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Thread: Kreuz Control: Puzzler, Kryptonite Man, Carapax, Grayven, Mentallo

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    Re: Kreuz Control: Atlas, Clawster, Encantadora, Puzzler, Kryptonite Man, Carapax

    Quote Originally Posted by Kreuzritter View Post
    well, I crunched the numbers and compiled a list, and I came to a count of just under 40 distinct bronze age/post crisis superman rogues who didn't make the cut into DC Adventures. I don't have an exact count at the moment due to some, like the post-crisis Brainiac (who I was really looking forward to statting), making it into DCA via sidebars, in addition to those whom like Blanque, are new-52 based and I've no particular interest in at the moment, so they're being struck from it
    Well, I successfully made the case for the inclusion of Blackrock and Vartox (but only because there was open page count and Jon L asked me for suggestions), so at least I helped keep TWO off your list, LOL.

    What others will you be statting?

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    Re: Kreuz Control: Atlas, Clawster, Encantadora, Puzzler, Kryptonite Man, Carapax

    well, i'm not in a particular mood to do a full project run, so, on and off with my other builds or in batches as interest waxes and wanes

    Codename: Assassin
    Reactron (possibly both classic and 2nd rate metallo)
    mirabai (not gonna be a pleasant one. local library only has the atlas trade for new krypton stuff)
    Ultraa (not to be confused with ultra the multi-alien)
    Shadow Dragon
    Insect Queen (the alien tyrant, not lana)
    Solaris (been on the back burner for ages)
    Weapons Master
    Sleez (yes, THAT Sleez)
    Psi-Phon & Dreadnaut (single writeup with two builds on account of their double act)
    the Galactic Golem
    Dr. Thaddeus Killgrave
    Mr. Z

    i'm also considering forgotten allies such as Babe, Scorn or Gangbuster

    as discussed in my Faora and Nam-Ek builds, I would rather avoid statting villains whose powers hem too close to "Evil Superman", such as Preus, Kancer, and the mid 00's parade of Zods.

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    Re: Kreuz Control: Atlas, Clawster, Encantadora, Puzzler, Kryptonite Man, Carapax

    There are definitely a few characters in the "list" more than worthy of inclusion in the official DCA write-ups-Conduit, Live Wire (though she's more a DCAU and live action villain), Neutron (a fairly big omission among 2nd tier foes), and Reactron, at the very least. And I agree Gangbuster not making an appearance was a shame. But there was never going to be enough room to include everyone's favorites, of course.

    All my best.

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    PL 13 (195)

    Abilities (96)
    STR 16 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 2
    STA 16 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 4

    Powers (54)
    eye beams: Damage +10 (extras: accurate 8) (28)
    new god: immunity +10 (life support), impervious TOU +16 (26)

    Advantages (7)
    assessment, fast grab, fearless, improved grab, improved hold, improved initiative, move-by action

    Skills (18/36)
    close combat: unarmed +6
    expertise: space tyrant +8
    insight +6
    intimidation +10
    perception +6

    Defenses (20)
    TOU +16 DODGE +10 FORT +16 PARRY +10 WILL +10

    false god: Grayven claims to be the son of Darkseid, and seeks his favor or usurpation.
    In brightest day: Grayven reserves particular hatred for Green Lantern
    motivation - conquest: Grayven seeks to conquer all the known universe

    abilities 96 + powers 54 + advantages 7 + skills 16/32 + defenses 20 = 195

    among the many cosmic threats to arise after the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps in the early 90's, Grayven is a world conquering barbarian warlord who claims to be the illegitimate son of Darkseid himself. with a powerful army at his Back, Grayven demolished the Darkstars, personally crippling their leader and former Green Lantern John Stewart (he got better, eventually), and even nearly killed the last Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, before Rayner was able to trick Grayven into seemingly destroying himself.

    Unfortunately, Kyle only succeeded in accidently bringing Grayen to Earth, albeit buried deep beneath the Earth's crust and forcing the tyrant to spend months digging himself free, before Kyle was able to actually defeat him. years later, during the Our Worlds at War crossover in 2001, Grayven was again defeated when he betrayed an uneasy truce with the heroes of Earth, this time by Superman, and to add insult to Injury, Darkseid himself coldly stated that Grayven's claims were apparently mere delusions

    as with other beings of the Fourth World, Grayven was killed off as part of the maligned and ultimately non-canon Death of the New Gods plotline. but with at least three kinds of reboots to the DC Universe since then, its entirely possible that Grayven may return one day

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    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (32)
    STR 0 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 6
    STA 2 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 2

    Powers (54)
    ESP: senses +7 (mental awareness, acute/accurate/ranged/radius detect minds) (7)
    mutant mentalist: array (43)
    - mental ilusion: illusion +8 (all senses, extras: selective +1, flaw: will resists -1) [40]
    - mind control: affliction +10 (extras: cumulative +1, range +2) [40]
    - mental blast: damage +10 (extras: range +2, will resists +1) [40]
    - telepathy: mind reading +10 (extras: cumulative +1, effortless +1) [40]
    ultrafoil lined helmet: immunity +10 (mental effects, flaw: limited-half effect -1, removable) (4)

    Advantages (6)
    contacts, def roll 2, equipment, improved initiative, move-by action

    Skills (26/52)
    deception +8
    expertise: criminal +8
    expertise: espionage +8
    insight +6
    intimidation +8
    investigation +8
    perception +6

    Defenses (32)
    TOU +8/6/2 DODGE +12 FORT +6 PARRY +12 WILL +14

    SHIELD body armor: protection +4 [4]

    beautiful friendship: Mentallo considers fixer a friend
    burn notice: Mentallo got his start as a rogue SHIELD psi-ops agent
    damn micronauts: while a journyman villain, Mentallo considers his defeat by the miconauts to a personal embarassment
    glass brain: without his ultrafoil helmet, Mentallo is surprisingly vulnerable to psionic effects himself
    motivation - greed: Mentallo wants great wealth and the vice and luxury it affords

    abilities 32 + powers 54 + advantages 6 + skills 26/52 + defenses 32 = 150

    once a humble shoe salesman, Marvin Flume's mutant psychic powers got him recruited by SHIELD for their new psi-ops division. Unfortunately for them, Flume betrayed them almost from the word go, quickly becoming an infiltrator for HYDRA, and after discovery, became the journeyman supervillain Mentallo, often working with the Fixer, and that one time he was recruited to the Resistants under the alias Think-Tank. Unlike most of Marvel's c-list villains, Mentallo appears fairly regularly, sometimes solo, or because the story requires the villains have a telepath on payroll but the X-writers aren't sharing their toys

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