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Thread: (IC) Black Dragon Rising

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    Re: (IC) Black Dragon Rising


    The young man nods his head in acknowledgement and gratitude of Ser Gerold's words, his eyes briefly darting towards Ser Joren as his 'shots' are first mentioned. When Ser Hayford is mentioned, Quinton's eyes come back to bear on Ser Gerold and he responds softly, "It was the least I should do." With that, the boy goes quiet again, allowing Ser Timon to share what information he has with Ser Gerold and to assess how to properly treat Lord Roote's newest "guest".

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    Re: (IC) Black Dragon Rising

    Ser Timon and Quinton

    Lord Roote nods pensively as Timon explains the plot. “Seven above this is complicated. Lychester soldiers turned brigand, Leo Darry, Zachery Lychester, Shawney . . .” Wincing, the Lord scoots off the table to a standing position. He favors his wounded leg as he paces about. “As you recommend, I will not put Balon Lychester to question on such thin grounds. Indeed, I will release him and apologize for the misunderstanding that led my men to accost him. As for Shawney, you may remain here to intercept the barge if you wish, or if not, my customs officer will take it upon himself to do it. I won’t stage a mummer’s farce to induce the codeword—easier to just search and seize the cargo of every Shawney barge. Of course, such an unusual measure will require certain courtesies. I shall send a rider to Shaw Tower informing him that such a standing search order has been issued.”

    “Our efforts should not stop there. We should make every effort to ensure that it is us, and not some other, who alerts Lord Rivers. And Johanna Tully for that matter. I will recall my heir Robar and drill the garrison, so that Lord Shawney is not tempted into rash action.”

    Ser Timon

    It does not escape you that Roote’s plan would give forewarning to Shawney, should the rider arrive before the barge departs. Lord Quincy is proposing to allow Shawney to abandon the plot without losing face or admitting treason. Timid. Wise?

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    Re: (IC) Black Dragon Rising


    "I agree - even if we could coerce Joren into becoming our catspaw, there's too many ways our trap could be sprung prematurely to make it worth the effort. But seizing the cargo of every Shawney barge while giving Lord Shawney fair warning? I doubt the wisdom of such a course of action, my lord. For the moment, we have the upper hand, but if Shawney is alerted, he will surely act to distance himself, and any other conspirators will disappear even further into the shadows. They may even find the means to turn the tables on us."

    "Would it not be possible to manufacture some pretext for searching Shawney's barges that would not require an explanation ahead of time? For instance, you were attacked by brigands in the streets of your own town - who could reasonably protest if you responded by swiftly cracking down on smugglers and other criminal elements? You could have your customs officer search all of Shawney's barges as they come in, but include enough other vessels so as to make it less obvious that his ships are being targeted."

    "As for alerting Lord Rivers - I had previously considered recruiting Ser Mychel for that purpose, though at the time I had hopes of having more evidence on hand. But if you are willing to risk it, we might bring him into the fold now. And if not him, then it must at least be someone whom we know has the Hand's ear and who we can trust not to turn on us."

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