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Thread: Help Me Start a Hero High Campaign

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    Re: Help Me Start a Hero High Campaign

    How did it go? Were the additional suggestions helpful?
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    Re: Help Me Start a Hero High Campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by kanly View Post
    How did it go? Were the additional suggestions helpful?
    I think the suggestions are amazing and are quite helpful, especially for me since I'm terrible at planning and designing scenarios and long-term campaigns. However, I'm finding myself unable to make full use of all the advice... as we have literally only played one game as of now. The week following our first game, it appears I wasn't completely clear that there was gonna be a game, and thus no one came. The second week, I made an announcement post earlier for clarity that there was definitely gonna be a game, even highlighted the date it was gonna be on, but only one person, Psyren's player, came and we waited awkwardly for about an hour and a half for anyone else to come. So... yeah a severe drought in game time.

    Secondly, Psyren's player didn't feel like his character would fit well in the school setting, as Psyren was originally made on the surface level a Young Justice themed game. He did say his not unhappy with the school setting, just that he believed Psyren wouldn't fit well, which I can appreciate for his honesty.

    Honestly, I'm feeling really unhappy and disappointed with myself as a dm and the setting... I just don't really have much confidence in my dming or this setting, or at the least me being able to provide players a good time in this setting. It's shame, all these delays are further making me not only lose confidence but also interest, which really strikes me since during the off-time between sessions, I asked Invader Jr's player if he needed help to learn the system. So I offered around an hour or two of my time to do a little one-on-one tutoring to help learn the mechanics and specifically combat. During this time, we did a fair bit of world-building for Invader's alien species - their culture, social structure and hierarchy, the different types of their species, details of their metal-morphic and techno-morphic capabilities and power, why Invader Sr left his position on the planet in favor of being a defender of Earth, and even the elements that surround one of Invader's darker secrets and complications, an alien sickness. It really got the gears going for both of us as we further explored and expanded on this aspect of his character. It's been awhile since I had strung together so many ideas, but at the end of it all, I still feel like I'm just shoehorning a couple ideas into a budding campaign, therefore stunting it a bit.

    I've publicly expressed my dismay at my setting, particularly my skills at dming such a setting. Psyren's player's comments really made me wanna rethink the setting and go back to the Young Justice themes of before, young group of superpowered teens that wants more than being in the sidelines and proving oneself. I feel like the dynamic of a teen team going out on sanctioned missions might better fit my "monster/mission of the week" oneshot style of dming rather than the current school setting.

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    Re: Help Me Start a Hero High Campaign

    Can I suggest you invite everyone over for a beer and a chat about expectations? It sounds as though your players weren't sold on playing in a Hero High game (or RPG in general? Don't know what level of experience your players have) - if you go down this route you need to accept that what they say isn't personal to you and they need to know they can be honest and completely open about what they feel even if its not what you want to hear.

    Remember not everyone wants to relive or play out the teenage angst, others hate the soap opera element that this type of game encourages or the fact that they are generally lower powered heroes. It may even be that they don't really want to play a superhero campaign and would (shock, horror!) rather play a sci-fi, spy, horror (or whisper it) a D&D game. If that is the case, you need to decide whether to go with the flow or look for some new players.

    Good luck!

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