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Thread: Kreuz Control - Crinoverse PCs, Newcomers, Sekhmet, Red Claw

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    PL 10 (135)

    Abilities (52)
    STR 12 AGI 0 FIT 6 AWA 0
    STA 12 DEX 2 INT 0 PRE 2

    Powers (41)
    cholaxian: enhanced STR +2 (extra: innate, flaw: limited-no damage/grapple bonus -1), Growth +4 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1), immunity +1 (extreme cold), leaping +5 (19)
    groundstrike: Affliction +10 (dazed & vulnerable/stunned & defenseless, dodge resists, extras: extra condition +1, line area +2, flaws: instant recovery -1, limited-both Bigfoot and targets must be on same surface -1, limited degree -1) (10)
    tough guy: impervious TOU +12 (12)

    Advantages (6)
    fast grab, improved grab, improved hold, interpose, languages 2 (english, lor, cholaxian native)

    Skills (20/40)
    athletics +6
    expertise: drummer (uses DEX) +10
    intimidation +6
    insight +8
    perception +6
    ranged combat: throw heavy objects +4

    Defenses (16)
    TOU +12 DODGE +6 FORT +12 PARRY +6 WILL +6

    cuz your feets too big: Bigfoot is an easily recognizable orange-furred giant
    grr, argh: Bigfoot may understand english, but he is incapable of humanoid speech and relies on Serafina to translate
    gotta be a guy in a suit, right: No one suspects that bigfoot is an alien
    motivation - big feet, big heart: Bigfoot is a kind and gentle soul
    pretty bird: Bigfoot is very protective of Serafina

    abilities 52 + powers 41 + advantages 6 + skills 20/40 + defenses 16 = 135

    A cholaxian, Bigfoot was a slave like many of his people along the lawless edges of the Lor Republic's frontier, who one day turned upon his masters to protect Serafina, and the two of them fled the authorities, met up with the other Newcomers and came to Earth

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    PL 9 (135)

    Abilities (48)
    STR 2 AGI 6 FIT 2 AWA 4
    STA 2 DEX 2 INT 2 PRE 4

    Powers (30)
    Ealas: flight +4 (extra; innate, flaw: limited-wings -1) (5)
    mutant telepath: Mind reading +6, communication +2 (extras: area +1, selective +1) (25)
    - soothing voice: affliction +8 (entraced/compelled/controlled, extra: perception area +1, selective +1, flaw: limited-calming only -1) [16]

    Advantages (7)
    def roll 4, fascinate (singing), favored environment (aerial), language (english, lor native), move-by action

    Skills (22/44)
    acrobatics +6
    perception +6
    expertise: singing +10
    insight +6
    investigation +4
    persuasion +6
    treatment +4

    Defenses (28)
    TOU +6/2 DODGE +12 FORT +8 PARRY +12 WILL +10

    angelic: Serafina's wings can get in the way sometimes, and are difficult to conceal
    big brother: Bigfoot is Serafina's closest friend
    both angel and ape: Serafina loves much of what she sees in humans, but is equally confused and repulsed by other aspects
    grounded: Serafina pities those who cannot fly
    just a gimmick: people are unaware that Serafina is in fact an alien
    motivation - acceptance: Serafina wants a new life for herself on earth

    abilities 48 + powers 30 + advantages 7 + skills 22/44 + defenses 28 = 135

    an Ealasian, Serafina was born a mutant, able to read minds and a hypnotically calming voice. unfortunately, this gifts, combined with her naturally winged beauty, made her a prized slave, before she was freed by Bigfoot and the two joined the other Newcomers to start a new life on Earth

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    PL 9 (135)

    Abilities (26)
    STR 0 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
    STA 2 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 3

    Powers (65)
    nightstone gauntlet: (flaw: removable) (65)
    - eyes in darkness: senses +2 (darkvision) [2]
    - flight: Flight +8 [16]
    - force feild: Protection +10 (extra: impervious +1), immunity +10 (life support) [30]
    - shadowforce: array [33]
    - blinding darkness: affliction +12 (senses impaired/disabled/unaware, extras: cumulative +1, range +1, flaw: sense dependent -1) {24}
    - darkness blast: damage +12 (extra: range +1) {24}
    - shape of darkness: create +8 (extras: movable +1, stationary +0) {24}
    - universal translator: comprehend +4 (understand/understood/read languages) [7]

    Advantages (2)
    languages 2 (english, lor, zultan native)

    Skills (20/40)
    acrobatics +4
    deception +6
    expertise: stringed instruments +10
    expertise: pop culture +4
    insight +6
    ranged combat: nightstone +6
    stealth +4

    Defenses (22)
    TOU +12/2 DODGE +6 FORT +6 PARRY +6 WILL +12

    always in character: Indigo's dark gray skin makes him recognizable
    gotta have a gimmick: people are unaware Indigo is an alien
    motivation - acceptance: Indigo wants to build a new life for himself on earth
    the wrong hands: Indigo is all too aware that there are those who want the nightstone at any cost, and so he keeps it from them

    abilities 26 + powers 65 + advantages 2 + skills 20/40 + defenses 22 = 135

    the son of a Zultasian science-archeologist, Zefir In'Dego wanted to be a musician rather than follow in his father's footsteps. Unfortunately, Zefir was entrusted by his dying father to protect the Nightstone, an artifact of incredible power that would spell disaster in the wrong hands, hands which murdered the elder In'Dego in an attempt to get it. sought by every warlord in local space, Zefir fled his home system and soon found himself among the Newcomers oin a strange, remote world called Earth.

