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Thread: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

    Kisai & Moonlight

    There is a sharp crack! in the air as Father's slap hits home. For a tense moment, all he does is stare into Kisai's eyes and that defiant half-smile on his face. Both of you sense his rage, sense his fury... but also sense that in some way it is an empty, powerless sort of frustration, as he has been denied what he ultimately came here for.

    "Hmph!" he snorts, lowers his hand, takes a step back, and turns on his heel to leave.

    "My lord," one of the women steps forward to speak in Father's ear.

    Moonlight: Perception result of 18
    Only Moonlight hears the conversation.

    "Are we not to..." the woman whispers.

    "No," Reizo Saito murmurs. "He has done something with it. Some... trick. We will learn what he has done, understand it, and defeat it. Withdraw for now."

    As one, Father's retainers sheathe their weapons and holster their guns. The street mage looks almost disappointed that nothing happened in the end as she files out with the others.

    Reizo Saito pauses after a dozen steps. When he speaks, his voice is full of ice. And while he does not turn around, it is beyond clear who he speaks to. "The dragon is the legacy of Saito. Not your toy. One way or another, you will surrender it," he says with no sense of irony at all.

    "As for you," he turns his head ever so slightly to glare at her out of the corner of his eye. "Your insolence grows wearisome. I have dealt with both elves and demons before; continue meddling in my affairs, and I will deal with you as well."

    With that said, he shakes out the sleeves of his robe and leaves, accompanied by his bodyguards. The roar of motors fills the air as the first of the sleek, high-tech speedboats begins to depart.

    The noise does not prevent you from hearing the subtle creak of deck plating under a person's weight, alerting you to the fact that there is an intruder below decks, where Adrian is.

    For accepting the complication and letting Father strike him Kisai gains 1 HP, naturally.

    Both of you also perceive the sound of movement from the former bridge crew quarters below decks, where Adrian retreated just now to rest. You can hurry to his side immediately, if you wish. If you choose to enter the room below decks, roll initiative.

    You can also use your powers, or do anything else you consider reasonable.

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

    HP: 4, Condition: Brusied x1

    "That's where you are wrong, Father, and why Seiryu didn't choose you. He is not our legacy; we are his. Seiryu is not mine to do anything with; I am HIS avatar."

    Hearing the noise, he looks to Moonlight.

    "Go. I'm right behind you," he says to his companion.

    He stays to watch and make sure his Father and company don't leave any surprises as they leave, then he follows after Moonlight.

    I don't know how long it takes for them to leave, so Kisai will be behind Moonlight by that number of rounds.
    Initiative: 1d20+4 21

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!


    "Your father needs to reign in his temper, arrogance, and jealousy or they will be the end of him. Plus he has dealt with elves before, I doubt he has met an elf like me." Hearing the sound, Aranel goes on ahead to check on the Master Mage. Had Kisai's father known he was here and left an assassin behind? On a platform of air, she jets quickly inside towards the source of the noise and Eldritch.

    OOC: Initiative check: Initiative: 1d20+8 15

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E2: Return to Dakana

    HP: 3
    Condition: Normal

    "Yes got her" Imogen thought to herself emerging from between two skyscrappers and seeing Blackhawk barely a block in front of her "You're mine now ..."

    The special lenses on her mask made the darkness seem like daylight for Imogen making it far easier to track the fleeing Blackhawk as she disappeared into the old chemical plant, there a boot print in a pool of sludge and further on a scrapping of the same sludge on the foot of a metal walkway gave her confidence she was heading in the right direction.

    Like a shadow Imogen charged on determined to capture Blackhawk.

    Nightbird DC15 Investigation (untrained): 1d20+1 15
    And just passed.

    Nightbird DC22 Perception: 1d20+11+3 25
    Sorry that should have been +2 not +3 which makes it 24 and a pass

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