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Thread: Aquaman's trident

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    Aquaman's trident

    I was reviewing Aquaman's stats this evening and I noticed he was lacking his Neptune's trident and the melee there an errata for this and if not how would you stat the trident?

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    Re: Aquaman's trident

    Just a basic trident would be easy. Str-based Damage 3 plus Reach (for the length) Improved Disarm (a common use for forked weapons) and Improved Critical would cover all the melee stuff, plus it adds on well to his existing STR without breaking his PL12.

    However, it doesn't look like the full Trident of Neptune was ever statted out. Looking at the description in the wikis, it would be a complicated piece of work. Below I've thrown a build together that hits all the notes. It is a Device, but doesn't use any Arrays to save points, so all powers can be active simultaneously. Overall it comes out at 139p, but there's plenty of room for customizing and optimizing.

    Trident of Neptune (Easily Removable (indestructible))
    . . Conjure Water/Force Fields: Create 12 (Volume: 4000 cft., DC 22; Impervious, Variable Descriptor: close group - Water/Magical Force)
    . . Neptune's Grace: Enhanced Trait 5 (Advantages: Benefit, Status 5: divine right to rule the sea)
    . . Transform Creatures: Progressive Affliction 12 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Transformed, Resisted by: Will, DC 22; Progressive, Reversible)
    . . Trident: Strength-based Damage 3 (DC 20, Advantages: Improved Critical, Improved Disarm; Reach (melee): 5 ft.)
    . . Water Blasts/Energy Bolts/Lightning: Damage 12 (DC 27; Increased Range 2: perception, Variable Descriptor: close group - Water/Magical Force/Weather)
    . . Water Control: Move Object 12 (100 tons; Increased Range: perception; Limited Material: Water)
    . . Weather Control: Environment 12 (Other: Varying Effects 5, Radius: 8 miles; Selective, Selective)

    EDIT - there's also a PL14 version of Aquaman with the magical Trident in the Roll Call Thread here.
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