The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.'s first Mutants & Masterminds adventure module, Heroic Havoc #1: Instant Circus Is Going to Get You!, is now available to order in PDF format at DriveThruRPG.

The circus has come to town, but it's not the kind anyone should attend! A troop of super-powered villains have been hired to put on a show as a cover to test a powerful new crowd-control product. Unfortunately, the citizens of the fair city are the unwitting guineas pigs. Even some members of the local police force have fallen prey to these criminals. Can a team of costumed vigilantes to any better?

Which leads to the question: Will this instant circus get you too?!

Heroic Havoc #1: Instant Circus Is Going to Get You! is a scenario for characters of Power Level 10 to 11. This module includes write-ups of the villains (with drawings and backgrounds), a map of the encounter areas, introductory material to assist getting the heroes into the encounter, and suggestions for follow-up adventures. This is an excellent adventure to begin a new campaign.

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Here are some sample pages and the cover of the module.

Thanks for your interest!
Joe Pearce, Owner, The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.