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Thread: Builds by a Geek

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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    Here's the sidekick/partner build of Blue Jay and Black Swan, the fluff is pretty much the same though so we'll just go bare bones with this. There's also a chance that since I had to re-write this that I've made an error in my attempts to do so.

    Blue Jay & Black Swan

    Blue Jay Bio

    Secret Identity: Jameson "James" Jackson
    Blue Jay Gender: Male
    Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
    28 6'2" 200 lbs Brown Black

    Blue Jay & Odette Crunch

    Power Level 8
    *Due to enhanced trait
    Name Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence Total Cost
    Blue Jay 3 3 5 0 7 4 2 0 48 points
    Odette 7/1 2 5 0 0 7 2 0 34 points
    Odette Devices = 22 points

    Black Swan Suit: removable (-5pts) = 22 points total
    • Swan Wings: flight 4 (30mph, wings = 4 points
    • Armor: protection 5 = 5 points
    • Nano-Cling: movement 1 (wall-crawling) = 2 points
    • Swan Suit Power Source: 12 point array = 16 points Total
      • Nano-Boosters: enhanced strength 6 = 12 points
      • Non-Lethal Projectile Launcher: ranged damage 5, accurate, ricochet = 1pt
      • Stun Touch: cumulative affliction 6 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1pt
      • Stealth System: concealment 6 (all vision & all hearing) = 1pt
      • Hypnotic Pulse: burst area cumulative affliction 6 (resisted by will; impaired, exhausted, asleep), sense dependent (hearing) = 1pt

    Blue Jay Equipment = 45 equipment points
    Grapnel: movement 1 (swinging) = 2 points
    Glider Cape: Flight 4 (30mph) (wings, gliding) = 2 points
    Smartphones x2 = 4 points
    Body Armor: Protection 2 = 2 points
    Multi-tool: Improvised tools = 1 point
    Flashlight: feature 1 (illumination) = 1 point
    Rebreather: Immunity 2 (suffocation; limited to a few minutes) = 1 points
    Utility Belt: 12 point array = 17pts
    • Boomerangs: strength-based damage 2, ranged 5, multiattack 5, homing 1, diminished range (50ft, 125ft, 250ft) = 12pts
    • Bolos: ranged cumulative affliction 4 (resisted by dodge, overcome by damage/sleight of hand; hindered & vulnerable, immobile & defenseless) extra condition, limited degree = 1pt
    • Taser Dart: ranged cumulative affliction 4 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1pt
    • Explosives: ranged burst area damage 4 = 1pt
    • Smoke Bomb: ranged cloud area concealment 2 (normal vision) attack = 1pt
    • Collapsible Staff: strength-based damage 2, reach (+5ft), split, improved defense, subtle 1 (concealable) = 1pt

    Vehicle: The Jaycycle = 13 points total
    • Medium Size
    • Strength 3 = 3 points
    • Speed 6 = 6 points
    • Defense 10
    • Toughness 8 = 3 points
    • Features: Remote Control = 1 point

    Black Swan Equipment:
    Headquarters: The Nest = 15 points total
    • Large Size, Toughness 10 = 4 points
    • Features: communications, computers, concealed, garage, gym, infirmary, laboratory, living space, power system, security system, workshop = 11 points

    Blue Jay Advantages: assessment, benefit 3 (millionaire), defensive roll 1, defensive attack, equipment 9, jack-of-all-trades, set-up, sidekick 22, skill mastery (intimidation), startle, teamwork, tracking, uncanny dodge, well-informed = 45 points

    Black Swan Advantages: agile feint, contacts, eidetic memory, equipment 3, inventor, set-up, skill mastery 3 (acrobatics, technology, investigation), teamwork, well-informed = 13 points

    Blue Jay Skills: Acrobatics 0 (+5), Athletics 0 (+3), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+9), Close Combat: Others 0 (+7), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Streetwise 1 (+5), Expertise: Business 1 (+5), insight 6 (+8), intimidation 12 (+12), investigation 1 (+5), perception 6 (+8), persuasion 5 (+5), Ranged combat: Throwing 9 (+9), sleight of hand 0 (+0), stealth 0 (+5), technology 0 (+4), treatment 0 (+4), vehicles 5 (+5) = 24 points

    Black Swan Skills: Acrobatics 7 (+12), Athletics 0 (+8), Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+6), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Science 3 (+10), insight 3 (+5), intimidation 0 (+0), investigation 8 (+15), perception 6 (+8), persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged combat: Projectile Launcher 6 (+8), stealth 0 (+5), technology 8 (+15), treatment 3 (+10) = 25 points

    Name Blue Jay Black Swan
    Dodge 8 6
    Parry 8 6
    Toughness 6/4/3 7/2
    Fortitude 7 6
    Will 7 7
    Totals 13 16
    Offense Blue Jay
    Initiative +5
    Unarmed +9 Close, Damage 3 (DC18)
    Staff +7 Close (+5 feet), Damage 5 (DC20), split
    Boomerang +9 Ranged, damage 5+ (DC20+), homing 1
    Bolos +9 Ranged, Affliction 4 (DC14)
    Taser Dart +9 Ranged, Affliction 4 (DC14)
    Offense Odette
    Initiative +0
    Unarmed +6 Close, Damage 7 (DC22)
    Stun Touch +6 close, affliction 6 (DC12)
    Non-lethal Projectile +8 Ranged, damage 5 (DC20), ricochet 1
    Hypno-Wave - Close burst, Affliction 6 (DC18/14)
    Blue Jay - Abilities: 48 + Powers: 0 + Advantages: 45 + Skills: 24 + Defenses: 13 = 130 points
    Black Swan - Abilities: 34 + Powers: 22 + Advantages: 13 + Skills: 25 + Defenses: 16 = 110 points
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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    Not an original character as such. This is pretty much Mindforce from the Hero High Yearbook a short time after her graduation (I cannot and do not take credit for the picture). I've made some alterations based on how I think a few years at Claremont affected her personality, gave her some refinement over her powers, but most significantly a tragedy that occurred shortly after her graduation that gave her an excuse to hang around in Freedom City for the game she's in. It'll be interesting to see how she develops now that she's back in super-heroics in earnest after a bad start.


    Mindcrash Bio

    Code Name: Mindcrash
    Secret Identity: Tia'kim Moc Thranen
    Gender: Female
    Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
    19 5'7" 135 lbs Green Violet

    Born and raised to be military and it shows; Tia'kim keeps a rigid posture and is largely no-nonsense and formal, though her time at Claremont did, after no small amount of effort on the part of the faculty, teach her to loosen up a little bit but only during moments that are strictly recreational. After the disastrous foray into superheroics she prefers to spend as little time as possible off-the-clock, doing her best to keep herself occupied, as it distracts her from how isolated she feels on this planet so far from the home she feels that she's let down with her failure.

