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Thread: Book of the Righteous Errata

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    Book of the Righteous Errata

    This is a thread where backers of the Book of the Righteous Kickstarter can leave comments and questions based on the text only PDF they received. If you think you've found errata, please post it here so we can assess and make any fixes before finalizing the book.

    Chris Pramas

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    Re: Book of the Righteous Errata

    I'll have a look, but having scan through the book, I can say that it is stunningly gorgeous.

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    Re: Book of the Righteous Errata

    I didn't have time to contribute much to the search for errata prior to the book's release. However, now that I've finished reading my lovely, lovely backer copy, I've also finished compiling my own unofficial fan errata for it, which I have posted at my website, Tim's Errata Archive.
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