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Thread: Ability score-based armor and weapon groups

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    Re: Ability score-based armor and weapon groups

    Quote Originally Posted by shonuff View Post
    I'm not arguing for it, mainly because of the same reasons you suggest. However, the one point where I would disagree is the master level of the 2H talent... the more dice you're throwing, the closer to the average you're probably going to be, so that level of the talent would have less value.
    The chance of rolling no more than 1 (2,5 or more points below the average of 3,5) on 1d6 - 16,7% (and that's the worst possible result, you literally can't roll lower than 2,5 below average)
    The chance of rolling no more than 4 (3 or more points below the average of 7) on 2d6 - 16,7%
    The chance of rolling no more than 11 (3 or more points below the average of 14) on 4d6 - 23,9%
    The chance of rolling no more than 18 (3 or more points below the average of 21) on 6d6 - 27,9%

    Basically, while it's true that the more dice you roll, the closer RELATIVELY you are to the average roll, you also increase the range of possible values. At least as long, as we're still dealing with just a handful of dice, the re-roll actually gains value with each additional die, because, while the difference between 1 and 6 on 1d6 certainly seems HUGE, it's only 5 points and the chances for such an outcome are smaller than the chance to gain the same 5 or more points of damage by re-rolling an 11 (or less) into 16 (or more) on 4d6. To be more exact: the chance of the former reroll* (1 into 6 on 1d6) are 2,8%. The chance to te-roll 11- into 16+ on 4d6 are 8,0%. And of course the calculation only includes re-rolls where the first roll was 11 or lower AND re-roll 16 or more - so a re-roll of, say, 9 into 14, while still giving 5 point gain, isn't included in that 8% - the actual chances of getting 5 or more point gain by re-rolling below-average (or even just below-12) rolls on 4d6 is higher (while the situation for 1d6 included ALL possibilities of a re-roll this significant).

    Of course, all of the above is a bit besides the point, seeing how the OP clarified that Talents are not freed from the class restriction
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    Re: Ability score-based armor and weapon groups

    I'd still look at the values relatively. That same 5 damage spread isn't that big of a deal when your spread is 4-24 vs 1-6. 11 vs 16 is just a bit below and above the curve - and there is a certain amount of risk involved.

    Also your formulas are off. The exact difference doesn't matter on the reroll as long as it's positive. So it's only a 2% chance of turning 1 into a 6, but how often is your goal to roll a 1 then a 6?

    And let's not at just Backstab. Toss in Mighty Blow and Lethal Blow and you're figuring 6-7d6... so the absolute value will keep increasing, but the relative value will lessen.

    And personally, if you're going to open the weapon groups to everyone, I'd find a way to open the talents, too. I don't see the point in giving partial access. That said, while I prefer classless systems, if you're going to have a class system there should be distinctions.... so along with the balance issues, this is a flawed idea.

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