    Mindcrash Crunch

    Power Level 9
    Abilities = 30pts
    Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
    0 2 1 0 5 1 6 0

    Powers = 65 points

    Telekinesis: 27 point array.
    • Telekinetic Crush: Damaging Move Object 9 = 27 points
    • Telekinetic Choke: ranged cumulative affliction 9 (resisted by fortitude; fatigued, exhausted, incapacitated) = 1 point
    • Telekinetic Lift: move object 11, precise, inaccurate, subtle 1 (detectable by relevant mental senses), feature 4 (improved disarm, improved hold, improved trip, and improvised tools applied to move object) = 1 point
    • Telekinetic Field: shapeable area move object 9 = 1 point

    Telekinetic Force Field: sustained impervious protection 10 = 20 points

    Levitation: Flight 7 (250mph) = 14 points

    Mental Awareness: senses 1 (mental awareness) = 1pt

    Advantages: Accurate attack, close attack 2, Equipment 1, extraordinary effort, improved initiative, language 1 (English; Loran native), power attack, ranged attack 7, ultimate effort (will saves) = 16 points

    Skills: Athletics 0 (+0), Close Combat 0 (+7), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Security 4 (+5), insight 4 (+10), intimidation 6 (+6), perception 8 (+14), persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged combat: Telekinesis 2 (+9), stealth 0 (+1), Technology 4 (+5), vehicles 5 (+5) = 11 points

    Equipment: Baton (strength-based damage 1), flashlight, handcuffs, separate smart phone = 5 equipment points

    Defense = 15 points
    Dodge 6
    Parry 5
    Toughness 12
    Fortitude 7
    Will 11

    Initiative +5
    Unarmed +7 Close, Damage 0 (DC15)
    Telekinetic Crush +9 Ranged, Damage 9 (DC24)/Grab 9 (DC19)
    Telekinetic Choke +9 Ranged, Affliction 9 (DC19)
    Telekinetic Lift +7 Ranged, Grab (DC21)
    Telekinetic Field - Ranged, Shapeable Area Grab (DC19)
    Telekinetic Throw +7 Ranged, Damage 11 (DC26)
    Telekinetic Weapon +7 Close, Damage 11 (DC26)

    Abilities: 30 + Powers: 65 + Advantages: 16 + Skills: 11 + Defenses: 15 = 137 points

    Power Descriptors

    Telekinesis: [Psychic] [Kinetic] Thus far having been the only success of the Lor Military's "Project Brainstorm," Mindcrash can use far more telekinetic force than the average Lor Mentat. Having been trained for military purposes most of her uses of this power are offensive in nature.

    Telekinetic Crush: [Psychic] [Kinetic] Concentrating more on raw telekinetic force than simply holding something in her telekinetic grip, Mindcrash can crush whatever her telekinesis has a hold of. Or just hit it with the sheer force, whatever works. There is a violet glow around her and whatever she's concentrating this telekinetic force on.

    Telekinetic Choke: [Psychic] [Kinetic] [Suffocation] Aiming to incapacitate by means other than brute force, Mindcrash tries to instead exert enough force to restrict an opponent's breathing.

    Telekinetic Lift: [Psychic] [Kinetic] Mindcrash can lift about 50 tons, practically double if she concentrates, from a distance with her mind. She is surprisingly precise with this, able to perform many tasks of fine manipulation or precision work. though she still by and far applies this power to combat situations more often than not, often times using hapless targets as improvised bludgeons or throwing implements. Despite the greater lifting capacity this requires less concentrated mental energy on her part and thus the telekinetic power does not emit a noticeable glow when used. Of course appropriate mental senses could still easily catch its use.

    Force Field: [Psychic] [Kinetic] Mindcrash maintains a closely formed barrier of telekinetic force to deflect blows that could otherwise seriously injure her.

    Levitation: [Psychic] [Kinetic] [Movement] Mindcrash is able to use her own powers to lift herself into the air with considerable ease and respectable flight speed.

    Mental Awareness: [Psychic] [Mental] [Senses] Though her mentat powers mostly manifest through telekinesis, Mindcrash is attuned enough to psychic wavelengths to be able to tell when someone is using mind-based powers near her.

    Besides her powers Mindcrash is quick to notice things and learning to fiddle with the comparatively primitive technology of Earth, after all learning its ins and outs keeps her occupied. She keeps a bit of equipment from her day-job as a security guard on hand, and a separate phone for her costumed identity.


    Motivation - Acceptance: Tia'kim is desperately looking for her place in the universe, especially now that the purpose she had been training for now seems far out of reach than it used to be. The isolation and loneliness have been increasingly difficult to bear.

    Motivation - Responsibility: Tia'kim was taught by both the Lor Military and her teachers at Claremont Academy to use her powers for the greater good. Though after the disaster of her post-graduation adventure she wishes she could leave the uniform behind at times, this sense of duty to protect others has been thoroughly ingrained into her.

    Identity: Keeps the identity of "Tia Kim" and Mindcrash a secret.

    Responsibility: Is a security guard for the Bayview Mall, where former underclassmen from Claremont like to frequent in their secret identities as well.

    Strict Training: Trained to use her powers for military purposes from a young age has left Tia'kim remarkably lacking in creativity in the use of her powers - any attempt to power stunt off of her telekinesis array requires she make a DC11 INT roll.

    Flashbacks: After failing to save an entire family from being crushed under falling rubble Tia'Kim has periodically suffered from traumatic flashbacks that can hinder her performance, ranging from mildly breaking her focus to outright freezing her up in the heat of the moment. These flashbacks are more likely the trigger in the presence of collateral damage where civilians are present.

    Alien: Though Lor Republic humans are close enough in appearance to pass for Earthlings, her growing up in another galaxy, plus her almost single-minded focus on her studies at Claremont have left Tia'kim with some glaring holes in her knowledge of Earth culture.

    Reputation: Mindcrash's most publicized adventure was her greatest failure, and catching a handful of street thugs hasn't been significant enough for people to really move past that.

    Relationship: Though she doesn't overtly show it, she maintains a friendship with Zoey at Claremont Academy, she's a bit protective of Claremont's current crop, after all... she got a taste of what's in store for them.

    Mindcrash backstory

    In the aftermath of the Stellar Khanate’s invasion, and facing the continued Grue threat, the Lor military launched Project Brainstorm, an effort to create more powerful mentats using a combination of genetic and psychological engineering. But while Project Brainstorm resulted in a greater proportion of mentats being created than appeared in the general population they were no more powerful than their counterparts. Until Tia’kim, a mentat so powerful she was expected to one day exceed Project Brainstorm’s most ambitious goals.

