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Thread: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E2: Return to Dakana

    Quote Originally Posted by Ysariel View Post
    Flagship Island

    "More royalty," Jade Dragon scoffs at your statement. "Pampered and soft. At least the blue-skinned amazon has the bearing of a warrior. You, on the other hand -- aieeeee!"

    Your whip of flame hits him in the face and sends him stumbling around for several moments, slapping himself to put out the fire, before coming to a panting stop. His eyebrows have been completely burned off. "You... you will pay for this disgrace next time, elf!" the Jade Dragon swears, his eyebrows completely burned off. He clasps his hands together, uttering something under his breath, before his body blurs and he vanishes into thin air.

    Behind her mask, you see White Rose's eyes narrow.

    Nyx, conversely, easily ducks under your whip of flame and takes not a scratch. "So where'd you come from? Same place as the bunnygirl?" She lunges at you again, fingers outstretched, but this time you evade her. "I don't see how Nightbird plans to uncover the evil at the root of this city with friends like you."

    Nyx passes the dodge and toughness check, taking no damage. Jade Dragon, conversely, fails both, the latter by 2 degrees. So he's out and automatically retreats from combat.

    Nyx then uses Pressure Points on you, power attacking for 3, but misses by a mile.

    Turn Order
    23 Nyx (rogue)
    15 Moonlight *

    You are up!
    HP: 3 LP: 1

    "I never met March Hare, her bosses in Wonderland sent me as a replacement without asking what I thought. I'm from Earth in another reality, very different from this Earth. As for what your friend said before he fled, where I come from even royalty must help support the community and train in case they are needed to defend the city. Tell him he is a fool for assuming I'm pampered and soft simply because I'm royalty next you see him please. But enough banter, time for you to pay!" Intent on capturing one of these creeps so Nightbird can question them later, Aranel tried to summon the earth using the nearby mud to form hands and lunge towards Nyx to entrap her. Only to see the mud wasn't holding up that well even with her power backing it up.

    OOC: Earthen Hands to try and trap Nyx: Attack roll of 15
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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

    HP: 1 > 2
    Condition: Normal

    Imogen nearly snorted out loud when she saw that Blackhawk had booby-trapped the suitcase of money, some things never change.

    Awwe this could be useful looking over at the suitcase she had uplifted, maps and plans of hidden Justice Foundation bases, now why didn't anyone else know about them ... hmmm maybe there could be more messages or diaries of Killpatricks in them.

    Seeing the thug's face drain of colour Imogen decided to take pity on him and quickly flipped a nearby fire alarm.

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