    Sadly, while the final fates of the Newcomers are still a mystery, that the Nightstone now powers the Blackguards of the despot Blackstar strongly implies that Indigo met a terrible end

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    PL 9 (135)

    Abilities (52)
    STR 10 AGI 4 FIT 8 AWA 4
    STA 10 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 4

    Powers (48)
    superstrength: Enhanced STR +8, enhanced STA +8 (32)
    nigh-invulnerable: impervious TOU +10 (10)
    very fast: speed +6 (6)

    Advantages (8)
    equipment 5, languages 2 (lor, zultan) move-by action
    Skills (19/38)
    expertise: singing +8
    expertise: stringed entruments +8
    insight +6
    technology +8
    vehicles +8

    Defenses (8)
    TOU +10 DODGE +8 FORT +10 PARRY +8 WILL +8

    Wonderbus [25]
    SIZE H/C STR 16 SPD 6 DEF 6 TOU 14
    Features: dual movement (ground speed 6), dual size, living space, self-repairing

    against the end: Ryder wants to stop the agents of Omega he accidentally brought to his new home
    just a gimmick: people do not suspect Ryder is an otherdimensional alien
    motivation - acceptance: Ryder wants to build a new life for himself
    second life: Ryder is unaware of his life before waking up in the Terminus

    abilities 52 + powers 48 + advantages 8 + skills 19/38 + defenses 8 = 135

    Frontman of the Newcomers and owner of their miraculous Wonderbus, the man called Ryder has no memory of his past before waking up in the extradimensional nightmare that is the Terminus, saved from coming one of the mindless necro-cyborg drones of its fell masters by the cosmic biker gang known as the Overriders, before it was discovered that Ryder was bait for a trap, one that only his realization and self-sacrifice allowed his new friends to escape. expecting death, it was then that Ryder and the Wonderbus found each other, and he used its damaged, dimension-hopping circuits to escape the Terminus to a planet called Earth. there, he almost instantly met and made new friends of the other 3 Newcomers and their human allies, but to Ryder's horror, his escape had not gone alone, pulling agents of Omega in the Wonderbus' wake and scattering them across his new home

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    Re: Kreuz Control - Crinoverse PCs, The Newcomers

    and the index is updated

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    PL 11 (165)

    Abilities (60)
    STR 8 AGI 6 FIT 6 AWA 2
    STA 14 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

    Powers (66)
    born of the sun: immunity +5 (fire damage) (5)
    burning breath: Damage +12 (extra: range +1) (26)
    - burning roar: Damage +10 (extra: cone area +1) [20]
    - terrible roar: affliction +10 (dazed & vulnerable/stunned & defenseless, will resists, extras: extra condition +1, perception area +1, flaw: limited degree -1) [20]
    claws: damage +4 (str-based, extra: improved crit 2) (6)
    great cat: growth +4 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1), senses +2 (darkvision) (11)
    nigh invulnerable: impervious TOU +14 (14)
    swift: speed +4 (4)

    Advantages (7)
    fearless, improved initiative, language (english, egyptian native), move-by action, startle, takedown 2

    Skills (18/36)
    close combat: unarmed +4
    insight +6
    intimidation +12
    perception +6
    ranged combat: burning breath +10

    Defenses (14)
    TOU +14 DODGE +8 FORT +14 PARRY +8 WILL +8

    great beast: Sekhmet lacks actual hands, and is easily recognized as a large, woman-faced cat
    leonine: Sekhmet is as lazy and mercurial as the cats she resembles
    libations: Sekhmet is known to drink herself to stupor
    motivation - Mistress of dread: Sekhmet is an angry goddess who demands fear and worshipful obedience
    rage of the sun: Sekhmet is easily given to great anger

    abilities 60 + powers 66 + advantages 7 + skills 18/36 + defenses 14 = 165

    one of the newest threats upon the city streets, Sekhmet is a ferocious and capricious engine of destruction driven by petty whims and the need to be feared and worshipped. at this time, it is unknown whether she is in fact an incarnation of the Egyptian war/destruction goddess, a bio-engineered creation, or someone so utterly broken by their monstrous transformation that delusions of godhood are the only measure of sanity they can hold onto

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    Red Claw

    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (40)
    STR 12 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 2
    STA 14 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

    Powers (81)
    big girl: Enhanced STR +8, Enhanced STA +10 (36)
    carapace: impervious TOU +14 (14)
    tail stinger: Affliction +10 (dazed/stun/incapaciated, fort resists, extras: progressive +2), extra limb +1 (25)

