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Thread: How do I do Armor Piercing in Icons

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    How do I do Armor Piercing in Icons

    One of my players wants to do an a character that has a melee attack that pretty much ignores armor or at least minimizes it the way lightsabers and Wolverine's claws do. How do I do this in the Icons system?


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    Re: How do I do Armor Piercing in Icons

    I generally don't think it's needed. First, you only need to succeed in a test against an object's "hardness" to break it, so a decent rank of Strike (or using Strength) and/or tagging Qualities (for the bonus) can help you accomplish the task. IOW, objects don't have Damage Resistance.

    True, characters do have DR and I suppose players could become frustrated not being able to affect an opponent with high ranks of DR. But is that common? If it is, I'd recommend taking a look at that. For the rare opponent with even DR 10, you just need to take a more measured approach. Team up, use Maneuvers to create Qualities, spend DR to invoke existing Qualities and you should be able to inflict some Stamina damage.

    If you have to have it, probably charging an Extra seems about right. Mental Blast already bypasses DR, and the Psychic Weapon Extra for Telepathy allows for it.

    But if you do allow it, and it's not going to be a stunt, think about the impact of allowing it into the game on an ongoing basis.
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    Re: How do I do Armor Piercing in Icons

    Luke's lightsaber doesn't appear to have this effect on Vader.

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