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Thread: (IC) Black Dragon Rising

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    Re: (IC) Black Dragon Rising

    Ser Timon and Quinton

    The gloom has deepened. After the ambush, every shadow looms a dark attacker; every alleyway full of hidden peril. But no soul dares challenge you as you make your way to up Tower Street. Some onlookers appear, at the doorways and windows. Here, a drunkard pisses against a wall, twisting around to behold the passage of your armed troupe. There, an innkeep pauses with an armful of firewood. Mychel Hayford stands ‘neath the eaves of a tavern, his face lit by lantern-light, taking in your passage with his eyes. They say Lord Bloodraven has a thousand eyes, and one. Two of his thousand overwatch you tonight, if not more.

    Soon enough, you gain the tower. Meryn Templeton stands guard at the step and quickly ushers you inside before raising the drawbridge by counterweighted device.

    Inside, the braziers are alive with flame, brightening the hall. Lord Roote is lying on a table with his leg outstretched, propped up on his elbows. His grey-haired maester is bent over his leg, performing some sort of healing. Bottles, blades, and linen bandages are strewn beside Roote on the table, readily at hand. Ser Tremond Butterwell remains close by his side.

    On the far side of the hall, the captives have been made to sit in the corner, disarmed but unfettered. A shorn-headed man stands over them, cradling a loaded crossbow. He’s clad in simple roughspuns, with the martial bearing of a common soldier.

    Ser Gerold Whent strides across the hall to greet you. “Leyburn, bid your men drag another table over here for the Fox. We’ll have the truth soon enough, likely before Lychester or any other accomplices flee. I’ve ordered Ser Sebaston to muster the garrison and seal the town.” Ser Sebaston Frey is the one household knight who did not attend the dockside sortie.

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    Re: (IC) Black Dragon Rising


    While Traveling...

    "Yes, Ser Timon," Quinton says sheepishly, embarrassed by the knight's reprimand for his seemingly foolish question. "For a moment, I wasn't sure..." he admits, as if wanting to continue with some thought, but then immediately clamming up. Instead, he firms his jaw, trying to pick his spirits back up off the ground and looking ahead of them. He says back to the knight, "It is good you came when you did, Ser Timon. We were quite fortunate."

    At The Tower...

    The young man in Ser Timon's service looks to his master at Ser Gerold's request, showing his willingness to complete the task of fetching a table. With Ser Timon's leave, Quinton would work with any of the Leyburn footmen in their company to grab one of the tables and bring it to a lit area of the hall where Ser Joren could be tended to and inquired upon. In the process, he would stow his bow and quiver against the wall - inaccessible to any of the prisoners, but out of the way from anyone tripping over them or otherwise finding them an obstacle.
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