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Just thought I'd share my version of the Valo-Kas that I have in my head for my Inquisidaar.

Might 4 (Raiders; Specialty Troops: Tal-Vashoth Shock Troops)
Wealth 3
Influence 2
Intrigue 5 (Secrets)
Magic 1
Structure 4
Stability 40
Scope National

Might is obvious, they're a mercenary company. Wealth, one of Adaar's possible responses to Josephine when talking about his time as a mercenary was that whenever someone wanted something done they sought out the Valo-Kas. Influence is low because ultimately they are still just a mercenary company even if the powerful seek them out. Regarding Intrigue, my headcanon for Sorin Adaar (my main Saarebas Inquisitor) is that he starts out Inquisition with all the knowledge upgrades, and that the Valo-Kas secretly performed information brokering services in addition to their more open activities. Magic is also on the lower end because they have just a few mages in their ranks. Though relatively small, they have multiple contingencies in place should the worst happen and they need to fall back. Each member is forced to memorize these fall back points and code phrases to confirm that they are alright (Shokrakar's "We still haven't been paid" upon completing the war table mission regarding them is code for them being okay).
Nice! I like that!