    Although the military tried to keep Tia’kim under wraps, Senator Ackundar, a big proponent of military accountability, learned of her existence and she was not about to let the most powerful mentat in a generation (perhaps ever) become a tool for the military. After tireless lobbying (and secret talks with Daedalus and Duncan Summers) the senator managed to have Tia’kim enrolled at Claremont where it is hoped the young mentat will grow into an individual capable of making wise and independent decisions.

    For most of her stay at Claremont Tia'kim could not be broken of her military upbringing, unfailingly addressing her teachers as "sir" or "ma'am," or marching down the hallways, keeping her dormitory room cleaned to military standards, and almost unflinchingly focused on her studies. Tia'kim occasionally caught herself staring out the window at students who have had more ordinary lives, and was eventually able to loosen up when not otherwise occupied, even making friends with a freshman by the name of Cindy May.

    Mindforce, as she went by during her time at Claremont, was considered one of the more powerful students on her graduation, and she felt ready to prove herself before returning to the Lor Republic and its military. Things did not go well however. During a battle against a few members of the Power Corps she was forced to choose between rescuing civilians or capturing the evil men who shot down all that rubble that could crush the civilians, including the still largely untrained Cindy May and her family! Of course Mindforce did as she was taught and used her telekinesis to catch the rubble, but one of the Power Corps felt it necessary to give her a parting shot, and the force of the blast knocked her out, leaving the screaming of civilians being crushed the last thing she heard before passing out, and their crushed remains of Cindy being the first thing she saw when she woke up.

    The media, of course, didn't fail to pick up on her failed heroics, though other heroes and her teachers were sympathetic (many of them had been there), the public was not as kind. To make matters worse she was obviously affected by flashbacks of the disaster and the Lor Officers sent to evaluate her picked right up on that, declaring her unfit for duty and basically leaving her on Earth until such a time she can prove she's ready.

    With some help from Duncan Summers Tia'Kim has settled into a somewhat ordinary life to keep her busy as a security guard for the Bayview Mall, though she recognizes some of the underclassmen from her school, she rarely socializes with them (though she does feel the need to keep an eye on them). Perhaps the untested enthusiasm of these underclassmen has rubbed off on her because she's been slowly but steadily going out in costume again under a new name, Mindcrash (a name she picked as a grim, but in her mind necessary, reminder of her failure).

    Mindcrash has been seen more and more since the Freedom League vanished, something she prays is only temporary, as they were among the only ones who could put her back in touch with the Lor Republic whenever she was ready. Until they return, and until Mindcrash is ready to overcome her trauma, she must keep Freedom City safe, she must not fail this time!

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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    Okay so she's a walking (running perhaps) stereotype of the hyperactive speedster and I love her for it! Suki was one of the characters I had the most fun role-playing. She was fun-loving, had issues that helped me write her behavior when I kept them in the back of my head, and just had a few funny little touches. I would definitely write up her build differently than it is presented here, and if I do revive her (I hope to do so soon) I will update it accordingly, but this is the build she had when the game died, thus I shall archive it here.

    Nariko "Suki" Tsukino

    Nariko Bio

    Public Identity: Nariko "Suki" Tsukino
    Gender: Female
    Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
    18 5'2" 118 lbs Brown Black (dyed purple)

    Nariko Crunch

    Power Level 8
    Abilities = 28pts
    Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
    2 2 5 0 3 0 2 0
    Powers = 65 points
    Speedy: speed 15 (64,000 mph), quickness 10, movement 3 (water-walking, wall-crawling 2; limited - only while running) = 28 points

    Fast Fighting: 15 point array = 20 points total
    • Flurry: strength-based damage 2, selective multiattack 4, penetrating 4, subtle (DC20), (eletrical descriptor on penetrating) = 15 points
    • "Pew Pew": ranged multiattack damage 4 (electric), precise = 1 point
    • Taser Touches: multiattack cumulative affliction 4 (electric; resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated), subtle (DC20) = 1 point
    • Takedown: selective shapeable area damage 5 = 1 point
    • "Night Night": selective shapeable area affliction 5 (electric; resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1 point
    • Friction Burn: multiattack weaken toughness 4, affects objects also, subtle 1 (DC20 to perceive) = 1 point

    Quick Fighter: enhanced advantages 6 (defensive roll 3, improved initiative 3), enhanced defenses 12 (dodge 6, parry 6), enhanced skills 21 (close combat: unarmed 9; quirk - not against opponents with higher initiative totals (-2pp), ranged combat: fast fighting 12; quirk - not against opponents with higher initiative totals (-2pp)) = 21 points

    Advantages: agile feint, move-by action, evasion, language (Japanese), uncanny dodge = 5 points

    Skills: acrobatics 5 (+10), athletics 8 (+10), close combat: unarmed 9 (+12), deception 5 (+5), perception 3 (+5), ranged combat: fast fighting 12 (+12), sleight of hand 8 (+8), stealth 5 (+10), technology 5 (+5) = 13 points

    Defense = 10 points
    Dodge 11
    Parry 11
    Toughness 5/2
    Fortitude 6
    Will 6
    Initiative +17
    Unarmed +12 close, damage 4+ (DC19+)
    Fast Fighting +12 Ranged, damage 4+ (DC19+)
    Taser Touches +12 close, affliction 4+ (DC14+)
    Abilities: 28 + Powers: 69 + Advantages: 5 + Skills: 13 + Defenses: 10 = 125 points


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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    Motivation - Acceptance: Nariko may not let on about it but all she really wants is to be loved.

    Prejudice: She doesn't necessarily shout it from the rooftops but Suki doesn't really keep it a secret that she's a lesbian, drawing the ire of some.

    Reputation: Anyone that would care to know is aware that Nariko spent time in Juvenile Hall for petty thievery and pick-pocketing.

    Accident: Prolonged direct skin contact with Suki can give people a mild but painful shock and short out common electronics, thus requiring her to wear gloves to interact with the modern world and has made finding a partner since getting her powers difficult.

    Relationship: Her parents still live in Freedom City even though she's estranged from them and still can't forgive them, they're still family; her present feelings on her parents have yet to be resolved.

    Secret: Tells people she's a mutant but in reality she volunteered for (unbeknownst to her) an illegal experiment that kidnapped street kids to test meta-human experiments on them. Nariko wasn't just the only success, she was the only survivor. She's deeply afraid that whoever was behind the experiments is still out there and ashamed that she couldn't do anything for the other kids.

