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Thread: Street Justice: Phoenix Bay - If You Can't Stand The Heat

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    Re: Street Justice: Phoenix Bay - If You Can't Stand The Heat

    Quote Originally Posted by kenseido View Post
    Bernard Clairvaux Medical Center
    -Burn Unit

    Jenny is outside the sterile room where the best burn doctors in Phoenix Bay work hard to save Bo's life. The doctor tells you that the burns look far worse than they really are.

    "I have never seen anything like this. The surface of the skin is charred badly, but it doesn't go very deep. It is as if the fire somehow pulled away before any serious damage could be done. In fact, there probably won't be much scarring."

    Normally unable to afford such advanced care, Bo is only receiving this treatment because of large donations to the hospital both by Amethyst Inc and Nevex Industries allow them to treat those unable to afford care.
    Liora gives Jenny a reassuring nudge. She doesn't say anything in front of the doctor but clearly conveys that despite Jenny's imperfect control of her powers, even when panicking, she acted to keep from hurting her friend as much as possible.

    "That's a hell of a lot better news than we were expecting."

    Liora also makes a mental note to cut back on sass towards the Champions a little since their rich folk members were doing something worthwhile with their money.

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    Re: Street Justice: Phoenix Bay - If You Can't Stand The Heat

    Dylan Hall
    HP: 3
    CND: Fine

    Dylan went to the hospital for a little, but didn't hang around too long. He still had a day job and that day job involved deadlines that while some think imaginary, others like Dylans editor doesn't. Sitting down with his cup of coffee and hair making another another pot while his tail poured it into his mouth, Dylans fingers did the typing.

    The Human Cost of the Lobos Rot

    Millstone suffers from many crimes and many villains that aren't super villains. Some are mostly harmless and can be tolerated so long as the right people are paid off and the crimes are low enough profile. Dealing with humans as things is not one of those crimes. Underneath the nose of the very cops who should be protecting the citizens is a festering rot that has gone on too long to be ignored. A rot where women are treated as objects to be owned for violent delights.

    One of the biggest offenders of this rot is a gang known as Lobos. Constantly fighting for territory, they eschew even what most in the criminal underworld would call basic decency. One life threatened and one body used. Sometimes one and the same, but sometimes different as well. In the power vacuums and daily struggles of life, they have been allowed to proceed unchecked by the community just trying to get by and the cops who could care less about the citizens they serve.

    Among their worst practices is the most insidious type of branding and coercion. Once they have a woman in their grasps, her mind is marked. It may take the form of physical marks, but those can be covered up by artists or removed. Once the mark is on the brain, removing it is difficult. Some never fully remove it. Still some embrace it and view it as normal to be marked as meat for the Lobos demeaning appetites. So depraved is the practice that unlike physical violence it never truly completely heals and only goes into remission at most like cancer.

    Some women do not choose this and can put up a fight if violence is inflicted on them. The most stalwart of soldier bends though when violence is inflicted on others and those close to them. Just to save another they would lose themselves. At first, they might take it in stride knowing they are helping someone not get beaten or worse. That stride gets longer. Each steps is harder. Eventually the next step is too far away.

    Evidence to this day points to the Lobos getting away with stripping people of basic humanity. Few voices speak up for the victims. Fewer still take action. The Lobos and all they stand, on the scale of minor nuisances to hell spawn are too low to register, as one source put it. Witnesses refuse to speak up out of fear. Their silence is deafening.

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