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Thread: True20 Rebirth Project

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    Re: True20 Rebirth Project

    I am just getting the True20 Combat system down. I like T20 in general and want to use it for my generic system, for a while at least. :P I think it has a lot to offer. I am interested to see if anyone here would be interested in getting in touch to talk about this project, share some of their hacks, and or get a new player for Skype/Roll20 games. I hope some of the contributors to this thread are still using True20. Thanks!!!


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    Re: True20 Rebirth Project

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkdreamer View Post
    My personal opinion is that the features that made Tr20 attractive to some people are exactly the ones that put off others, and that there's not much room to move from its current structure without losing as many people as you gain.
    Pretty much. I ended up using Call of Cthulhu d20 as my base for d20 gaming.

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