    Nariko backstory

    The Tsukinos were new arrivals in Freedom City when Nariko was born. Her father was a strict disciplinarian and almost never praised Nariko for her achievements while always scolding her for her failures; her mother was gentler but nonetheless sided with her husband and also pushed Nariko to be a model young lady. Two years into high-school Nariko had one final argument with her folks about their expectations. One slammed bedroom door and midnight kitchen raid later, Nariko ran away.

    She got by with a street gang, stole from stores, broke into apartments, and lifted wallets from pockets; always proud of her quick feet, it was certainly humbling to be picked up by the shirt collar by Johnny Rocket not even five seconds after picking some random guy's pocket. Nariko's parents were furious and left her to serve her time in juvenile hall with nothing but harsh words and how much of a shame she was to them.

    Dejected, "Suki," quietly served her time in juvie, but again ran away from her parents at the first opportunity and never looked back; taking whatever odd jobs she could find, crashing with a girl that Suki liked. However she was thrown out soon after making her feelings known to the girl and thus Suki was left to crash with anyone who would let her. Eventually left with nowhere to go Suki accepted an "offer that would change your life," because hell, it couldn't get any worse.

    When she woke up she was at first elated to find out about her powers, but was soon horrified to find out she was the only survivor. Apparently Nariko was more of a success than expected as she quickly wrecked the lab with her newfound powers. Suki swore to never speak of what just happened and decided to try again.

    At first she fell back into old habits, but she was again caught by Johnny Rocket after a long chase through the city. After returning what she stole, instead of turning her in Johnny decided to help the girl set her life straight. With a little advice and encouragement Nariko started an odd-jobs service which used the speed she could complete tasks at as a selling point, even taking some time to beat up small time crooks (though she felt no shame lifting from THEIR wallets). With the League gone however, can Suki step up to bigger things?

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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    The concept for the game that Nightbird debuted in was interesting, we work for a mysterious backer who will give our character's their heart's desire if they do as he says, but the catch is that if they fail him he will take away the thing they treasure most in the whole world. Unfortunately the game didn't reach completion, a shame too as the GM was pretty reliable for lasting a while; but even so I did enjoy the game and I enjoyed Nightbird, even though she was a hair cursed by the dice-roller. A crime-fighter with more of a ninja flavor than my other crime-fighters, but perhaps taking a note from Nightkeeper earlier I made every effort to make it so Nightbird was NOT grim and dark. Sure darkness was one of her tools but Nightbird was far more affable than Nightkeeper ever was thankfully. However in a twist she could also be more severe than my other crime-fighters - Nightbird is one of the few characters I've made who is willing to resort to lethal force. It takes quite a push for her to resort to it, in backstory she's only killed two people who were both absolutely horrendous, and has even chided her other teammates for being quick to suggest resorting to killing (though likewise they stepped in during the one time she was about to severely punish a villain). It created an interesting dynamic that I would've liked to pursue further.


    Nightbird Bio

    Code Name: Nightbird
    Secret Identity: Victoria "Tori" Banner
    Gender: Female
    Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
    25 5'9" 144 lbs blue blonde

    Nightbird Crunch

    Power Level 9
    Abilities = 38pts
    *Due to enhanced trait
    Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
    3 3 3 0 7 3 0 0
    Powers = 4 points

    Fast: Speed 2 = 2pts
    Vaulting: Leaping 2, acrobatics check required (DC11) = 1pt
    Acquired immunity: immunity 2 (disease and poison; half-effect) = 1pt

    Equipment = 50 equipment points
    Grapnel: movement 1 (swinging) = 2 points
    Glider Cape: Flight 4 (30mph) (wings, gliding) = 2 points
    Comlink to Nest = 1 point
    Flashlight: Feature 1 (illumination) = 1 point
    Tool Kit: Feature 2 (Remove circumstance penalties for being without tools) = 2 points
    Rebreather: Immunity 2 (suffocation; limited to a few minutes) = 1 points
    Bug: Remote Hearing = 1 point

    Weaponry: 15 point array.
    • Bombs: Ranged burst area damage 5 = 15 points
    • Knives: Strength-based damage 2, range 5, multiattack 5, improved critical (knives), improved defense, improved disarm = 1 point
    • Poison Dart: Ranged cumulative affliction 5 (resist by fortitude; impaired, disabled, incapacitated) = 1 point
    • Bolos: cumulative ranged affliction 5 (resist by dodge, overcome by damage; hindered and vulnerable, immobile and defenseless) extra condition, limited degree = 1 point
    • Taser Darts: cumulative ranged affliction 5 (resist by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1 point
    • Sleep Gas Pellets: Ranged Cloud Area Affliction 4 (Resisted by Fortitude; Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep) = 1 point
    • Flash Bombs: Ranged burst Area cumulative Affliction 4 (Resisted by Fortitude; vision impaired, vision disabled, vision unaware), limited to one sense = 1 point
    • Smoke Bombs: Ranged attack cloud Area concealment 2 (vision) = 1 point

    Headquarters: The Nest = 18 points total
    • Large Size, Toughness 10 = 4 points
    • Features: Communications, Computer, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, workshop, Secret, Personnel = 14 points

    Advantages: defensive roll 3, eidetic memory, power attack, well-informed, benefit 5 (billionaire), move-by action, connected, tracking, evasion 2, instant up, hide in plain sight, skill mastery (stealth), defensive attack, uncanny dodge, equipment 10, precise attack 2 (close; concealment, range; concealment), set-up, teamwork = 35 points

    Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 7 (+10), Close Combat: Blades 6 (+13), Deception 12 (+12), Expertise: Business 3 (+6), insight 0 (+0), investigation 5 (+8), perception 12 (+12), persuasion 4 (+4), Ranged combat: Throwing 13 (+13), sleight of hand 12 (+12), stealth 11 (+14), technology 2 (+5), treatment 2 (+5) = 31 points

    Defense = 29 points
    Dodge 12
    Parry 12
    Toughness 6/3
    Fortitude 9
    Will 9
    Initiative +3
    Unarmed +7 Close, Damage 3 (DC18)
    Knives +13 Close/Ranged, Damage 5 (DC20), multiattack, crit 19-20
    Abilities: 38 + Powers: 4 + Advantages: 35 + Skills: 31 + Defenses: 29 = 137 points


    Nightbird has no superhuman power, instead relying on her training and equipment.

    Fast: [physical] [movement] Nightbird is a very fast runner.

    Vaulting: [physical] [movement] With well-timed springing Nightbird is capable of leaping an incredible distance.

    Acquired immunity: [physical] [biological]Access to advanced vaccines plus exposure to certain poisons have made Nightbird highly resistant to a large number of toxins and diseases.