    Advantages (5)
    fast grab, improved grab, improved hold, improved initiative, move-by action

    Skills (16/32)
    close combat: unarmed +4
    insight +6
    intimidation +8
    perception +6
    persuasion +4

    Defenses (8)
    TOU +14 DODGE +6 FORT +14 PARRY +6 WILL +6

    I'm a hugger: Red Claw is surprisingly sociable and trusting for her line of work
    It's a snap: not only are they impossible to hide, Red Claw's forelimbs lack the dexterity of regular hands
    Legacy: Red claw is the scion of one of Phoenix Bay's oldest criminal legacies
    motivation - It's a living: Red Claw is professional hired muscle
    oops: Red Claw sometimes forgets her own strength

    abilities 40 + powers 81 + advantages 5 + skills 16/32 + defenses 8 = 150

    Since it's founding days, Phoenix Bay has been frequently plagued with Scorpions, starting with the notorious Scorpion Gang during the gold rush. For over a century and a half, their lawless legacy has since lived on, by both blood and inspiration, be it the mystery thug known as the Pincer during Prohibition, Dr. Skorpio through the silver age, or the short-lived killing spree of Deathstalker in the late 90s.

    Samantha Ryan is the latest scion to this family, a direct descendant of Sam Shapiro of the original Scorpion gang, but never more threatening than a dance club bouncer until the Iron Curtain, which turned her into a brutish scorpion woman with superhuman strength. her deformity ruining normal life, Samantha, now calling herself Red Claw, has embraced her heritage by setting up a new career as 'security' for any discerning client, from suspected mobsters to sleazy yet legitimate politicians. time will tell if Red Claw will continue her legitimate notoriety, or become a full criminal

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    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (20)
    STR 6/0 AGI 4 FIT 2 AWA 2
    STA 2 DEX 0 INT 10 PRE 0

    Powers (63)
    biotech fiber weave extensions: movement +4 (safe fall, swinging, wall-crawling 2) Enhanced STR +6 (flaw: limited-hair only -1), elongation +2 (flaw: limited-hair only -1), extra limbs +4 (19)
    hazsit suit: Protection +6, immunity +4 (disease, extreme heat, poison, radiation) (flaw: removable) (8)
    implanted cortex upgrade: enhanced INT +8, quickness +2 (flaw: limited-mental tasks only -1) (17)
    multi-tool: array (flaw: easily removable) (18)
    - gravity manipulator: Move object +8 (extra: damaging +1, precise) [25]
    - megadhesive: Affliction +8 (hindered & vulnerable/immobile & defenseless, dodge resists, STR overcomes, extras: cumulative +1, extra condition +1, precise, Range +1, flaw: limited degree -1) [25]
    - plasma torch: Damage +8 (extras: penetrating +1, range +1, precise) [25]
    - ultrabright: Affliction +8 (vision impaired/disabled/unaware, fort resists, extras: cumulative +1, range +1, flaw: sense-dependent -1) [20]

    Advantages (5)
    eidetic memory, improvised tools, inventor, move-by action, speed of thought

    Skills (29/58)
    close combat: living hair +10
    expertise: superheroes +6
    expertise: science +6
    insight +6
    investigation +6
    perception +6
    ranged combat: gadgets +12
    technology +6

    Defenses (34)
    TOU +8/2 DODGE +12 FORT +6 PARRY +12 WILL +14

    motivation - SHOW THEM ALL!: Spinel is driven by her need for approval and recognition
    my hero: Spinel idolizes the heroine amethyst, and wants to help her
    neuro-atypical: because of her implants, Spinel has difficulty recognizing social cues or concerns
    not a problem: Spinel often becomes so caught up in her work she can ignore problems that could be a dang to herself or others
    SCIENCE!: Spinel's need to further the cause of science can be an obsession
    weak-minded fools: Spinel bears grudge against Amethyst Tech
    yeah it does that: spinel's biotech hair isn't hard to conceal, it often acts on her subconscious thoughts

    abilities 20 + powers 63 + advantages 5 + skills 29/58 + defenses 34 = 150

    A gifted but underconfident young woman, Edna Ratner landed her dream job in her last year of high school with an internship at Amethyst Technologies, where she fixated on the praise and tutelage of its titular founder/CEO/superhero, gaining the confidence to perhaps become one of the top minds in her field one day. But then tragedy struck, when the company's board of investors forced Amethyst out of her own company, devastating Edna, believing this job was on her patronage alone. Driven by desperation, Edna threw herself into the project she was working on, the study and reverse engineering of alien biotechnology samples provided by the hero Grotesk, in particular a new form of fiber-optic cable with the potential for neural interface. breaking protocols, Edna rigged up a simple experiment, using one of the cables to link a VR headset to the company mainframe. what resulted was having countless terabytes shoved into Edna's brain, and causing the fiber to not only graft itself to her head, but to multiply, turning her hair into a dextrous mane of prehensile tendrils. Edna, never the most creative sort, knew THIS was her super-hero origin as she fled into the night and went to ground, knowing that all she had to do now was suitably impress amethyst with her newfound genius and join the champions

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