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Thread: True20 Rebirth Project

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    Re: True20 Rebirth Project

    Updates 10/21/2016:


    Bliss Renamed Daze, since that's what it does.
    Concentration skill Deleted. Now based on WIS + adept level.
    Contacts You get contacts = CHA.
    Critical hits are automatic Like 5E.
    Damage Save Replaced with damage roll.
    Dying Like 5E.
    Flanking Like 3E.
    Heart Reading and Heart Shaping Renamed Emotion Reading and Emotion Shaping.
    Leadership feat Replaced with Companion and Followers.
    Light Shaping Separated into Blur, Images, and Light Shaping.
    Lucky Now +1 to all three saves.
    No critical threat ranges Like 5E.
    Opportunity Attacks Like 5E.
    Reputation Now a feat, instead of a level-assigned value.
    Stunning Attack Certain creatures canít be stunned.
    Track feat Now part of Survival skill.
    Two-Weapon Fighting The damage from both weapons doesn't add together.
    Ward Separated into Dispel and Ward.
    Wealth Now optional, the default is gold pieces.


    Changing Nature
    Comparison Checks
    Escape Death, Emulate Feat
    Extra Effort
    Innuendo (in Bluff)
    Taking 1 and Taking 5


    Defensive roll: Max 5?
    Dodge Focus: Max 5?

    The Add List

    Fighting styles (from the Warrior book)
    More powers (from the Adept book)
    More feats (from MM 2E and the Warrior book)
    More modern and sci-fi gear (from MM 2E)
    Supernatural philosophies (from the Adept book)
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    Re: True20 Rebirth Project

    I am just getting the True20 Combat system down. I like T20 in general and want to use it for my generic system, for a while at least. :P I think it has a lot to offer. I am interested to see if anyone here would be interested in getting in touch to talk about this project, share some of their hacks, and or get a new player for Skype/Roll20 games. I hope some of the contributors to this thread are still using True20. Thanks!!!


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