    Knives: [Cutting/Piercing] [Physical] While training with the Wing Shadow order Tori excelled in the use of knives for both melee combat and for throwing them.

    Bolos: [Entanglement] [Physical]By throwing these weighted cords she can bind opponents to make them easier to attack.

    Smoke Bomb: [Smoke] Great for providing cover.

    Flash Bombs: [Bright Light] Used to blind small groups

    Sleep Gas Pellets: [Gas] Capable of rendering groups asleep

    Taser Dart: [Electrical] Taking inspiration from the poison darts employed by the Wing Shadow she had darts that carry a paralytic charge within them designed for less lethal takedowns.

    Poison Dart: [Poison] Not that she's left behind one of the staple weapons she trained with. The dosage is low enough to avoid killing most people... on accident.

    Bombs: [Explosives] Relatively small explosives. Nightbird's not overly fond of them due to the noise and collateral damage but sometimes they're useful in a jam.

    Other Equipment: Using a lot of prototypes in development for her company's defense contracts Nightbird makes use of a grapnel gun to latch to higher ledges for more freedom of movement, a cape that when exposed to a specific electrical current shapes itself into a glider, plus a kit containing a number of small tools.


    Motivation - Thrills: Though Tori's wild-side was greatly tempered it could not be completely tamed. With her resources and newly acquired skills she enjoys using them to fight crime, plus doing good feels good.

    Responsibility: Nightbird has not left behind her discipline in her search for excitement; she holds herself to a strict rule of killing only those who have proven themselves entirely irredeemable, she will not use her skills and training to abuse the helpless, and she will never use her skills for personal profit at the innocent's expense.

    Secret Identity: Not as wild as the old days but she still loves the wealthy social scene, and would rather not get her vigilantism or her social life complicated by powerful people knowing about it.

    Relationship: Tori lacks closure in regards to her missing father. There are many questions she wants to ask him, or if he's even still alive; she loves the old man but is secretly afraid of what answers might be waiting; still she knows she won't be at peace if she doesn't find out.

    "It's My Company!": Banner Enterprises is the legacy of her father and his grandfather. Even before her discipline she always wanted the company, but now that she has a proper respect for her family's hard work in building it and the work it does Tori will go to extremes for the company now that she's running it, especially since it's the pride and joy of her missing father.

    Nightbird backstory

    Victoria "Tori" Banner was the only child of Jacob and Annette Banner, and the likely heir to Banner Enterprises, a company that has pioneered many advances in medicine, security, technology, etc. Private tutors and trainers, toys, dresses, whatever Tori wanted she could get. Though her tutors had nothing but praise for the girl's intelligence and aptitude things between her and her parents weren't quite as smooth. Deep down she loved them and they loved her but that same love for their daughter led them to constantly disapprove of her partying, spontaneous trips around the globe, and reckless shopping. She just felt she was enjoying things while she could and never paid them any mind.

    A few days after the Sweetest 16 she could've hoped for she and her father were taking a flight to China, going to arrange for deals with a business there he said. During the flight Jacob once again tried to impress upon her that she was going to one day need to take responsibility for the company and the people who work for it and that Tori hasn't been preparing herself for it. This conversation escalated into an argument on how he was trying to control her life and how she'd be ready for it when it was hers before storming off to her room on the jet. Soon after the plane began a rapid descent and the terrified teen was tossed out of the plane with a parachute and without her father.

    Tori wasn't sure how long she spent lost in the wilderness in China. Her tutoring paid off a little bit in that she wasn't completely helpless but this was the first time ever that Tori had experienced the sensation of being cold, starving, and so very very much on her own in a strange land. Though she held out for almost a week Tori eventually collapsed and was certain she was going to die out here without her money, without ever getting that company she wanted so badly, without her family, and without having ever gotten to... to earn back her parent's trust. With that her vision faded and she tearfully waited for death to embrace her.

    When she woke up she was instead being tended to by a few men who were giving her the most wonderful disgusting soup she ever had, treating her injuries, and eventually, once she was strong enough to move again, take them to meet the Grandmaster of the Wing Shadow Clan. Terribly humbled by her near-death experience Tori begged to be brought back to civilization, instead the Grandmaster reprimanded her for her lack of gratitude. From her father Tori might've argued, but she was both too weak to argue... and too afraid. After stopping to listen the Grandmaster explained that he knew who she was; apparently her Grandfather, before founding the company that would become Banner Enterprises, had been to the Temple before and earned the friendship and respect of the Grandmaster when he was still an apprentice. That oath of friendship compelled him to reshape the sorry woman before him into something more.

    And something more she became. She bled for her training, and scrubbed the temple as punishment; Tori learned the art of stealth, weaponry, escape, and misdirection. Most importantly Tori learned to respect her superiors, and eventually appreciate their lessons and what her parents had been trying to teach her all these years. After five years of training Tori was deemed ready by the Wing Shadow Grandmaster, her final test; smuggle herself out of China and back to America. A test she succeeded at with flying colors.

    After the media buzz of the lost heiress somehow making it back to America, Tori reconciled with her mother, and was dismayed to find out that her father was still missing. Annette, despite her health, had been doing what she could for the company but it wasn't the same without her father. So, still empowered by her lessons at the temple, Tori gladly stepped up to take the helm of Banner Enterprises. Though indeed she lacked the experience of her father or mother she certainly proved capable and was able to bolster the company through her efforts. It was a bittersweet achievement when her mother finally succumbed to her failing health, bitter-sweetness punctuated by getting to hear her mother say "I'm proud of you my little bird, I love you Tori."

    Though she still reveled in the social scene Tori felt called to something more now. There was a whole city, a whole world out there that her company can't directly solve the problems of, but she could. Tori would, painstakingly discreetly, work to personally acquire designs and materials from the security technologies division of Banner Enterprises, and then spend a great deal of time creating a costume and gadgetry she could use in conjunction with her Wing Shadow training to become Nightbird, the Silent Hunter of the Night Sky.

    Tori considered Nightbird a success. She could silently stalk criminals, protect the helpless from them. There was even a time where she stopped a sociopathic gang leader from igniting a gang war in a bid for more control of the underworld. She, unfortunately, had to kill him, but she takes constant pains to remind herself that his death was an exception, and not a necessity for everyone.

    It's been a year since assuming the Nightbird identity. Tori is still mastering her skills and attempting to pick up a few more things; trying to establish more of an info network, studying languages, dictating general policy her managers need to implement; all the same she plays as hard as she works and still goes to parties, social gatherings, and charity events with a smile. To help safeguard her secret her personal aide and manservant Cheng, who unbeknownst to her until her return to America was also privy to the existence of the Wing Shadow, remains the only staff of her penthouse so as to avoid the risk of any other hired help from discovering any of the hidden doors to the Nest, he even runs the nest while she's out; and between keeping up her life as Tori and her nighttimes adventures as Nightbird she's out quite a lot.

