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Thread: Kreuz Control: Paragons - Mr. Zero, Rosemont Center - Vom Stahl, Pontifex

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    Re: Kreuz Control: Paragons - Reverend Butler, Dr. Gaither, Mr. Zero

    The Rosemont Center

    Founded by the brilliant and wealthy Dr. Emily Rosemont after she suddenly became a recluse, the Rosemont Center is one of the more benevolent factions in Paragons. the Center is exactly what it appears to be, a psychiatric hospital that focuses exclusively on paranormals, be it to treat the psychological damage of a traumatic breakout, controlling one's newfound abilities, or just medical help they can't get elsewhere.

    What the public doesn't know is that first, Dr. Rosemont is a paranormal herself, given incredible mental powers but rendered a physical invalid by her own breakout. Second, she employs a pool of former peers and patients as the Collected, who not only protect paranormals from a world that can hate and fear them (and sometimes said world from rogue paranormals), but also to explore the strange realm known as the Imageria, believing its secrets may help explain the origin and nature of paranormals.

    In short, The Rosemont Center is meant to serve a purpose in your game similar to that of the X-men and their facilities.

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    Vom Stahl

    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (42)
    STR 12 AGI 2 FIT 6 AWA 2
    STA 8 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 1

    Powers (69)
    beep boop: comprehend +2 (machines), senses +1 (radio) (5)
    better, stronger: Enhanced STR +8, Enhanced STA +4 (24)
    built like a tank: Protection +6 (extra: impervious 14), immunity +10 (being moved, flaw: half effect -1) (25)
    man of iron: immunity +10 (life support) (10)
    self-repairing: regeneration +10 (flaw: requires metal -1) (5)

    Advantages (3)
    all-out attack, language (english, german native), power attack

    Skills (22/44)
    athletics +4
    close combat: unarmed +2
    expertise: soldier +6
    insight +4
    intimidation +6
    perception +4
    technology +6
    stealth +6
    vehicles +6

    Defenses (14)
    TOU +14 DODGE +6 FORT +12 PARRY +6 WILL +8

    big brother: in addition to his duties with the collected, Vom Stahl is the de facto head of security for the Rosemont Center
    flashback: the trauma of his breakout has left Vom Stahl pyrophobic and vulnerable to mental effects
    heavy metal: Vom Stahl's metal body weighs over a ton, and certain structures cannot support his weight
    more machine than man: Vom Stahl's body is obviously made of metal and living machinery
    MIA: Vom Stahl has lost much of his memory from before his breakout
    motivation - Responsibility: Vom Stahl wants to help and protect other paranormals as he was helped
    Other options: Vom Stahl has started to develop feeling for Otherkin, whose Chi Dragon persona has started flirting with him
    stahl ist kalt: Vom Stahl's senses of touch, taste and smell are deadened

    abilities 42 + powers 69 + advantages 3 + skills 22/44 + defenses 14 = 150

    Vom Stahl is a man without a past, much of his memory destroyed in the wake of the traumatic breakout that also turned his body into a hulking mass of living metal and machinery, much like the destroyed armored vehicle he'd been found in. the shock of this change left Stahl a severe depressive, and thus he was forwarded to be one of the first patients of the Rosemont Centre. there, Rosemont and her staff were able to turn Vom Stahl from his self-destructive mindset, and gave him purpose when he met and was encouraged to support a fellow patient, Rachel Carson, whose powers would've driven her insane if not for his solid companionship.

    Together, the two of them realized that they could be heroes, volunteered themselves to Dr. Rosemont to be the start of her Collected, helping the unfortunate Paranormals get the help and sanctuary they needed.

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    PL 9 (135)

    Abilities (30)
    STR 0 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 4
    STA 2 DEX 0 INT 1 PRE 4

    Powers (44)
    empath: senses +4 (acute/ranged detect emotion, mental awareness) (4)
    Empathy: affliction +9 (entranced/compelled/controlled, will resists, extras: cumulative +1, Range +2, subtle, flaw: limited-emotions only -1) (29)
    - Mind Killer: Damage +9 (extras: range +2, will resists, flaw: limited-only while using shadow persona -1) [24]
    shadow persona: remote sensing +6 (sight/hearing, flaw: noticible, side effect-body is incapacitated while projecting -1) (11)

    Advantages (9)
    contacts, benefit 2 (wealth 2), def roll 2, fascinate (persuasion), improved initiative, language 2 (english, greek, italian native)

    Skills (30/60)
    athletics +4
    deception +6
    expertise: behavioral science +6
    insight +10
    intimidation +6
    investigation +14
    persuasion +14

    Defenses (22)
    TOU +4/2 DODGE +8 FORT +4 PARRY +8 WILL +12

    abuse of power: Pontifex is slowly and subtly influencing Vom Stahl to return her affection for him
    certified professional: Pontifex is secretly Counsellor Clio Bianchi, a mental health professional at the Rosemont Center
    motivation - empathy: Pontifex wants to help and heal others
    monster from the Id: Pontifex's deep, subconscious rage and grief is manifested through her shadow persona
    vendetta: Pontifex has been hunting down everyone who had a part in the murder of her parents

    abilities + powers + advantages + skills / + defenses 10 = 135

    Born in the south of Italy, Clio Bianchi wanted for nothing through her childhood, until the day her father, a member of the Camorra Family, was marked for death alongside his family. watching her parents brutal murder, Clio was saved by her own breakout, a terrifying shadowy apparition that tore apart the minds of the assassins, leaving them brain dead vegetables or all-dead corpses.

    unable to control her rage, Clio followed her leads, leaving a trail of bodies and shattered minds in her wake, before she was found and given refuge by the Collected before the authorities could organize a manhunt for the 'serial mind killer'. at Rosemont Center, she learned to control her abilities, and Clio felt the best way to repay their kindness was to follow in Dr. Rosemont's footsteps, earning a degree in the behavioural sciences and working as one of the Center's counselors, when not working alongside the collected as Pontifex.

    But, for all of her improvement, Clio has not banished her dark side. not only does she still hunt anyone tied to her family's murders, but she has begun to abuse her powers, slowly manipulating Vom Stahl so that he will eventually return her love for him.

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    Re: Kreuz Control: Paragons - Mr. Zero, Rosemont Center - Vom Stahl, Pontifex

    Monster from the Id huh? Forbidden Planet, anyone?

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