenes

    Thank you very much Black Talon, that's exceptionally encouraging feedback. Honestly I still feel like I'm learning the system and so all ideas and thoughts are very welcome. I'll take another look at this tomorrow and see if I refine these further.

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