    Nearest to her heart

    "I've taken the liberty of organizing the reports you'll be needing for the 9 AM meeting..." Cheng was in the Nest's equipment room with Tori, helping her to clean off and organize recovered equipment, sure it wasn't always possible to salvage every object she throws at crooks and thugs, but the ones that can be salvaged need to be cared for.

    "Remind me to never a meeting that early again..." Tori groaned, she had just busted a massive drug shipment, an operation of an ex-lieutenant of the Mob King before he... met his end; great... a reminder of a weighty decision on top of being tired and it being 2 AM.

    "Of course, I would advise you get to bed soon then, I'll finish up here," Cheng replied.

    "You need your sleep too you know, you have to make me breakfast," Tori said with a smirk, just her way of ribbing him. All the same, she finished cleaning off the knife she was handling and made her way to her bedroom. After getting out of her costume and into proper sleep wear she noticed an envelope on the end table next to the bed, "Cheng! What's this on the end table!?"

    "The letter you've been waiting on Mistress Banner!" his voice called back, prompting a renewed energy in the young mistress, who eagerly grabbed at the envelope and threw herself onto the bed, tearing open the envelope and unfolding the paper with hands that she could not stop from trembling with excitement.

    Nine months ago she had, rather painstakingly given how much trouble she'd been having with getting the hang of Chinese, written a letter to Grandmaster Yǐngzi, in the hopes that he may have found any sign of her father, who was still missing in Asia. The subject of her father was one of the few things she could speak to the Grandmaster freely about, after all she was just a disciple back in those days but she was also the granddaughter of his friend, and her father the son of that same friend. She knew sending a letter would be slow but she mostly sent the letter asking the question to test whether sending it via the channels the Grandmaster suggested would work. The fact that this reply is here at all is a good sign.

    Finally with the letter opened she attempted to decipher the characters... okay that one meant... oh the potential for news of her father was too much to waste time translating when Cheng was within shouting distance. "Che- oh good timing," he was already at the bedroom door, prompting her to stand up to go and hand him the letter, "Please what does it say!?" her heart was pounding, could her father be alive and out there after all of these years? Her heart would continue to pound at her chest as though begging to burst through as Cheng's eyes scanned the letter. The heartbeat only slowed down when Cheng's expression turned dismayed. "What? What is it?"

    "The Grandmaster... one of the Wing Shadow found information on the plane crash, the pilot was killed but... I'm sorry they said they did not find any sign of your father," Cheng told Tori, his eyes looking at her stunned expression. Tori sighed through closed lips, and silently moved back to her bed, sitting down on the side of it and just... looking at the floor, quietly, pensively. Cheng walked over to Tori and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry Tori."

    "Thank you Cheng, I'll see you in the morning," she managed to say, prompting the man to nod and quietly leave the room, the only noise being the door shutting behind him. Tori lay down on the bed, shifted around to pull the covers over her, and let a few tears escape her eyes to trickle down to her pillow.

    11 AM, that morning Tori Banner was storming down the hallways of Banner Enterprises' Medical research division, most everyone got out of her way because one look on her face could tell you she was on the warpath, following a ways behind her was a man who must be in his mid to early 30's, trying not to fall behind her but also clearly a little intimidated by the ferocity of Ms. Banner's power walk; the power walk which ended when Tori opened the door to one of the offices.

    "Ms. Banner!" A man in his forties gasped from behind a desk, "Ma'am I appreciate your leadership but you still can't just barge into my office without so much as a-"

    "Shules, you're fired."


    "Don't bother looking for your car keys either, I've already contacted your ride," Tori added as the other man caught up with her.

    "Fired!? On what grounds? Why is HE back here? Can I get an explanation!?"

    "Those inconsistencies in production and distribution that Mrs. Blackwall informed me of a week ago..."

    "Were Mr. Craig's doing! It's why I fired him!" Shules interrupted,

    "Were only partly Mr. Craig's doing, and no longer your concern Mr. Shules considering the remaining missing items were being distributed on the street illegally because of you!" Tori yelled.

    "Wha- y-you can't prove that!"

    "Do you think I don't care what is going on around my company, my grandfather's and father's company!? I had a Private Investigator looking into this the moment I learned about the inconsistencies Shules!" of course she left out the part where she was the one doing the investigation, "The police will be here for you shortly, in the meantime, security will be making sure you remain nice and cozy for them," she gestured to the door where two security guards came in to escort Shules away.

    "This is an outrage! Craig was the one selling them on the street! Not me...! You haven't heard the end of this Ms. Banner!"

    "With that lung capacity I don't doubt it," Tori huffed as she turned to Mr. Craig.

    "Uh... ma'am don't get me wrong I'm not questioning your decision here but... but he's not wrong I was..."

    "Giving away medicine for free to people who couldn't afford it," Tori interrupted, "The PI looked into that too you know, and Mr. Craig I appreciate what you were trying to do, but before you resort to stealing, next time just bring these up with me, there are ways we can distribute necessary medicine legally," she told the man with the most reassuring voice she could manage.

    "O-of course!" he nodded in response as Tori walked off.

    "Well, that was cathartic," she thought to herself, she took more time to simply walk down the halls, the halls that her predecessors built, the halls she felt proud to walk through. Her father may not be there but his legacy is, and as long as she has the power to do so she will do anything in her power to maintain its strength, its integrity, its soul, and its existence. With a smile, Ms. Tori Banner walked out the front door and looked to the blue sky above; someday he'll be back, she told herself; when he does she and this company will be here for him.
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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    Yet another paragon, and pretty much my first paragon. She first came about as a "rule 63" Superman (sound familiar? Yeah at one point I considered pulling "rule 63" on the entire Justice League but I never really finished that project). I like Gleam, nothing in particular stands out about her but she was fun to role-play, was a solid build (with a little help from lucky rolls one other player and I absolutely OWNED a villain who was five PL's above us) and Gleam sort of remains my go-to reference for how I build Paragons now, with some tweaks of course. Too bad the game got cancelled, maybe it was a side-effect that almost none of the rolls I made towards the last few moments of the game's lifespan got above 10.


