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Thread: Kreuz Control: BLOODLINES! - Ballistic, Lionheart, Razorsharp

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    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (48)
    STR 8/4 AGI 4 FIT 6 AWA 2
    STA 4 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 4

    Powers (44)
    Lionheart Armor: flaw: removable) (32)
    - knight in shining power armor: enhanced STR +4, Protection +8 [16]
    - Photonic shield: Impervious TOU +12 [12]
    - rocket boots: Flight +6 [12]
    photonic broadsword: Damage +10 (extra: range +1, flaw: easily removable) (12)

    Advantages (8)
    assessment, benefit (government super-agent), contacts, improved initiative, interpose, move-by action, takedown, uncanny dodge

    Skills (30/60)
    athletics +6
    close combat: swords +4
    expertise: united Kingdom +8
    insight +6
    intimidation +8
    investigation +6
    perception +6
    persuasion +6
    ranged combat: Phtonic broadsword +10

    Defenses (20)
    TOU +12/4 DODGE +8 FORT +10 PARRY +8 WILL +10

    leashed lion: as a government-sponsored hero, Lionheart is expected to follow orders he may not agree with
    motivation - Patriotism: Lionheart is a modern Knight, fighting in the name of Queen and country
    on record: It doesn't take much digging to learn that Lionheart's real identity is Richard Plante
    wrong foot: Lionheart does not get on well with American or Australian superheroes

    abilities 48 + powers 44 + advantages 8 + skills 30/60 + defenses 20 = 150

    An English dockworker, Richard Plante was recruited by a special agency of the British government to be Great Britain's own official armored superhero, not so much for his strength, prowess or event heart, but because he was a direct descendent of King Richard the Lionhearted himself. For his first assignment, the newly armored Lionheart was to stop a series of murders while the Justice League International look like buffoons. In addition to these instructions, Lionheart got off on the wrong foot with the JLI when they met, but when push came to shove and they fought the alien parasites responsible to a stalemate, Lionheart was the last hero standing, critically wounded but ready to go toe-to-toe with Pritor, his honor and courage truly found after Elongated Man nearly sacrificed himself to save Lionheart.

    Lionheart would make recurring appearances in JLI for the remainder of its run, but his main role these days is to represent England and Europe for "the current crisis is being felt/fought world wide" Montage sequences

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    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (28)
    STR 0 AGI 6 FIT 6 AWA 2
    STA 6 DEX 2 INT 2 PRE 2

    Powers (54)
    Channel's Chummer: remote sensing +6 (sight, sound, extras: no conduit +1, simultaneous +1, flaws: medium-video cameras -1, uncontrolled -1) (18)
    new blood: Enhanced STA +4, enhanced AGI +4, enhanced FIT +4 (24)
    sword arms: Damage +8 (extras: improved crit, precise), movement +1 (wall-crawling) (12)

    Advantages (6)
    contacts, improved initiative, improvised tools, move-by action, skill mastery (technology), ultimate technology

    Skills (34/68)
    acrobatics +6
    athletics +6
    close combat: sword arms +6
    expertise: streetwise +8
    insight +6
    investigation +8
    perception +6
    sleight of hand +8
    technology +8
    stealth +6

    Defenses (28)
    TOU +6 DODGE +14 FORT +8 PARRY +14 WILL +12

    brother rat: Razorsharp makes sure Channel's comatose body is taken care of, not wanting to risk anything happening to her friend
    motivation - white hat: while still a mercanary data-thief, Razorsharp's decided to just go after crooks and scummy corps
    psyba-rats: Razorsharp and her crew have to keep one step ahead of the law
    yes, really, that's my name: Razorsharp is the handle of professional hacker/data theif Rae Sharp

    abilities 28 + powers 54 + advantages 6 + skills 34/68 + defenses 28 = 150

    working under the handle 'Razorsharp', Rae Sharp was the leader of the Psyba-Rats, an up and coming team of hackers turned freelance industrial spies, combining their electronic savvy with old fashioned burglary to gain physical access to offline networks. that is, until a job gone sour led them fleeing one deadly ambush into the waiting jaws of Venev, who sucked ("Phrasing."both Rae and her friend channel and left them for dead. saved by Output, the other surviving Psyba-Rat, Rae found she'd gained the power to turn her arms into deadly metal blades, while Channel's consciousness became disembodied, only able to communicate by hijacking nearby video electronics. Having no idea what Venev was and in no hurry to find out, Rae instead tried to take revenge on the gang's other would-be killers, but was stopped by Robin, who convinced Razorsharp, if not to turn over a new leaf, then that there was very little money in revenge and to at least go after the crooks and corrupt.

    afterwards, Rae would give the blood pack a try before her cyber-thefts drew too much attention, but stuck to the data thievery she knew best. Sadly, Razorsharp would make one last turn to heroism, fighting to defend Metropolis during Infinite Crisis, only to by casually slain by Superboy Prime.

    In the more recent Bloodlines Miniseries, Razorsharp was reimagined as an apprentice yet gifted auto mechanic whose town was infected with alien parasites, her arm-blade ability expanded to being able to produce blades across her body, not unlike the original crossover's Edge

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