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Thread: Kreuz Control - Green Goblin, Ashe, Spites (Demonfire, Grudge, Mindphyre, Karnal, Cyst)

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    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (48)
    STR 14/6 AGI 4 FIT 6 AWA 2
    STA 14/6 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 0

    Powers (74)
    all consuming: weaken TOU +8 (extras: affects objects +1, linked: Damage +8), immunity +4 (anything ingested, disease, poison) (28)
    his speed belies his bulk: Enhanced Defenses +8 (dodge +4, parry +4) (8)
    tumorous mass: Growth +8 (extra: continuous +1, impervious 14) (38)

    Advantages (6)
    all-out attack, fast grab, improved grab, improved hold, move-by action, startle

    Skills (16/32)
    insight +6
    intimidation +10
    perception +6
    ranged combat: throw heavy objects +6
    stealth +4

    Defenses (6)
    TOU +14/6 DODGE +6/10 FORT +14/4 PARRY +6/10 WILL +6

    eat them last: Cyst recognizes the other Spites as his brothers and sister
    MORE: Cyst's tumorous mass is dependent upon how much he's eaten recently
    motivation - hunger: Cyst exists to consume
    now is sometime: Cyst's constant hunger can distract him from what he's supposed to be doing

    abilities 48 + powers 74 + advantages 6 + skills 16/32 + defenses 6 = 150

    rounding out the spites is Cyst, an all consuming monster too concerned with his own gluttony to indulge in the sadistic cruelty of his siblings, incapable of even grasping "a meal like that, you don't eat all at once"

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    PL 8 (120)

    Abilities (40)
    STR 10 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 2
    STA 10 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

    Powers (34)
    Power Broker enhancement: Enhanced STR +6, enhanced STA +6, impervious TOU +10 (34)

    Advantages (10)
    assessment, chokehold, fast grab, improved grab, improved hold, improved initiative, move-by action, takedown, taunt, uncanny dodge

    Skills (28/54)
    acrobatics +4
    athletics +4
    close combat: unarmed +2
    deception +6
    expertise: pro wrestler +8
    expertise: homeless +8
    insight +4
    intimidation +6
    perception +4
    ranged combat: thrown +6
    vehicles +4

    Defenses (8)
    TOU +10 DODGE +6 FORT +10 PARRY +6 WILL +6

    glory days: D-Man is the alias of ex-pro-wrestler Dennis Dunphy
    happy at last: D-Man has recently gotten himself a boyfriend
    motivation - doing good: D-Man wants to be a hero, however he can
    not even once: the process that give D-Man his powers also left him both a heart condition and recurring mental health problems

    abilities 40 + powers 34 + advantages 10 + skills 28/56 + defenses 8 = 120

    a professional wrestler, Dennis Dunphy was part of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, a wrestling circuit for the super-strong. however, what the public was unaware of was that Dunphy, and much of the Federation's stable, were on the dope, granted their strength and other powers by the experiments of the self-styled Power Broker, who additionally kept them in line through a mix of addictive drugs and deception. this cruel practice was ultimately exposed and brought down by the Thing, and the UCWF became fully legitimate. After his contract expired, Dunphy, working under the alias D-Man and inspired by Thing's heroics, chose to become a superhero himself, attaching himself to no less than Captain America, becoming one of the star-spangled hero's closest allies in his darkest days during the 80's. While D-Man was for a time presumed to have died in an explosion, he and cap ultimately parted ways when D-Man chose to become the protector of the Zero People, and enclave of homeless people.

    Sadly, the next few years would be ignominious for D-Man, as while remaining brave, just and kind, he became delusional, presumably as a long-term side effect of the Power Broker's process, becoming trapped in heroic fantasies that made him a danger to himself and others. thankfully, D-man's friends were ultimately able to get him the help he needed, and while he's hung up the tights for good (he hopes), today, Dennis Dunphy is no less of a hero, handling himself as part of Captain America's support team as a pilot and mechanic

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    Re: Kreuz Control - Green Goblin, Ashe, Spites (Demonfire, Grudge, Mindphyre, Karnal, Cyst)

    I can't believe they were actually thinking about D-Man as a future Captain America. I mean that whole explosion and getting tossed into icy water was so "on the nose" it causes nosebleeds.

    I mean, maybe they were thinking future Guardians of the Galaxy timeline. But Vance had the shield and was kind of sporting the colors so it would be strange.

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    PL 8 (120)

    Abilities (20)
    STR 10 AGI 0 FIT 2 AWA 0
    STA 4 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 0

    Powers (62)
    made of iron: enhanced STR +6, protection +8 (extra: impervious 12) (32)
    touch of rust: transform +10 (iron & steel to rust, extra: duration +1) (30)

    Advantages (6)
    benefit (member of the Committee), fast grab, improved hold, great endurance, interpose, takedown

    Skills (18/36)
    close combat: unarmed +4
    expertise: mining +6
    expertise: pop culture +4
    insight +4
    intimidation +6
    perception +4
    persuasion +6
    ranged combat: throw heavy objects +6

    Defenses (14)
    TOU +12 DODGE +4 FORT +8 PARRY +4 WILL +8

    big brother: Rustbelt has adopted Ghost, a former child soldier
    heavy metal: Rustbelt's iron body makes delicate and precise tasks, such as stealth or answering the phone, very difficult
    let me think: Rustbelt is the first to admit he's not the smartest guy around, a slow thinker and poorly educated
    motivation - Doing good: nothing can stop Rustbelt from doing the right thing
    red tape: as an agent of the Committee, Rustbelt is often hindered by politics and bureaucracy

    abilities 20 + powers 62 + advantages 6 + skills 18/36 + defenses 14 = 120

    from the 'second generation' of Wild Card novels (alt-history where alien virus gives out superpowers and/or hideous mutation since the 40's), Wally "Rustbelt" Gunderson was a good kid from Minnesota, whom, having the body of a bulldozer and being able to rust metals with a touch, applied to the reality TV show American Hero, only to be vilified by the public when one of the other contestants framed Wally for racism. However, Wally's true colors emerged mere weeks later, when he and other 'discard' contestants decided to travel to Egypt in order to stop an attempted genocide by invading forces, making themselves international heroes in the process. However, Wally and most of the others quickly became disillusioned with the reality of being international agents, such that Wally took a leave of absence in order to find out what had happened to Lucien, an African child he was sponsoring whose country had recently been absorbed by the People's Paradise of Africa. To Wally's horror, he learns that Lucien is one of the hundreds killed by the PPA's experiments to create powered child soldiers through the Wild Card virus, and with the eventual help of the rest of the Committee, proceeds to tear down the PPA's diabolical laboratories and infrastructure, and perhaps more importantly to wally, in the process, he saves the soul of Ghost, one of the PPA's child soldiers, effectively adopting her as his little sister.

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