    Gleam Bio

    Code Name: Gleam
    Secret Identity: Eleanor "Ellen" Bright
    Gender: Female
    Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
    Early 30's (appears early 20's) 5'9" 142 lbs blue blonde

    Ellen is an affable and intelligent young woman who enjoys the company of others. She remains an incurable idealist and can be emotionally winded when suddenly confronted with those moments when reality doesn't meet her ideals, but then she remembers how something to strive for has kept her going in her darkest moments, and she remains resolute that ideals are what is most worth striving for. She treasures her mother and Robert, and longs to find her father, ideally before tying the knot with Robert but she won't wait just for that; that wouldn't be fair to her or Robert. Ellen has only recently realized that she hasn't aged noticeably, and has secretly begun to worry that she'll far outlive everyone she cares about.[/SPOILER]

    Gleam Crunch

    Power Level 10
    Abilities = 44pts
    *Due to enhanced trait
    Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
    0/12* 10 2 0 6 2 2 0

    Powers = 60 points

    Gleam Power: 24 point array.
    • Great Strength: Enhanced strength 12 = 24 points
    • Kinetic Vision: ranged damage 10 (kinetic), accurate, precise, affects insubstantial 2 = 1 point
    • Kinetic Breath: close cone area move object 10 (limited direction: directly away or toward user), linked to cone area affliction 10 (resisted by dodge; hindered & vulnerable, prone & defenseless) extra condition, limited degree, instant recovery = 1 point

    Enhanced vitality: Immunity 12 (life support, need for sleep, aging), regeneration 5, immortality 1 = 19 points

    Super-Movement: 14 point array.
    • Flight: Flight 7 (250mph) = 14 points
    • Fleet-Footed: Speed 7 (250mph) Quickness 7 = 1 point

    Advantages: interpose, move-by action, all-out attack, power attack, eidetic memory, attractive, teamwork, agile feint = 8 points

    Skills: Athletics 0 (+12), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+8), Expertise: Superhumans 6 (+8), insight 5 (+7), investigation 1 (+3), perception 5 (+7), persuasion 8 (+8), Ranged combat: Kinetic Energy 8 (+8 [+10]), stealth 0 (+2), technology 4 (+6), treatment 1 (+3) = 20 points

    Defense = 20 points
    Dodge 10
    Parry 10
    Toughness 10
    Fortitude 10
    Will 10
    Initiative +2
    Unarmed +8 Close, Damage 12 (DC27)
    Kinetic Energy +10 Ranged, Damage 10 (DC25)
    Kinetic Breath - Cone area, move object to or away 10, affliction 10 (DC20)
    Abilities: 44 + Powers: 60 + Advantages: 8 + Skills: 20 + Defenses: 20 = 152 points

    Power Descriptors

    Fast: [Phase] [Physical]Gleam is quick, like, very quick. If a task is something she can do without tremendous difficulty she can do in one minute what most would take an hour to do. This was one of the first superpowers that Ellen noticed she had and has gotten slightly faster since then.

    Great Strength: [Phase] [Physical]Gleam possesses superhuman strength capable of lifting 100 tons, also great for punching self-proclaimed super-villains. Like her speed this was one of the first powers Ellen realized she had.

    Kinetic Vision: [Phase] [Kinetic] Gleam first learned about this power trying to subdue a man with out-of-control pyrokinesis when she accidentally discharged beams of kinetic force from her eyes. It used to exhaust her to use this power, but now it simply drains her strength temporarily, maybe one day she'll be able to use it without affecting her strength at all. She's a good shot with this power.

    Kinetic Breath: [Phase] [Kinetic] [Air] Harnessing strong lungs and her kinetic energy Gleam can inhale or exhale enough air to move objects in front of her towards her or away from her.

    Enhanced Vitality: [Phase] [Physical]Gleam's health and ability to withstand punishment have become innate to her, but the Phase gene also makes the necessities of others entirely optional for her, and she can comfortably withstand harsh environments. It also grants her incredible recovery, so incredible in fact that over a long-period of time she may return from the dead (not that she knows that latter part).

    Flight: [Phase] [Kinetic] At first Gleam could leap incredible distances, something she at first attributed to her great strength, but during one leap she noticed she wasn't touching ground. She, correctly, suspects that this has something to do with the kinetic energy she can emit; this is indeed another facet of kinetic manipulation enabling her to fly.

    Speed: [Phase] [Physical] Gleam is able to run at superhuman speeds.


    Motivation - Answers: Ellen wants to know more about her mysterious father and, by extension, his studies into the Phase Gene. However there is a reason he disappeared before Ellen was even born.

    Motivation - Doing Good: Gleam does her best to put her powers to good use, she feels her powers are one more facet by which to make the world a better place.

    Identity: Only her mother and Robert know that Ellen and Gleam are the same person.

    Responsibility: Ellen is a professor of Superhuman studies at ABU. To everyone at the University she only plays up her super-speed, making her the "super-fast professor." While this helps her get her work done in short order it doesn't change the fact that she has to keep up with her student's grades, prepare lessons, continue her own research, and keep up with the latest breakthroughs in her chosen field.

    Relationship: Ellen is engaged to Robert Dawn, a professor of business at ABU. Her mother Joan Bright also lives in across the country.

    Gleam backstory

    In a small nowhere town of Nevada, a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes dressed in a mini-skirt, jeans and walking shoes sips her tea in a diner; Ellen, had been going cross-country on foot all the way from South Carolina, and it'd been a while since she'd last had anything to eat or drink. At the counter there's a man who looks like he's in pain, but is about to thrown out for causing a ruckus. Ellen takes pity on the poor soul and gets up to go and see if there's anything she can do to help.


    With a cry of anguish mixed with others screams of panic the man bursts into flames, setting the diner to flame and sending Ellen flying out a window into a nearby alley. No one can seem to get close to the burning man, and in his desperation to put a stop to the pain he tries to approach someone, anyone who can help, but only puts them at further risk. But before he can touch a poor woman about to meet a burning death the flaming man is suddenly tackled to the ground. Ellen, having wrapped her head in a bandanna to hide her face, pushed the man out of the way.

    Yes Ellen was one of many people who possessed superhuman powers, and this was not the first time Ellen used them to intervene in situations like this. But even with her incredible strength, speed, and vitality the burning man was beginning to overwhelm her, and the damage to the streets and buildings was beginning to show. Ellen managed to lift a section of the street the flaming man was standing on, before she took a mighty leap to the outskirts of the town, landing with a thud as the stone melted away due to the heat. With less need to concern herself with the surroundings Ellen began to turn the tide, but in one last ditch attempt to get the man to calm down without further violence, he lashed out and had the young super on the ropes. It looked as though this could be the end until.


    Much to both her surprise and the flaming man's bright blue beams of kinetic force launched from Ellen's eyes and knocked the flaming man unconscious. Though surprised, Ellen soon decided it best to move on, leaving yet another urban legend of the "wandering super," behind her as she ran through the desert.

