Ser Timon

Timon offers Ser Gerold a tired smile. "I would dearly like to know more of what's going on in House Lychester, but after the past few days I've had my fill of taunts and obfuscation. Let Balon Lychester be on his way, and the less we see of each other, the better."

"As for Mychel Hayford, I'm of a mind to invite him to Reedtown, but not until I know that the traitor's mint has been safely hidden away. And now, perhaps, it would also be wise to await the outcome of Lord Roote's diplomacy. So yes, please detain him for the week. I will send word when we are ready for him in Reedtown."

"Lord Roote - with your permission, I will retire to the Riverfly with my party and await delivery of the copies of your letters. Then we will depart post haste for Reedtown."

OOC: Let's wrap up events in Lord Harroway's Town. Since Lord Roote isn't up for a more proactive stance with regards to the conspirators, there's not much more Timon feels he can accomplish here. He's keen to get home and make sure that the mint gets hidden away somewhere safe until he can figure out what to do with it. He also wants to talk to Ethan about cementing a more formal alliance with House Roote and, given that some form of military crisis may be looming in the near future, he'll want to convince Ethan to step up training and recruitment for the house military as soon as possible.

So Timon's game plan for the near future is:
1. Go home.
2. Hide the mint and beef up security.
3. Keep his ear on the ground for anything regarding the conspiracy.
4. Await the outcome of Lord Roote's diplomacy.