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Thread: Kreuz Control: BLOODLINES! - Lionheart, Razorsharp, Loose Cannon, Hook, Jamm, Geist

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    Re: Kreuz Control: BLOODLINES! - Lionheart, Razorsharp, Loose Cannon, Hook, Jamm, Geist

    Quote Originally Posted by kenseido View Post
    I think Hal's Will suffered the same power creep that most other long running heroes go through. In at least one version of his origin, he was tied with Guy Gardner and the ring chose him because he was closer. Then Guy went nuts and we'll...

    Of course, any time a comic company tries to update a character in response to fans complaints that the character is too powerful and unrelatable, fans cry murder and start a campaign to bring the "true" version of the character back.

    Comic fans can be quite insane at times.
    funny enough, going by this Where I Read of Green Lantern, back in the day it wasn't so much the power that was the problem as Hal's personality, as he'd see regular revamps of his civilian life and supporting cast, most notably when Dennis O'Neil would replace his self-direction with constant self-doubt during the "Hard Travelling heroes" era of the late 60's/early 70's, and after that, no two writers could ever agree on how to write him until the 00's.

    Iropnically while Hal would careen like this for decades, the other Lanterns would quickly settle into established character patterns

    John Stewart - starts as angry black man, but grows into the responsible, serious one

    Guy Gardner - originally "hal with red hair", Guy would be revamped in the 80's to be the loud, boisterous hotheaded arrogant jerk that would play off spectacularly in the ensemble cast of Justice League International. various attempts to flesh out hal would see Guy's edge's smoothed out that for all his attitude, he had hidden depths as well when under a good writer

    Kyle Rayner - mere mortal tossed into the deep end of cosmic stuff and having to live up to the legacy of those before him

    and to go back to hal, the version that's actually stuck best with me is his portrayal in Green Lantern: the animated series, where it was obvious that the writers were working from Captain Kirk

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    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (56)
    STR 4 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 2
    STA 10 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 4

    Powers (42)
    data familiar: senses +4 (danger sense, radius sight, radio) (4)
    Malvan dream jewel: array (extra: restricted 2, flaw: removable) (31)
    - Gravity beam: Move object +10 (extra: damaging +1, precise) [31]
    - ecto-matter fabrication: create +10 (extras: movable +1, precise, stationary +0, subtle) [32]
    - neural inhibitor: affliction +10 (daze/stun/incapacitate, will resists, extras: cumulative +1, range +1)
    - neural disruptor: damage +10 (extras: range +1, will resists +1) [30]
    - mind probe: mind reading +8 (extra: cumulative +1, effortless +1) [32]
    nanoscales: immunity +7 (age, disease, extreme cold, extreme heat, poison, suffocation) (7)

    Advantages (8)
    attractive, benefit 3 (space nobility), fascinate (persuasion), improved initiative, language (english, interlac native), move-by action

    Skills (24/48)
    deception +8
    expertise: galactic bon vivant +10
    insight +6
    ranged combat: dream jewel +10
    perception +6
    persuasion +8

    Defenses (20)
    TOU +10 DODGE 10 FORT +10 PARRY +10 WILL +10

    motivation - ADVENTURE!: Ziggy has discovered that there's life beyond Malva, and he wants to enjoy it to the fullest
    orbital class twit: Ziggy's perspective on things may differ from everyone else's, and can't really be expected to be subtle
    what's a little risk: Ziggy likes to think himself a gambling man

    abilities 56 + powers 42 + advantages 8 + skills 24/48 + defenses 20 = 150

    A Malvan noble who somehow escaped the great curse of ennui lain upon his people by the Elder Worms, Ziggy has spent his life exploring the wonders of the universe. he has recently come to the planet Sakaar on the advice of his personal physician, Dr. Panik, who proceeded to ditch his employer and steal Ziggy's ship for some universe saving scheme of dubious morality. Luckily for Ziggy, he makes friends easily...

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