What inspirations do you use for your adventures? I often use song titles, common phrases and book/film titles to spark the creative processes.

I have just ran an adventure which was inspired by the title of an old film I either had never watched or was so bad I’d forgotten almost everything about it, Baby’s Day Out but the title or something about the synopsis stuck. I had a feeling that there was something about a baby loose on a building site (or Zoo, I was never inspired enough to check) and that it had a bit of a Home Alone vibe in it.

Baby became Cassie, the powered three and three-quarter old flying toddler from Hero High that is a familiar figure flying in and around the school and instead of making her the person being kidnapped she’s the rescuer. That inspired my latest Claremont Academy session.

The Meta-toddler Cassie sees a ‘friend’ kidnapped and chases after the hypnotised government agents – forcing the PCs to steal mopeds and give chase only to face, the four mind-controlled government agents in power armour, a toddler with powers she has no idea how to control and a Meta-hater who happens to be a powered themselves.

Some really good roleplaying from my two PCs led to them rescuing a drugged Ms Kitty, protecting young Cassie and rescuing the bully who’d just been outed (to them at least) as a Meta themselves.