    This battle, this journey, shortly after Ellen graduated high school she discovered old documents that belonged to her father, whom Ellen had never met; documents indicating that he had been experimenting with controlling the results of the "Phase Gene," and that Ellen may have been a subject of this experiment. Ellen was, at first, furious with her mother Joan for keeping this from her, but once tempers had cooled Joan explained that she hid this from her for her own protection; as shortly after Ellen's father arranged for their lakehouse in South Carolina, he disappeared. Joan didn't know if it was because he went into hiding or worse, but "Maybe he's still out there Ellen, all I do know is that you were meant for great things," she hugged her daughter, "It isn't always going to be easy, but I know you're strong enough to do whatever you think is best, and I'll always be here to support you if it ever gets too tough."

    Now Ellen had made it to Azure Bay, where she would spend the next few years getting her education, following in her father's footsteps, and using her powers as one of the city's newest superheroes, Gleam! Today Ellen is a professor in Superhuman studies, and engaged to the man of her dreams. She still hopes that either her research or her super-heroics will lead her to her father, but for right now something bigger is going on. The Sapphire Guard is missing, and Gleam alone cannot stem the tide of criminals; these last few outings have been trying for her, but she will not give up! Without the Sapphire Guard someone needs to stand up for this city, and if she can't do it alone she will find someone who will also stand up for Azure Bay!
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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    I had almost completely forgotten about this build; but then again the game died after a very one-sided fight in the favor of us PC's at the very beginning of the game. If memory serves at the time I wanted an element controller but I didn't want to default to fire/ice/lightning, so I came up with something functionally similar to fire and heat controllers - hot-ass steam! The build is nothing particularly special really and if given the chance I might try this again. Still I rather enjoyed the concept of a wife that had a secret life, and given the chance I'd like to try again.

    Build's gonna be moved to the next post since this topic seems absolutely PLAGUED by the "kicked to the front page" glitch.

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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    Note, this creation predates my discovery of Hero Machine, hence her lack of an image.


    Haze Bio

    Hero name: Haze
    Secret Identity: Mrs. Mary Constance
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 124 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown

    Description: Her "Costume" is simply her becoming a human-shaped body of steam. Her hair and her clothes becomes intangible wisps of steam that trail behind her while the rest of her still tangible body is simply covered in a form fitting layer of hot steam, which even outlines her (now blank) eyes, nose, and mouth. When she changes back her clothes resume her normal appearance, oddly anything she was using to hold her hair in place becomes lost when she initially transformed and thus her hair is "let-down" when she changes back.

    Haze Crunch

    Power Level 8
    Abilities: 16 Points
    Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
    0 0 2 1 0 2 3 0

    Powers: 74 Points
    Quick Change: feature 1 (change between normal appearance and Haze appearance as a free action) = 1 point
    Steam Shield: sustained impervious toughness 10 = 20 points
    Heated Body: immunity 11 (cold environment effects, all heat-based effects) = 11 points
    Flight: flight 7 (250 mph) = 14 points
    Steam Control: 24 point array = 28 points
    • Hot Steam: reaction damage 6 (touch) = 24 points
    • Steam Blast: ranged damage 10 (heat), precise = 1 point
    • Steam Cloud: ranged cloud area affliction 8 (resisted by fortitude; fatigued, exhausted, incapacitated) = 1point
    • Scorching Fog: continuous environment 4 (extreme heat, extreme visibility), selective = 1 point

    Advantages: accurate attack, benefit 1 (well-off), move-by action, power attack, precise attack (ranged; concealment) = 5 points

    Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+4), Athletics 0 (+0), Close Combat: unarmed 0 (+0), Deception 0 (+0), Insight 4 (+5), Intimidation 0 (+0), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 7 (+10), Persuasion 4 (+4), Ranged Combat: Steam Control 5 (+6), Stealth 3 (+5), Treatment 1 (+3) = 13 Points

    Defense: 12 Points
    Dodge Parry Toughness Fortitude Will
    6 2 10 4 5

    Offence: Initiative +2
    Unarmed +0 Close, Damage 0 (DC 15)
    Hot Steam +0 touch reaction, Damage 6 (DC 21)
    Steam Blast +6 range, damage 10 (DC25)

    Abilities: 16 + Powers: 74 + Advantages: 5 + Skills: 13 + Defences: 12 = 120 Power Points

    Haze Complications

    Motivation - Thrills: While ultimately a good woman being Haze gives Mary a freedom she doesn't have as a housewife.

    Relationship: Though she hates being just a housewife she still loves her husband and four children.

    Identity: Is terrified of letting others, especially her family, know that Mary and Haze are the same person.

    Accident: Her high body temperature makes prolonged skin contact painful.

    Prejudice: Besides being one of those inflicted by the particles she is also a woman in a patriarchal society.
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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    This forum glitch is REALLY getting under my skin.

    Haze Backstory

    Mary Mayor grew up as a young girl with a keen mind and keener eyes in the Northern United States in the early 19th century. Though she wept when her father was taken away by "government doctors," the Mayor family held together, and eventually at the age of 20 Mary was happily wed to Johnathan Constance. John was a businessman of moderate success, and Mary had four children with him; Emily, Susan, John II, and Annie.

    For a while Mary was happy with this family life; her husband even gave his blessing in running a tailoring business of her own. However sometime after giving birth to Annie Mary began suffering from a high fever that baffled all of the doctors. It was even more baffling to them when she ended up being able to function normally even while still possessing that abnormally high body temperature. The doctors and John decided it was simply a strange quirk she'd have to live with; unfortunately her high body heat would warp needles and other tools she used to make dresses and thus she had to quit working. John made sure the business would persist by hiring the right people as a way to console her, and Mary knew he meant well but it did little to make her feel better about being stuck as a housewife.

    Eventually Mary discovered the reason for her high body heat; she could emit and control heated steam! At first Mary didn't know where this power came from until rumors of people changed by the particles reached her ear. This caused some concern for Mary as it painted the "Government Doctors" that took her father away in a different light. Still these powers allowed her to do things one normally could not do; Mary took this as a sign from God and an answer to her prayers. Disguised as "Haze," she could enjoy freedom like never before!

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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    Some greta characters in both story and design so far.

    Only critique id have is a flaw I'm seeing in the attributes. lots of 0s in stats that could have and in the case of some archetypes should have actual stats. like high agility characters who hav e 0 dex that sort of thing or people who have no fighting attribute but are clearly melee combatants.

    Id advise finding ways to spread the love so to speak on the characters with base attributes giving a more solid foundation then balance with additional skills as needed.

    just my 2 cents. Enjoy
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