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Thread: Kreuz Control: Bete Noire, Black Bowman, Bolt, Directress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreuzritter View Post

    ... I just had a really, really bad idea.
    Check out my new super hero/science fiction novel, Unbelievable: A Tale of the Exotica Chronicles.

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    PL 6 (90)

    Abilities (12)
    STR 0 AGI 2 FIT 0 AWA 0
    STA 2 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

    Powers (42)
    annnd... action: Affliction +6 (extra: perception area +2, selective +1) (24)
    magic of cinema: Illusion +6 (sight, sound, extra: independent +1, flaw: will resists -1) (18)

    Advantages (2)
    benefit 2 (wealth 2)

    Skills (18/36)
    deception +8
    expertise: Actress +6
    expertise: filmmaker +4
    insight +6
    perception +6
    stealth +6

    Defenses (16)
    TOU +2 DODGE +4 FORT +4 PARRY +4 WILL +8

    editing room: Directress's mountains of footage includes things powerful people want left on the cutting room floor
    face that launched a thousand films: Directress is Veronica Crawford, once a famous actress
    I'm ready for my close up: flattery will get you everywhere with Directress
    masque of tragedy: Directress's face is badly burned. being reminded of this can reduce her to a weeping wreck
    motivation - Auteur: Directress is delusional, obsessed with creating the perfect Hollywood epic

    abilities 12 + powers 42 + advantages 2 + skills 18/36 + defenses 16 = 90

    a tragic figure, Veronica Crawford was a celebrated Hollywood star, until an abusive lover burned her face, destroying her beauty and career. retreating to the hermitage of her mansion, Veronica eventually accepted that the life she knew was over, but by then, her psyche had twisted so far that what she really wanted to do now was direct. not just any direction, but to create the greatest Hollywood epic of all time. A delusion reinforced by her now awakened and growing mental powers. Driven by mad whimsy, Directress is constantly filming new footage, such as a close up of a rare flower, or forcing total strangers to act out torrid love scenes in the street.

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